Barcelona kids museums not to miss

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Barcelona kids museums: Egyptian museum

Top Museums For Kids In Barcelona


Traveling with kids can be lots of fun if you plan your sightseeing without overwhelming them, and if you add to your must-see list some sites where they are likely to have lots of fun. Even better, if you let choose what they want to visit as their special treat. Barcelona is a very child-friendly city: kids love the Gaudi sites, that don’t feel boring at all!

But beyond the top monuments, there are also smaller and little-known museums for children in Barcelona that are not just fun to visit, but also are educational. Doesn’t sound like the perfect combination? Let us show you what are the best! (and maybe you can show this post to your kids and let them choose which want they want to visit in your upcoming trip!).

These are the best kid-friendly museums in Barcelona:



The former Museum of Science was transformed in 2004 in the spectacular Cosmocaixa: a space 4 times bigger than the original museum, and ten times for fun. The Matter Room (Sala de la Matèria) is the area that reminds me more of the old museum from my childhood: an interactive space where to push buttons and learn about the origin of the universe and life and their evolution from a scientific point of view. 

There is also a fun planetarium activity designed for kids 5 to 8 years old, a Geological Wall with 7 huge rock sections of different origins to learn about the process of erosion, and finally the cool Flooded Forest (Bosc Inundat): a real reproduction of the ecosystem of the Rain Forest with water, plants and animals such as caimans, boa constrictors, capibaras… Like being in the Amazonian Forest!


Museu de la Música

Is your child a music lover? This museum offers a wonderful display of over 500 instruments from all time periods and cultures to travel through the history and evolution of music. Their Petit Orpheus itinerary really helps families exploring the collection, but I’m sure the kids favorite part will be the Interactive Room where they’ll be able to touch and play instruments and discover why and how they make sound, through experimenting with vibration. 

The fantastic collection of guitars is another favorite part of this museum that your family shouldn’t miss. By the way, this museum is located in the Auditori, a large concert hall that often organizes concerts for kid, babies and pregnant ladies. If you take the tram to get there, you’ll make your kids twice as happy.


Museu Marítim

This large museum of navigation deserves a whole morning or afternoon reserved to it: it’s really huge and it has been recently renovated to adapt it to the new times and make it more interactive and educational, besides restoring the impressive medieval shipyards that house it. The visit is organized in 3 main areas: the Gate, the Bridge and the Port. The Gate is the main entrance of the museum, now from the sea side – which connects the collection with the reality of the shipyards.

The Bridge gives you access to the star of the museum: the magnificent Royal Galley, a real restored ship that you’ll be able to walk on top of. Finally, the Port is the area where you’ll learn about the history of the relationship of men with the Sea: construction of ships, navigation and trips as a way to connect cultures, ports as the setting of economical, cultural and social exchanges, life on board of vessels and the dangers of the Ocean. 

Buoys and fishing nets articulate the story line to guide visitors through the information presented in each room. A stroll around the Port Vell, taking the elevator of the nearby Columbus statue or a ride on a sail boat are the perfect match to the visit.


Museu Blau

Actually the tram connects the Museu de la Música in Glories square with the Forum area where the Blue Museum occupies a cool Klein blue triangular shaped building (stop half way the ride to explore the Parc Central del Poblenou and Diagonal Mar parks and their playgrounds). In the Museu Blau you will learn about the formation of the earth over an evolution more than 13,000 million years long. 

Fossils, dinosaurs, minerals, plants and stuffed animals will fascinated your children. If your kids are in middle school, ask about the itinerary that was designed by local kids of their age wi a selection of the items that are likely to interest them the most. By the way, if your kids love animals, check out these other Barcelona kids activities involving animals.


Museu Egipci

Maybe your kids are fascinated about momies and the ancient Egypt? Very close to Passeig de Gràcia with its shopping and Gaudi buildings, you’ll find this cool archaeology museum that will make your kids feel like they are in an Indiana Jones movie, walking around old stuff from the Pharoes’s tombs, discovering their treasures filled with jewels and gold, learning about their weird animal-like gods, deciphering hieroglyphs, learning about the ancient Egyptians daily lives and imagining you are inside a pyramid. Make sure to download their cellphone app (available for both Apple and Android) to prepare the visit before you go.

And BONUS! Here is the real star of the museums for kids in Barcelona:


Museu de la Xocolata

Yes! There is a chocolate museum in Barcelona! And if your kids don’t want to be dragged to the Picasso museum… it happens to be the perfect trade off, since it’s located within walking distance of it. Picasso museum in the morning, tapas lunch in the Born district with cakes at Bubo for desert, then (providing they behaved at the museum), an afternoon at the Chocolate Museum. Don’t you think they are likely to agree?

Specially when they learn that the actual ticket of the museum is a real chocolate bar! And you can treat them to more chocolate in the cafeteria gift shop at the end of the visit, and then take them burning out that extra load of energy in the Ciutadella Park just two blocks away. The collection of the museum is centered around the history of cocoa and chocolate making, and a display of handmade chocolate figures.

Do you know any other museums for kids in Barcelona that we should add to this list?


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