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We occasionally get requests for fishing tours. And while we don’t offer them, we can see there is an interest in that. Since we want to serve you best, today we have Patterson Riley, a fishing specialist, that will share with us what are the best fish to catch in the Mediterranean coast near Barcelona. We hope you enjoy it!

Top Fish To Target When Deep Sea Fishing In Barcelona


Are you a novice or seasoned angler and are looking for some fishing action for your holidays? You should try deep sea fishing in the coastal waters of Barcelona. The climate of Barcelona is characterized by dry summers and humid winters.

The temperatures rarely go below 4o in winter and as high as around 30o during summer. It has a typical Mediterranean climate that makes Barcelona one of your go-to places for deep sea fishing all year round.  The warm weather and calm seas make Barcelona a great destination for deep sea fishing.

For a tourist to the area, there are several charters to choose from, that offer services to take and guide you throughout your stay and fishing expeditions. You will be able to learn and practice various fishing techniques, be it trolling, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing, etc.

If you opt for the deep sea fishing experience, then, here are the Top Fish to target when Deep Sea fishing in Barcelona. They are the fish you are likely to catch during your stay.



Barcelonian Bluefish

The bluefish is a local favorite in Barcelona. They are predatory fish and are almost similar in appearance with the amberjack. However, the dorsal fin of bluefish has no interspace. They are a voracious species which has led to them being referred to as “marine piranhas,” sometimes. 

If you get one to bite your lure, then be ready for a fight. You need to use a strong fishing line to reel in the catch. Bluefish can be found around the coastline and in summer or autumn, especially in the months of September and December. You could use sea pike or small garfish as bait.


Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna are also predatory fish. They are active feeders during summer, and this is the ideal time to go fishing for them. In the months of July, August, and September, you will be able to reel in a considerable number of them. When you come across a school of feeding Bluefin tuna, as you cast your lure, a Bluefin may take it even before it hits the water. 

Nothing compares to the excitement of fish jumping out of the water all around you. It is a breathtaking scene to experience. They will put up a fight, and the huge ones can even rip off the line from you if you don’t offer them sufficient resistance.


Bigeye Tuna

As the name suggests, bigeye tuna have big eyes and big heads than the other tuna fish. They grow to great sizes of weights of up to 180 kilograms. Just like their fellow tuna fish, they are fast and offer a lot of resistance to reeling in, when they bite. Bigeye tuna are found in large numbers deep in the Mediterranean Sea, but they usually come to feed on the surface. They strike on different types of baits, squids, small fish and even artificial lures such as the frog lure, would get a reasonable number of hits. For reeling them in, use the trolling method.


The Acrobatic Mahi Mahi

People sometimes refer to them as dolphinfish. They are acrobatic in nature just like the dolphins. When you hook them, they jump out of the water and right back in, in an attempt to set themselves free. It is not just the thrill of their fighting action that draws anglers, but also their beautiful vibrant colors of their bodies. 

Mahi Mahi

You can land Mahi Mahi some distance from the shore, especially in depths ranging from 50 to 80 meters deep in the water. For a fruitful, and fun-filled Mahi Mahi fishing expedition, you could try the months of June to August. Try catching them, using live or surface baits, for the best results.


Little Tuna

They are migratory fish and are in large numbers in warm, tropical waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. They have oily surfaces and are often used as bait for Marlins and are smaller than all the other tuna. Also known as Little “Tunny,” these fish have dark spots located between the ventral and dorsal fin. 

You can catch them all year round and to sweeten the deal; they have no restrictions on them. They are loved as the offer considerable fight and have high hook retention. It could be because they have little nutritional value even though they are food in some places.  If you want to be traditional all the way, you can use casting method to catch “little tuna” and then use them to target Marlins or Sharks if you aren’t planning on eating them.

Are you going deep sea fishing during your Barcelona trip?

My name is Patterson.  I have a strong understanding and passion for all things related to fishing. When  I am not out wetting a line, I am sharing a range of tips and tricks on Fall For Fishing  – to help others to snag their big catch!

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