• 1 Museum €160

    1.5 hour tour of Picasso Museum OR Miro Foundation

  • MNAC Highlights €175

    2-hr museum tour

  • This tour starts at
    This tour starts at €275

    4-hr walking & taxi version

  • Dali Museums From €995

    6-hr day trip. Driver + Tour Guide

These fees are total for your party (not per person) and don't include per-person entrance fees to the visited sites

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The secrets of the city museums revealed for you

Are you an art lover? Are you passionate about a Picasso and Miro? Or maybe have a strong interest in a specific art period (Roman times, Middle Ages, Modernism…)? Do you hate wasting your time with audioguides that have too many fillers and don’t go straight to the point? Do you know how much difference it makes to have your own private guide when visiting a museum?

From skipping the (often long) lines, to bringing the paintings alive, to making sure you don’t miss any of the museum masterpieces, to answering all your questions.

Having your own private museum guide totally enlightens your visit, makes it more time-efficient and definitely way more informative, fun and personal than an audioguide would do.

Come exploring the best Barcelona museums with us!




Picasso Museum Tour

PICASSO MUSEUM  —  1.5 hours + ride/walk

Located in a pedestrian alley of the Born district, occupying 5 medieval mansions, this museum will show you the Picasso you didn’t know about: his early years in Málaga, La Coruña and Barcelona, and his beginnings in Paris (from the Blue Period to the start of the Cubism). The end of the museum is dedicated to Las Meninas series – a wonderful exponent of the end of the life of the artist.

After visiting this museum, you’ll have a more solid background to understand the other works by Picasso from a new point of view.

Barcelona museum tour: Miro

MIRO FOUNDATION  —  1.5 hours + ride/walk

Contrarily to the Picasso Museum, that focuses in some specific periods of the life of the artist, the Miró Foundation allows you to follow the evolution of the painter and see how he approached different topics throughout his life.

Learn how to identify and interpret Miró’s cosmic symbolism, so you can enter his surrealist world full of stars, planets and birds.

This museum is located in the Hill of Montjuic and a taxi ride is required to get there.

MNAC IN DEPTH (full visit)

Romanesque masterpiece in MNAC museum


The Romanesque collection is the jewel of the MNAC: the largest collection of Romanesque frescoes in the world, saved from sacking by being carefully pulled out of their original locations in small churches up the Pyrenees and being put back into their new homes in the MNAC – exact plaster replicas of the architectural structures where they had been originally painted.

While visiting this part of the museum on your own can feel a bit boring since at a first sight all the paintings might seem them same, with your guide you’ll get to discover what makes them unique, what is the story behind them and how to interpret their rich symbolism.

Gothic painting at the MNAC museum


The other side of the street level of the museum hiddes another gem: the masters of the Catalan Gothic. Hundreds of magnificent altarpieces allow you to follow the evolution of art transitioning from the basic inexpressive strokes of Romanesque into the delicate lines of Gothic. Here also there are lots of symbolism and stories to be discovered, that you’ll miss out without a guide pointing at them for you.

Renaissance and Baroque are mostly represented by private collections donated to the museum, and they include Italian and Flemish names you’ll definitely recognize.

Coffee break at the museum

COFFEE BREAK — 15 minutes

Before heading to the upper floor, we’ll take a coffee break at the café of the Oval Room (or weather permitting, in the outdoor café overlooking the city). That’ll allow you to let all the information you’ve received so far sink in, as well as freshen up to prepare for the second part of the tour.

Modernist painting at the MNAC museum

1700, 1800 and early 1900’s  —  1 hour 45 minutes

The upper floor of the museum is entirely dedicated to modern art. Learn about the transformation that the local society was suffering and how that translated into art. What were the artists that paved the path for the development of Modernism, and who played leading roles then. You’ll also be able to follow the evolution towards the first Vanguards, including a few works by Picasso and Dali.

