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Barcelona as you see it when you are getting to Barcelona by airplane

Top Tips for Getting to Barcelona

Top Tips for Travelling to Barcelona

When planning a trip whether to Barcelona or any other destination there are many different things to consider. Transportation, accommodation, food, drink, attractions, trips…the list is endless and it can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are planning it all yourself. Luckily for you, we have a few top tips that will ensure you consider all the most important elements for your dream trip to Barcelona.​

These are our top tips:


Airport Parking

Airport parking is probably not at the top of your priority list when planning your trip, but if you plan to drive to the airport it should be. Airport parking can be really expensive, especially if you leave it until last minute! Plus, it can take less than 10 minutes to find great value airport parking. You simply need to use a comparison website and book as soon as you have booked your flights.

Parkhero is a good example for UK travellers. This website is easy to use and allows you to see all the best options in a simple to compare format. You just need to choose your airport, enter your travel dates and hit search. In seconds the website will return a list of the available parking services from the cheapest to the most excited. Whether you are looking for cheap Heathrow parking prices, Manchester, Bristol or another airport, Parkhero is a great choice. To find a similar website for your own country enter ‘compare … airport parking’ into a search engine and check out some of the top options.


Booking Flights

If you want to find the best value flights, you need to be as flexible as you can.

If you can travel midweek, this is when you will find the cheapest flights, as most people prefer to travel at the weekend. While you may need to take more holidays from work, you will benefit not just from cheaper tickets, but a quieter airport and resort too!

Flying to less popular airports is also something to consider, whether you want to save money or simply want to explore a bit further afield. For example, instead of flying directly to Barcelona El Prat Airport, you can fly to Girona or Reus. Many budget airlines offer fantastic value flights to these two airports and Girona is a good option if you want to combine visiting the Costa Brava with your stay in Barcelona.


Choosing your airport

There is one main airport in Barcelona, El Prat, but there are also two nearby, Girona and Reus. When choosing which one is best for your trip, there are few things to consider with price and transfer time being the most important.

El Prat de Llobregat Airport

El Prat or Barcelona International Airport is located 13 km to the south of the city and is the closest and largest airport of the three. It is not difficult to find a convenient flight connection to this airport with many major airlines flying here from around the world. Some of the most popular airlines include Ryanair, Transavia, Wizz Air, Iberia, Vueling, Qatar Airways, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines. There are often great deals to be had from Ryanair, as long as you don’t mind the awkward flight times. Make sure to check the flight times and your transfer options at that time!
As it is so close to the city, there are fantastic public transport links to El Prat. Your options:
  • Metro – direct access to the city centre on the L9 Sud line and costs around €5
  • Aero Bus – fastest transfer to the city costing €90
  • Taxi – best option for those with lots of luggage and cost between €25 and €35

Girona Costa Brava Airport

If you are looking for cheaper flights or easy access to the Costa Brava Girona Airport is a good option. It is located around 100 km from Barcelona to the north, is a popular airport for budget airlines and a great option if you are looking to save money on transport. The downside is the longer transfer time to get to Barcelona. The main airlines serving this airport are Ryanair and Transavia with many of the transfer options aligning their departure times based on the flight schedule of these airlines. Your transfer options:
  • Train – first take a bus or taxi to Girona Train Station then either a regional train taking 90 minutes for €8 or the AVE express train taking just 40 minutes for €17.40
  • Bus – Line 602 will take you to Barcelona via Girona, takes 75 minutes (runs every 20 to 25 minutes) and costs around €20
  • Taxi – there are fixed fares to Barcelona of €127 during the day and €140 during the night and at weekends and takes about 80 minutes

Reus Airport

This airport is the furthest from Barcelona at 120 km to the south of the city. It is a popular option for those visiting the nearby coastal resorts, such as Salou. It is another hub for budget airlines in the region, including Ryanair, easyJet, Transavia and For late night flights, make sure to check that your preferred transfer option is available. Your transfer options:
  • Bus – the schedule can depend on flight schedules and take around 120 minutes to Barcelona and costs just €3
  • Taxi – takes around 80 minutes and costs about €185
With these helpful tips you can pocket your savings and make the most of your trip to the beautiful city of Barcelona. Enjoy an extra cocktail, book a special restaurant or embark on that unforgettable excursion, after all life is for living!


Author Marta Laurent Veciana


Marta is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She is a passionate tour guide that loves Barcelona and loves writing too. She is the main author of our Blog, and is committed to sharing her knowledge about Barcelona and her best tips with our readers.

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