There are quite a lot of five star hotels in Barcelona, but if you want to splurge during your stay, choosing the right hotel is crucial to make your trip a success. If you are looking for to finding the very best, you can’t miss today’s post in which we are sharing our favorite top hotels in town and why everyone aiming at the most high-end service should consider staying there. There is a choice for every personality and need.

Best 5 star hotels in Barcelona Spain

Here is our selection of the best Barcelona 5 star hotels:

I totally love this building by the modernist architect Domenech i Muntaner, that has been restored to blend the charm of the early 1900s with a modern luxurious touch: the best of the Barcelona small luxury hotels. The location is also good: walking distance from the apartment buildings by Gaudi as well as some of the best restaurants and shopping in town. Book it here.

The Ritz-Carlton is one of our favorite Barcelona 5 star hotels on the beach, and it’s considered by many the best hotel in Barcelona, too. 

Great in the summer when you want to be near the beach and enjoy the swimming pool and the garden, as well as be close to all those restaurants and nightclubs by the beach. Excellent service, high end spa, and its views over the city are also hard to beat! Book it here.


Our list of luxury hotels in Barcelona has also room for classics. The elegance of the old school hotels can be found here, and it captivated even Salvador Dali himself. The hotel has been going through a complete refurbishment process, and now it is up to compete at the highest level with the other best hotels in town. Our choice for Barcelona five star hotels in the city centre. Book it here.

Barcelona Luxury Hotels

One of our favorite boutique luxury 5 star hotels in Barcelona near las Ramblas. Nothing more select an exquisite, and at the same time discrete and off the beaten path than this hidden treasure of the Old Town. It is located in a restored medieval building in a quiet alley only 2 minutes from the Gothic Quarter and 5 from La Rambla. Book it here.

Maybe one of the most expensive hotels in Barcelona, but if you worship design and you leave a trendy lifestyle, this is definitely the hotel for you in Barcelona. You will love it’s cocktail bar with amazing views of the city,, and its location by the beach (although you will need to be open-minded here: many people frequenting this part of the local beach are naked gay). Book it here.

AND BONUS! Our top choice for a 5 star hotel in Barcelona?

If you are looking for hotels in downtown Barcelona, this will be the best choice for you. It is also an absolute must for any exigent gourmet and sybarite that wants to have some of the best restaurants in town at hand. The downside is that Mandarin fans tend to think that its rooms are not big enough for what it is expected from this chain (which is true, but most hotels rooms all over Barcelona, and Europe in general, are small anyway compared to the American standards). Book it here.

Barcelona five star hotels

What are your favorite luxury hotels in Barcelona?


Need some inspiration?

Detail of Casa Batllo rooftop

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