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1.5 Day Tour of Barcelona

Are you in Barcelona for at least two days? Do you want to see as much as possible but still have some time to rest or explore the city on your own? Would you rather not have to think about organizing your sightseeing and make sure you don’t miss anything important? When you haven’t been […]

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Barcelona 4 Days

Barcelona 4 Day Itinerary

Are you in Barcelona during four days? Do you want to spread your sightseeing, so you can take the most out of your days here and still have time on your own so you don’t eventually get overwhelmed? 4 days in Barcelona give you plenty of time to explore the city in depth and no […]

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Dali Museum Tour from Barcelona

Does Salvador Dali fascinate you and want to learn more about it? You’ve heard there’s very little information inside the museum (there are no audioguides, for instance) and fear going all the way there just not to get it? Want to skip the long lines that are usually formed in the high season? Or maybe […]

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Barcelona 3 Day Tour Itineraries

Are you in Barcelona for at least 3 days? Do you want to take the most out of your time in the city but don’t want to be overwhelmed? You don’t know how to organize your sightseeing to take the most out of your time, but still leave you some free time to relax and […]

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The Dali Triangle Tours

Are you a Salvador Dali fan? Would you like to visit not just his famous Theater Museum in his hometown Figueres, but also the other two mansions where he lived? Are you ready for a very exciting (but long) day? Visiting the Dali Triangle in one day by yourself isn’t just tricky to plan, but […]

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