Lady during our Barcelona City Tour with Airport Pick Up
Lady at the airport taking our tour with Barcelona airport pick up

Private Barcelona Airport Pick-Up And City Tour


Start sightseeing as you land!

Are you arriving to Barcelona by plane and want to start touring as soon as you land? Your hotel room won’t be ready until hours after landing and you don’t want to wait at the lobby bored, jet-lagged and wasting your time? Or maybe you are boarding a cruise but want to see the top Barcelona sites before embarking? Are you considering to book an airport transfer to make the ride from the airport with all your luggage a breeze? Then why not connecting it with a tour?

Hotel rooms as well as apartments aren’t usually ready until noon, and if you have just landed after a long overnight flight, having to wait with your luggage until you are allowed to check-in can totally kill you. Instead, in our experience if you start touring as soon as you land, your energy levels will stay high for a few hours: enough to visit to get a good overview of Barcelona. Our driver will pickup up and transfer you to the city from the airport. Then you’ll be joined by your guide and start sightseeing. While you tour, your luggage will be safely kept in our Mercedes minivan or car, trunk locked and driver always inside. And by the time we drop you off at your hotel, your room will be ready and you’ll be able to freshen up, get some rest and go for lunch as you start getting used to our local time frame.

Or if you are are leaving on a cruise on the same day you land, there’s no way you’ll get a good overview of Barcelona if you have to get to the cruise from the airport on your own with your luggage, check-in, then head back to the city and try to see a few sites. Not enough time, too many logistics to take care of! And that’s where we come in.

Our Barcelona day tours from the airport have been designed for and tried dozens of times by travelers in these situations, and it always works really well. It can also be done the opposite direction: starting in your hotel or at the pier and ending at the airport, instead.


BARCELONA AIRPORT PICKUP   |   MONTJUIC HILL (Photo stops)   |   GOTHIC QUARTER CATHEDRAL (Optional)   |   JEWISH SECTION (Optional)   CASA BATLLO (Outside)CASA MILA (Outside)   |   SAGRADA FAMILIA (Inside)   |   WATERFRONT (Drive along)

Highlights of our Barcelona day tours from airport


Classy Barcelona airport transfer.
Skip lines everywhere. No need to pre-purchase tickets yourself.
Cover the best of Barcelona in a time-efficient way. Don’t miss it even if your cruise departs just a few hours after landing.
Arrive to your hotel by the time rooms are ready for check-in (they are never ready early in the morning, but they are in the afternoon!). Or be dropped-off at the pier at the end of the tour.
Your luggage safely stored and locked in the trunk (and our dedicated driver inside the car) while you are out sightseeing with your tour guide.
Feel like a VIP driving around on our Mercedes vehicles with dedicated uniformed driver.
Learn about the key times of the history of Barcelona in a fun but educating way.
Hear stories that will make the city come alive.
Understand how the city layout is intimately related to its history.
Learn why the center of Barcelona looks like Paris.
Discover how soon the Sagrada Familia church is meant to be finished (hint: they are 50 years ahead of schedule!).
And much more, in a private tour just for you and your party!


    – Sunday: No visits allowed in the Cathedral of St. Eulàlia.
  • DAY TOUR LENGHT: 4 hours (30 minutes for the transfer from Barcelona airport + 3.5 hours for the Barcelona city tour). Possibility of adding extra hours on request upon booking.
  • WHAT TIME CAN MY TOUR START? After landing you are likely to require around 45 minutes to go through customs, collect your luggage and get outside of the restricted area. Consequently, you should book your tour for 45 minutes after your expected landing time. If you are not arriving from an overnight flight and don’t need to go through customs, or if you only have carry-ons with you, 20 to 30 minutes will still be necessary.
    – MORNING TOURS: 8AM is the earliest we recommend, since pretty much everything is closed earlier than that.
    – AFTERNOON TOURS: Anytime between 1PM and 4PM. City tours starting or ending between 10PM and 7AM will be charged a nighttime supplement.
  • WHERE DO WE MEET? Your driver will pick you up at by the Arrivals Gate for your transfer from Barcelona Airport into the city. Your guide will join you at the first stop.
  • WHERE DO WE END? Your chosen point, within the city limits (your accommodation, train station or cruise pier).
  • IS THERE A LUNCH STOP? No, but you are welcome to book one extra hour to stop for tapas.
  • HOW DO WE MOVE AROUND? By Mercedes car or minivan for upto 6 of you + guide & dedicated driver.
  • IS THERE A LIMIT FOR HOW MUCH LUGGAGE WE BRING? Our minivans have space for up to 6 large suitcases and 6 carry-ons or equivalent. If you’ll be carrying more luggage than that, you should book a minibus tour instead (different fees and timings apply).
  • IS THERE A DRESS CODE? To enter the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia you need to cover your shoulders and your skirt or pants must be long to your knee. The dress code at the Sagrada Familia Church isn’t usually too strict, but they have occasionally banned access to people wearing short shorts (closer to their butts than to their knees), deep plunging necklines or open backs.
  • IS THIS A SKIP-THE-LINE TOUR? Yes! Our guides are licensed and entitled to skip lines and give explanations inside all sites.
  • CAN WE CLIMB THE STAIRS AT SAGRADA FAMILIA? Only upon request. Click here to learn more about how it works, what’s allowed and what’s not4
  • HOW DOES THE NON-GUIDED OPTION WORK? In the non-guided option you are on your own. Your English-speaking driver might provide light conversation during the airport transfer and the rides around the city, but you won’t get detailed explanations of the area. The driver stays in the car at the sites, where you’ll walk on your own. You’ll ultimately be responsible for getting back to the car at the agreed time, or you’ll risk being charged extra hours if you are late.
  • CAN THIS TOUR START IN THE CITY AND END AT THE AIRPORT INSTEAD? While most people need a Barcelona airport pick up followed by a tour, this itinerary can be definitely flipped in order to start in the city or the pier and end at the airport if that’s what you need. No additional costs involved.
  • CAN WE START AND END AT THE AIRPORT? If you’ll be waiting on transit at the Barcelona airport for a few hours, we are happy to arrange a custom layover or stopover tour for you. Contact us to get a custom quote. Bear in mind that you’ll need at least 5 hours between your scheduled landing and departure times for this to work.


