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Tibidabo Mountain at sunset (Barcelona, Spain)

What To Do In The Tibidabo Mountain

AROUND THE HILL OF TIBIDABO IN BARCELONA Nature sets strong limits to the size of Barcelona. In the bottom, the Mediterranean sea. To the sides, two water streams: the Llobregat and Besos rivers. And at the top the Collserola range with its highest peak: the Tibidabo Mountain. WE CAN CUSTOMIZE A TIBIDABO TOUR FOR YOU …

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Keith Haring graffiti in El Raval district

Barcelona Raval District: Safety & Sites To Visit

RAVAL BARCELONA WILD DISTRICT​ El Raval is the district of the Barcelona Old Town located East of La Rambla, mainly between La Rambla and the Poblesec and Sant Antoni districts. Originally it was a land of farming and facilities that didn’t fit in a tight walled city (and that locals preferred away from them), such …

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Spanish musicians

Top Catalan Musicians And Singers In Classical Music

MOST GIFTED CLASSICAL MUSIC CATALAN SINGERS & MUSICIANS​ Catalonia has a long musical tradition, considered one of the oldest in Europe. Ever since the medieval times, our land has provided gifted musicians and singers that have enriched the music scene of Spain. And classical music has been an important part of that. For some reason, …

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vegan food in barcelona

Vegan Restaurants In Barcelona

WHERE TO EAT VEGAN IN BARCELONA​ Spain is not a meat and fish country anymore, and Barcelona is the perfect Spanish destination for vegans. The number of vegan restaurants in Barcelona is only growing, and even “normal” restaurants often offer vegan friendly options. I’ve been vegetarian (no-meat, no-fish) since 2010 so I’ve been a witness …

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Ruins of Roman Barcino

The Barcelona Roman Ruins

WHAT’S LEFT FROM THE ROMAN IN BARCELONA? 2000 years ago, the Romans arrived to our land and founded what was going to become the city of Barcelona. They interacted with the local Iberian tribes, but those were nomad and hadn’t created a city of their own. Or at least it hasn’t been found yet. The …

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tapas bars near magic fountain barcelona

Good Restaurants Near Magic Fountain

PLACES TO EAT NEAR MAGIC FOUNTAIN One of my favorite things I recommend my guests to do at night in Barcelona is going to the Magic Fountain Show. If you haven’t heard of, it’s like the Bellagio in Vegas, the European way. I admit there was a time I thought it was too “touristy”. But …

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Authentic Barcelona Esmorzar de Forquilla

Esmorzar de Forquilla – The Plentiful Catalan Breakfast

WHERE TO EAT A TRUE FORK BREAKFAST Fork Breakfast – esmorzar de forquilla in Catalan, is the breakfast of champions. In general, Spaniards eat continental breakfast: a cup of coffee and a bakery or toast. A sandwich to the most. Most jobs are quite sedentary and we don’t need many calories to survive until lunchtime. …

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Medieval Castles near Barcelona

Great Castles Near Barcelona

The Catalonia castles you need to see Barcelona is the capital of the region of Catalonia. Our history dates back from the Roman times 2000 year ago and older. But it started defining its identity specially during the middle ages. In those times, Christians fought to push back the attacks of the moors, of Muslim …

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All the Dali Museums in the World

Salvador Dali Museums In The World

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SALVADOR DALI MUSEUMS ARE THERE?​ Salvador Dali was born in 1904 in Figueres, just about 2 hours drive from Barcelona, Spain. He had a fearful and obsessive spirit that was also extremely curious and creative. And would turn him into one of the most intriguing artists in Art History. Inspired …

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