This part of the collection is not only focused on paintings, but it also has a beautiful array of sculpture worth mentioning, and one of the best collections of vintage furniture in Barcelona, including some Gaudi designs.


for further info


(2 hours)

MNAC Highlights Timeline


(2 hours)

MUHBA Timeline


(1 hour)

Modernism Timeline


(2 hours)

Mares Timeline


(1 hour)

MACBA Timeline
4 hours
Possibility of adding extra hours on request upon booking.
MORNING TOURS: 10AM (9AM to 10AM if you are visiting the Picasso Museum)
AFTERNOON TOURS: 1PM to 2PM (or upto 4 PM, depending on your chosen museums and date of the tour).
AVAILABLE: Tuesday through Sunday.
PICASSO MUSEUM: Tours are forbidden on Sunday afternoon and the first Sunday of each month.
NOT AVAILABLE: Monday – closing day of most museums in town.


LUNCH | Extra

This tour does not include time for a lunch stop. If you wish to stop for lunch, please book one extra hour (cost of the meal not included).


Our team is small and we can only secure a guide for you after full payment has been received.
Don’t wait until last-minute: we often book out.

ENTRANCE FEES | Not included*

PAID ON SITE skipping lines: MNAC Museum (€12/person)
Miró Foundation (€13/person)
Picasso Museum (€12/person)
Museum of History (€7/person)
Museum of Modernism (€10/person)

PRICING (2020 fees)

€275 - TOTAL PER TOUR (not per person)
EXTRA HOURS€87.50/hour

>>Smaller budget? Check our mini-tours.


Walking tour. Taxis might be needed to go from one museum to the next. Rides around €10 (not included)

Since most of your time will be spent inside the museums, a private driver is not really needed: taxis will suffice. Only people looking for a luxury experience or groups over 4 not willing to split in 2 taxis for the rides are recommended to add a private driver for this tour.


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* Site ticket costs are given as an orientation only, as they can change without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.
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This tour is designed for adults that consider themselves museum lovers, could spend hours in a museum and appreciate all the knowledge and insights only a private guide can give them there.

If you want to visit a museum, but not spend a whole morning or afternoon there, we recommend you book any of our sightseeing tours: some of them already take you to the Picasso Museum or the Miró Foundation, or you can just add one or two extra hours to any of our tours so there is time to visit the museum of your choice. We can also custom an itinerary that includes one museum plus one or two more sites or areas. Contact us letting us know what do you have in mind.

If budget is an issue or time is short, consider a private 1.5 hour tour of your favorite site, instead.

If you are traveling with kids, even if our guides can make a museum visit enjoyable for them, a museum-only tour is likely to be too much for them. Kids need outdoors and variety. Consider visiting only one museum, then spending the rest of your tour visiting other sites that are more kid-friendly.

If you have walking issues, take into account that inside most local museums seating opportunities  are rare. Be prepared to stand up, walk to the next room, stand up… Consider bringing your own travel foldable stool to use during the tour.

If you are on a wheelchair, most museums are accessible although some might require a detour in order to use elevators when needed.

If you’d like to have a longer tour, feel free to add extra hours to your tour so you can visit more things (either museums or sites).

If you are interested in Salvador Dali, check out our Dali Day Trips.

If you are also booking a Montserrat tour, make sure to ask your guide to take you to the Montserrat art museum!


Artist_Pina (Sydney, Australia)
Artist_Pina (Sydney, Australia)
Read More
All I wanted to see was art and culture. Marta and Miriam’s extensive passion and joy for their beautiful city rubbed off on me from the first moment we met. They opened my eyes to the wonder of Gaudi, Miro, Picasso and Goya. As an art teacher I thought I new lots about these artists, but Marta and Miriam gave me ‘goosebumps’ with the visiton they shared of these brilliant artists.
Jeff G (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Jeff G (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)
Read More
Our last in Barcelona we toured the MNAC. We toured the Romanesque (which I really enjoyed) and Modern wings of the museum, and our guide was very knowledgeable on both periods.
PVK2015 (Prairie Village, Kansas, USA)
PVK2015 (Prairie Village, Kansas, USA)
Read More
My principal interests were art and architecture. Our guide, Javier, was both charming and extremely knowledgeable. He walked us through the progression of Miró’s work, the Romanesque frescoes at the MNAC, the Gaudi structures and the Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, where he pointed out elements of the architecture that presage elements in the Palau de la Musica. His enthusiasm was infectious!



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