Tapas for Kids: croquettesAll families that travel with kids, wish their kids enjoy and spend a good time in their trip. And they try to adapt as much as possible the trip to their needs. Food is sometimes a handicap as different cultures might mean different tastes. So, it’s one of the most frequent worries for families that are traveling with kids: find in a foreign country food that kids might like. I must say though that for adventurous kids, trying new kind of foods is a really good and fun experience and most of them that have tried these simple tapas ideas, they have become a fans of them. Why not let them try it!

These are our favorite tapas for children:

Patatas Bravas

Why do they like them so much? Because they are fries with a cool sauce! And, who does not like fries… From the oldest to the youngest everybody is going to eat it, but sometimes the sauce can be hot, so if you think your kids won’t like a spicy sauce, make sure to ask the sauce to be served aside.


These little bread crumbed fried rolls are one of the popular Spanish food for kids. A crunchy deep-fried outside hides a creamy inside made of a thick bechamel sauce with different ingredients to flavour it: chicken, codfish, ham, cheese, mushrooms, spinachs… You will find them in nearly every restaurant!

Spanish food for kids: EmpanadillasCheese platter

Most of kids love cheese and a cheese tapa or platter is always a good thing to order: they come often served with bread or toasts. In this post you’ll find some Spanish cheese types that make good tapas for kids.

Spanish ham

When in Spain remember that: serrano ham is for sandwiches, if you want great ham go for ibérico or jabugo instead. Most tapas bars will serve a platter of it, and it’s beautiful if you order some tomato bread to go with it. Plus some ham, some cheese and maybe one more dish will probably make a full meal for your kid.


They are little fried cakes usually filled with tuna, fried tomato and hard-boiled egg, but they can also be found stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables.  They are crunchy and easy to eat. I’m sure they will love them!

AND BONUS! The king of tapas for kids and grown ups as well?

Tapas for children: Spanish omeletteSpanish Omelet

If your kids love egg and fries… I’m sure they will love Spanish Omelet! It’s usually also made with some caramelized onion (but it’s so subtle that they won’t notice unless you tell them!).

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: which one of these tapas for children would your kids most love to try?


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