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best Spanish cookbooks for tapas

The Best Spanish Cookbooks (Tapas And More!)


A lot of people are spending their confinement days… cooking! My simple buñuelos recipe was a hit some weeks ago, so I thought you might be interested in learning how to cook other delicious Spanish dishes. We’ve covered some easy recipes in our blog, but this it not the right place for more complex plates. 

I but can direct you to some great sources! This is why today’s post gears around awesome cookbooks any amateur cook should have in their kitchen. Maybe you can get inspired to organize an end-of-lockdown Spanish party? Start testing recipes right now!

Learn how to cook Spanish dishes with the best Spanish cooking books:


Spanish tapas cookbooks

There’s a big variety of tapas books. But to me, the two best tapas cookbooks are Penelope Casas’ Tapas book – a revised and very complete collection of over 200 pages of classic tapas ideas (old style cookbook, no pictures), and chef José Andrés A Taste of Spain in America, which I love not just for its pictures but for organizing the recipes by main ingredient.

Beware when you choose your Spanish paella recipe book: some other there are way too creative, to be gentle. Browsing around I found some that would put off any Spaniard. And I’m not talking about Jamie Oliver adding chorizo to paella (lots of hate went his way when he did that!), but suggesting even worst combinations.

So after much thinking, and despite good old Penelope Casas also has a paella book, but for a change I’d like to recommend “Paella: and other Spanish rice dishes” by Louise Pickford for its genuine selection (and because it’s got pictures, and I love cookbooks with beautiful pictures).

You know I’m biased: I’m born Catalan and I love my land. So I couldn’t help myself from adding a Catalan recipe book into this compilation. The author of Catalan Food, Daniel Olivella is a Catalan chef that has lived in the US for more than half his life but continues to show a love and respect for our land and cooking, that got me after just browsing a few pages.

Authentic Catalan recipes, but also some of his personal touch that he’ll make sure to identify as an interpretation of the traditional dish. In the same collection you’ll find the cool Basque Country: A Culinary Journey Through a Food Lover’s Paradise.


Generic Spanish Cookbooks

Chef Jose Andres is again a safe bet since she knows American food well enough to adapt Spanish cooking to the home kitchens in the US. His book Made in Spain is a great way to start with Spanish food. Next, Rustic Spanish is the perfect pick for those decided to introduce Spanish dishes in their everyday life.

Delicious recipes, but the pictures are just OK. And one final recommendation: Cúrate: Authentic Spanish Food from an American Kitchen, by the owner of an award-winning Spanish food restaurant in Asheville, North Carolina, and backed-up by Jose Andres.


Spanish Vegetarian Recipes

Whereas there are plenty of vegetarian cookbooks available in Spanish language, finding some in English was a bit trickier since most of them are geared towards Mexican cuisine. But I did find two interesting ones for you!

There’s a tapas one: Traditional Vegetarian Tapas Recipes of Spain, with interesting recipes and OK pictures – but it’s ovo-lacto-vegetarian: it includes eggs and dairy products. As for vegans… you are well covered with this Vegan Recipes From Spain.

AND BONUS! Want to learn to make Spanish desserts?

Finding dessert cookbooks that weren’t in Spanish was even trickier than finding vegetarian ones. But I have a sweet tooth, and I wanted to “honor” it, LOL.

So I digged and digged, and find you one where you’ll learn to make all the Spanish traditional cakes, bakeries and sweets I’ve grown up with, and some more… up to 101 recipes! It’s only available on Kindle, though…

I hope you enjoyed this Spanish cookbooks! Send pictures of your creations!


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