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Girona and Montserrat in one day F

Montserrat & Girona in one day

Visiting Montserrat and Girona is your dream? Only have one day to visit them and your desire is so strong that not even the long rides between them will make you change your opinion? The Monastery of Montserrat and the medieval town in Girona are two of the top destinations for a Barcelona day trip. […]

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Montserrat & Barcelona Tour

Do you want to see Barcelona and Montserrat but you don’t have much time? You’ve heard great things of Montserrat, but are only one day in Barcelona and you don’t want to miss it out. Who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to be back and visit it? But Montserrat on your own will take […]

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Private Montserrat Tour from Barcelona

Do you have a half day to go out of town? Do you like mountain views? What about music and old monasteries? Montserrat is the best-selling half day trip out of town, because it can be covered in merely 5 or 6 hours and be back in town for a late lunch on your own […]

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Day trip to Montserrat & Colonia Guell

Are you a Gaudi fan? Did you know he left a church unfinished outside of Barcelona? Have you heard of a monastery near Barcelona up in some rocky mountains? That’s Montserrat, and Gaudi worked there, too. Montserrat is the most popular destination for a day trip from Barcelona, and the Colònia Gúell where Gaudi left […]

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Montserrat & Sitges Tour

Do you have a day to go out of town? To the question “Mountain or Sea?” your answer is BOTH!? Have you heard about the famous Montserrat Monastery and the village of Sitges and wonder if they can be seen in the same day? Montserrat is the most popular destination outside of Barcelona: a scenic […]

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