We want you to have your tour, and we’ll always try to reschedule your tour for later or the next day if that suits you, and be as flexible as possible in such situations. However, bear in mind that we are a small company and our resources are limited. In high season, we might be booked out for later. Or we might not be allowed to change the pre-purchased tickets, which would be lost. Or if you are delayed a few hours and your ship is departing, we might only be able to take you from the airport to the pier with no tour at all.

In such cases no refund applies (read our Cancellation Policy here), but we are always happy to provide any documentation you need to claim a compensation from your travel insurance.

So if you miss a flight, or it is delayed or cancelled, the faster you let us know the better, as we’ll have more time to react and start planning possible alternatives. Upon booking we’ll provide you with a PDF with detailed instructions on how to act if that happens.



Highlights of our Barcelona day tours from airport
“We were picked up at the airport after a very long flight from LAX through Miami in a beautiful large Mercedes van driven by a very professional driver. It was the perfect overview we needed to set up more in-depth sightseeing on our own over the next few days.”
From_the_IE (Riverside, CA, USA)
“My wife and I traveled to Barcelona to take a Mediterranean cruise. Marta had a driver pick us up from the airport at 9:30 in the morning and he drove us into town where Marta was waiting for us. Although we had long transatlantic flight, her enthusiasm was infectious and her wonderful tour gave us the second wind we needed.”
Lisa F
Couple during our private tour with Barcelona airport pickup


Our tours with transfer from the airport are perfect for people landing in Barcelona and wanting to start touring as soon as they arrive, either because their rooms won’t be ready yet, or because they want to start getting into the local timeframe as soon as possible, or because they have limited time in the city (for instance, they are leaving on a cruise in a few hours) and want to get a good overview ASAP.

If you are in Barcelona on a stop-over and need a layover tour, we can also return you back to the airport after the tour is over (shortening the itinerary or adding extra time might be required depending on your available time and interests).

If you are traveling with kids, this tour works great because it offers them enough variety and movement so they don’t get bored. Plus they can rest in the car if they are tired.

If you have walking issues, this tour also works great because there is limited walk: mostly inside the Sagrada Familia, but it doesn’t feel like much walking, and in the Gothic Quarter where its a longer walk with no stairs nor cobble-stoned streets, and some opportunities to at least lean on something if not seat. In any case, your guide can offer you alternatives adapted to your condition and stamina.

If you use a wheelchair, this tour also works nicely. However, we need to make sure there’ll be enough room in the trunk of the minivan for the wheelchair plus all your luggage.

If you are embarking on a cruise a few hours after landing, this tour can be the best way to get an overview of Barcelona before sailing away! Just make sure your tour can end at least 2 hours before cruise departure, as you’ll be required you be on board well ahead of time. Pier drop-off is included.

If you need to be picked up in Barcelona (hotel or pier) and end at the airport, this can be done too.

If you are staying in Barcelona for more than one day, consider taking one of our tapas tours or going out of town one day.

HINT: Add one or two extra hours to stop for lunch or see more sites.


This is a 100% private tour from the airport, exclusive for you and your party. There is a base rate total per tour (no matter how many people you are), plus a per person rate to cover the entrance fees.

BASE RATE (paid once per tour):


30 minutes
  • Barcelona Airport pick-up to city
  • No tour guide
  • Car or van with driver


  • Full itinerary​
  • On your own at the sites
  • Car or van with driver​


  • Full itinerary
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Car or van with driver

(additional, per person)

– Sagrada Familia: €32/person


– Cathedral (€3/person)
– Medieval synagogue (€3,5/person)

* Costs are given as an orientation only, as they can change without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.

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