Lidia Private Guide

Get to know our guide Lídia

Today we are interviewing Lidia! Lidia has been collaborating with us since 2012. She finished her Tourism university degree in 1992 and was given her official guide license, but she says she was young and after consulting the local tour guide’s association she decided becoming a freelance was too complex and gave up on her dream […]

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Interview to our guide Bego (Begoña)

GET TO KNOW OUR GUIDE BEGO Bego (short for Begoña) is another of our favorite guides. Like many of us, she became a guide by accident – just to discover it’s her true passion. She studied Tourism in college, and by then you’d be given the official guide license after finishing the studies and passing […]

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Introducing our guide Miriam

AN INTERVIEW TO OUR GUIDE MIRIAM Today I’m excited to present a new series in our blog. If you’ve been following us for a while you already know that besides writing this weekly blog, we are a private tour company in Barcelona. We actually started this blog as a service for our guests, so they […]

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