Full Day Gaudi Tour

Are you already excited about coming to Barcelona and visit the Gaudi sites? Can’t wait to see all of them? Are you worried you won’t have time enough and might be missing something out? Your time in Barcelona is limited, and visiting the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi in one single day is close to impossible… […]

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Private Tour of Guell Crypt and Palau Guell

Are you fascinated about Gaudi and want to dig in more into his life and works? Would you like to know who exerted strong influences on him and supported him when the rest of the society turned away? Would you like to visit the other unfinished church by Gaudi? And the only aristocratic mansion that […]

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Barcelona Modernism tour

Have you seen the Antoni Gaudi structures and want to get a better understanding of the Modernist style and what was going on in Barcelona in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s? Would you like to explore the Eixample District from a different point of view beyond the top tourist sites? Would you like to […]

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Tour of Gaudi's Minor Works, with ForeverBarcelona

Gaudí’s minor works

Are you already familiar with Gaudi’s masterpieces and consider yourself one of his most devoted fans? Would you like to get a deeper understanding of his background and understand better his life, evolution and architecture philosophy? Are you curious to know what was he doing in town before building his top works? Visiting Gaudi’s top […]

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Private Barcelona Park and Gardens Tour

Do you love parks? Are you into trees, flowers or plants in general? Or maybe you are passionate about landscape design? Is visiting local parks a must when you travel abroad? Are you willing to plan a “green” break from your sightseeing? The Barcelona parks and gardens are often such a great opportunity to get […]

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