Wine and Chocolate Tours

Barcelona Wine and chocolate tour

CHOCOLATE AND WINE TASTING near Barcelona A vacation isn't a real vacation if it doesn't include little pleasure moments, is it? If you are like me, to you chocolate and wine are two of life’s most delicious pleasures. Some might say they are a sin, but… if they are, it’s a small one! And traveling [...]

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Priorat private wine tour

Private Priorat Wine Tour

A day exploring the Priorat Wineries Are you REALLY into wine? You don't mind driving 2 to 3 hours off the beaten path to taste some exceptional wine? Budget is not an issue if the experience is worth it when it comes to tasting? Connoisseurs started becoming interested in the Priorat wine region some years [...]

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Cava & Wine Tours from Barcelona

Are you a wine lover? Have you ever been on a wine cellar? Do you enjoy wine tastings? Did you know there is a wine country area just one hour drive of Barcelona? The Penedes county is the cradle of Cava, the local sparkling, and one of the best wine regions near Barcelona. Just in […]

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Tarragona & Wine Tours

Are you into wine? Do you also love history and old stones? Would mixing up both things in one single day trip sound like the perfect day for you? Come discover the Roman Ruins of Tarragona, declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, then visit a wine cellar in the Penedes area where over 90% of […]

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Sitges & Wine Tour

Are love wine and enjoy visiting cellars? Does lunch by the Mediterranean sound like a perfect plan? Do you have an extra day in Barcelona to go out of town? Wineries and seaside are one of our favorite combinations. But it’s a day trip that would be so difficult to organize on your own: there’s […]

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