Chocolate Experiences in Barcelona

Experiences for chocolate and cake lovers

Do you loooooove chocolate or cakes and want to add a touch of your secret passion to your sightseeing? Of maybe someone in your party does and you want to treat them? We are passionate about chocolate and dessert, and this is why we have gathered the best private chocolate and cake experiences for you. […]

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Wine and Chocolate Tours

Barcelona Wine and chocolate tour

CHOCOLATE AND WINE TASTING near Barcelona A vacation isn't a real vacation if it doesn't include little pleasure moments, is it? If you are like me, to you chocolate and wine are two of life’s most delicious pleasures. Some might say they are a sin, but… if they are, it’s a small one! And traveling [...]

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Barcelona Chocolate Tour

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you love to try the best chocolate at every new place you visit? If you are like me, chocolate is one of your favorite treats and you always try to include it in your trips. But researching where to go takes loads of time, and then it’s hard to […]

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Sweets and candy tour of Barcelona

Do you have a sweet tooth? When you travel, do you always try to figure out where to find the best cakes, gelato or chocolate? Is desert your favorite part of a meal? I am like this, and that’s why I decided to create a Sweet Barcelona tour: for the fun of sharing with my […]

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