Chocolate Experiences in Barcelona

Experiences for chocolate and cake lovers

Do you loooooove chocolate or cakes and want to add a touch of your secret passion to your sightseeing? Of maybe someone in your party does and you want to treat them? We are passionate about chocolate and dessert, and this is why we have gathered the best private chocolate and cake experiences for you. […]

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Costa Brava Tour

Would a day by the sea be the perfect plan for one of your days in Barcelona? Have you heard of the Costa Brava and are intrigued by its rocky beaches, cliffs and bays? The Costa Brava is one of our favorite beach areas of Catalonia. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to reach on your own […]

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Montserrat & Barcelona Tour

Do you want to see Barcelona and Montserrat but you don’t have much time? You’ve heard great things of Montserrat, but are only one day in Barcelona and you don’t want to miss it out. Who knows when you’ll have the opportunity to be back and visit it? But Montserrat on your own will take […]

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Barcelona Chocolate Tour

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you love to try the best chocolate at every new place you visit? If you are like me, chocolate is one of your favorite treats and you always try to include it in your trips. But researching where to go takes loads of time, and then it’s hard to […]

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Shopping Barcelona Tour

Barcelona Shopping Tour

Do you love shopping? Is it one of your favorite activities when you travel? Do you dream of some special items you’d really love to purchase in Spain? Or maybe… you hate shopping but your wife loves it, and you want to treat her with a shopping tour during your trip (so you can do […]

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