Sites included in our Barcelona 3 Days Tour
Sites in our Barcelona 3-days tour

Private Barcelona 3 Day Tour


Tour in the morning, have time on your own in the afternoon

Are you in Barcelona for at least 3 days? Do you want to take the most out of your time in the city but don’t want to be overwhelmed? You don’t know how to organize your sightseeing to take the most out of your time, but still leave you some free time to relax and do other fun things besides touring? Staying 3 days in town gives you the opportunity to cover all the must see in Barcelona, plus going a bit off the beaten path, and still have time for relaxing, shopping and other leisure activities… if you plan your time well. 

If you don’t have time to plan (or don’t want to spend your precious time doing it), leave it in our hands!We have selected for you the itineraries that combine best, so there is no overlapping/repeated sites and you don’t miss a thing while you explore the sites with us: 3 perfect days in Barcelona. Our suggested tour combinations to see Barcelona in 3 days have been chosen for their high flexibility in order to match your interests, budget and energy levels. Plus since they are 4-hour tours, you’ll still have the afternoons on your own to enjoy everything else the city has to offer.



BOQUERIA MARKET (Except Sunday)   |   LA RAMBLA (Stroll)   |   GOTHIC QUARTER (Historical walk)   |   CATHEDRAL (Optional)
JEWISH SECTION (Optional)   |   BORN DISTRICT (Lovely stroll)   |   PICASSO MUSEUM (Inside visit)

Images of best way to see Barcelona in two days with us


CASA MILA (Inside visit)   |   PARK GUELL (Inside visit)   |   SAGRADA FAMILIA (Inside visit)

Touring Gaudi on one day is the best way to see Barcelona in two days



Highlights of our Montjuic Tour


Skip lines everywhere. No need to pre-purchase tickets yourself.
Cover a lot, and still have free time on your own.
Let us suggest what itinerary works best for each day of your stay. Forget about what’s open and what’s not!
Learn the stories that you won’t find in the books.
Find the authenticity of the Boqueria Market that others will tell you it doesn’t exist anymore.
Discover why the center of Barcelona reminds you of Paris.
Understand the genius brain behind the crazy designs of Antoni Gaudi.
Discover when is Sagrada Familia scheduled to be completed and how likely it is to happen.
See spectacular views over the city from a variety of locations.
Sample some great tapas, the way locals do – OPTIONAL
And much more, in the best private Barcelona 3 day tour just for you and your party!


THIS PRIVATE 3 DAY BARCELONA TOUR RUNS: Every day. We’ll be happy to suggest the best day for each tour depending on your trip dates, but in case you are curious, here are some things to take into account:

– Sunday: No visits allowed in the Cathedral of St. Eulàlia and the Boqueria Market is closed.
– Monday: The Picasso Museum is closed (except May thru September, included) and the Boqueria Market is only partially open.
– Tuesday thru Thursday after 4 PM: The Boqueria Market is only partially open.
– Monday: The Miró Foundation is closed.
– Magic Fountain Show: Click here to see if the show is on on your tour date.

TOUR LENGHT: 3 half days of 3 to 4 hours each, depending on your choice.

RECOMMENDED STARTING TIME: Anytime between 9AM and 11AM for morning tours. For afternoon tours, we’ll discuss with you what are the best options considering your availability and the itinerary for the day.

WHERE DO WE MEET? WHERE DO WE END? We meet at your accommodation within the Barcelona city limits. Alternatively, a different suitable point each day. We end at the last visited site (or back to your accommodation or other point of your choice, if you booked a chauffeured tour that day).

IS THERE A LUNCH STOP? The visit of the Hill of Montjuic can include a tapas lunch on request, and the Uptown Tour can include a quick tapas stop if you choose to visit the Sarria district. The other itineraries don’t a lunch stop. If you’d like to stop for lunch, please book one extra hour for each lunch you’d like to stop for (meal not included).

HOW DO WE MOVE AROUND? You’ll explore the Old Town on foot. For the other days in Barcelona, you choose if you want to combine walking and taxis, or if you prefer to have a private Mercedes car with driver at your disposal.

IS THERE A DRESS CODE? To visit the Cathedral of Saint Eulalia you need to cover your shoulders and your skirt or pants must be long to your knee. The dress code at the Sagrada Familia Church isn’t usually too strict, but they have occasionally banned access to people wearing short shorts (closer to their butts than to their knees), deep plunging necklines or open backs.

IS THIS A SKIP-THE-LINE TOUR? Yes! Our guides are licensed and entitled to skip lines and give explanations inside all the Barcelona must-see sites.

CAN WE CLIMB THE STAIRS AT SAGRADA FAMILIA ON THE GAUDI GUIDED TOUR? Only upon request. Click here to learn more about how it works, what’s allowed and what’s not.

CAN WE SEE THE MAGIC FOUNTAIN ON THE MONTJUIC TOUR? Yes. If the Montjuïc Tour is scheduled for the late afternoon, it can be hooked up with the Magic Fountain show. There’s different possibilities: End the tour there, so you can watch it right after, end at some nearby restaurant, so you can go on your own after dinner, skip one site so there’s time to see it with your guide, or extend the tour and have the guide stay with you during the show. The Montjuic Fountain show takes place Friday and Saturday in the evening all year around except maintenance works and special events, plus some Wednesdays and Thursdays during high season. Check their schedule here.

DO THE THREE DAYS NEED TO BE CONSECUTIVE? Not at all: Book your tours for whatever dates work best for you, even if they are weeks apart (like one day before departing on a cruise and the other day when you are back). We’ll be happy to recommend what itinerary works best for each day, depending on your available dates.

CAN I CREATE MY OWN MIX OF ABRIDGED, STANDARD AND PREMIUM TOURS? Sure. Maybe one day you only need three hours, but the next day you want to splurge on a driver, and the next a driver doesn’t make sense but you want to go for the full 4 hours by foot. Or maybe you only need 3 hours each day… That’s not a problem! Whatever works best for you, works for us.

HOW DOES THE 3-HOUR TOUR OPTION WORK? The 3-hour tour option allows you to visit everything in the day itinerary minus one site or area of your choice. This is great if your budget is tight, or your energy levels not too high, or if there’s a particular site you don’t care much about. Because drivers charge the same for 3 or 4 hours, the 3-hour option is only available as a walking & taxi tour. 3-hr chauffeured tours can still be done, but their cost will be the same as a 4-hr chauffeured tour.



Grandparents and granchild during our 3 day tour of Barcelona
“Everything was perfect. The icing on the cake was our guide Marga. After spending 3 days with her, we feel like we know the city pretty well. Marga was great at adapting the tour to our likes and what we wanted to to. Overall a trip worth every penny.”
Amitesh Dutta
“My wife and I spent 3 great days in Barcelona. We came away with a deep appreciation of the heritage of Barcelona. We had a wonderful 3 days, and only wished we had booked for two additional ones to see the countryside. Next time.”
David_1064 (Olympic Valley, CA, USA)
Mother, children and guide on our Barcelona 3 day tour

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These tours work great for anyone staying at least 3 days in Barcelona and wanting to see as much as possible but still have some time on their own.

If you are traveling with kids, 4 hours work usually fine. When booking, consider if they are early birds or late risers, and if they are likely to get hungry before the end of the tour make sure to bring some snacks. You’ll have the afternoon on your own to relax and do family activities that don’t require a tour guide.

If you’d rather go out of town one day, check out our city itineraries for 2 days (2 half days2 full days or 1.5 days) and our day trips.

If you have walking issues:

OLD TOWN: This tour is 100% walking as it takes place in a pedestrian area. There are frequent stops and sometimes it’s possible to seat, and you can also ask the guide to make a coffee break. The area is relatively flat, so the tour can be done with a wheelchair or scooter. Using a driver is doable but it doesn’t save you much walking – it mostly gives you the opportunity to rest when moving from one area of the Old Town to the next (2 rides during the tour, plus the rides from and back to your hotel).

GAUDI SITES: Transportation is needed at least to get to Park Güell and Sagrada Familia, but it’s equally time efficient to go by taxi than having a driver (unless you are 4 people or more and need more than one taxi, in which case the logistics are a bit slower compared to a minivan with private driver). The driver, though, provides more comfort. There are short sections of steps in Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, as well as Park Güell. Wheelchairs and people who can’t do stairs require an extra hour to cover the whole itinerary.  The Sagrada Familia towers are not accessible for wheelchairs.

MONTJUIC HILL: A driver will allow you to move around faster and therefore see more things in comfort. Walking instead allows you to enjoy more being outdoors. Wheelchairs are recommended to get the driver, unless it’s a motorized chair or scooter. People with walking issues are also recommended to get a driver, as otherwise the tour is mostly walking and uphill (with escalators in some areas).


These are 100% private tours of Barcelona, exclusive for you and your party. You have control over your budget and decide your preferred means of transportation for each day. There are multiple combinations, so we are giving you the cost of each different length and tour option, so you can create your own combination. You’ll also find below the additional entrance fees for each itinerary (not included).

BASE RATE (per each day, depending on your choice):


  • Itinerary to be agreed with you
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Walking + Taxis if needed


  • Full itinerary
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Walking + Taxis if needed


  • Full itinerary​
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Car or van with driver


Charged upon booking:

– Sagrada Familia: €32/person
– Park Guell: €10/person
– Casa Milà / Pedrera; €26/person

Paid on site, skipping lines:  Picasso Museum: €12/person

OPTIONAL, paid on site skipping lines:

– Cathedral (€3/person)
– Medieval synagogue (€3,5/person)
– Mies van der Rohe pavilion: €7/person
– Miró Foundation: €13/person
– Montjuic Castle: €5/person
– Montjuic Cablecar:

OPTIONAL TAPAS LUNCH IN THE MONTJUIC TOUR (not included): Expect to pay €20-30/person, depending on your order. Learn more about lunch on tour.

TAXIS: Taxi rides on walking tours are not included. The Old Town tour is 100% walking. Expect at 2-3 rides,  for the Gaudi tour of around €10 each. If you are 4 people or more, two taxis might be necessary for the rides. The Montjuic Tour requires a taxi ride to get to the top of the hill, and probably a funicular ride if you choose to end your tour with a tapas lunch.

* Costs are given as an orientation only, as they can change without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.

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