Today we are recommending you the best Barcelona fiction books, because don’t you love reading stories about the places where you’ll travel to? I do, because once you get to your destination, you feel more connected to it as you try to discover the places where fiction was set. Let’s inspire your trip.

Here is our suggested list of must-read Barcelona fiction books:

Barcelona Fiction BooksThe Cathedral of the Sea, by Ildefonso Falcones

The best book of historical fiction set in Barcelona so far and one of my favorite novels about Barcelona. It explains the construction of Santa Maria del Mar church through the life of a local character that will start as an outcast and little by little ascend on the local social scale. Middle Ages, architecture, passion and a touch of violence (that was inherent to the time period). It’ll remind you of the Pillars of the Earth. Available on Itunes and Amazon.


Novels about BarcelonaThe Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

A story within a story, a young man from the Spanish post-civil war times investigates the mysterious life of a writer from the early 1900’s that fascinates him. Wonder around the urban settings of two different Barcelonas. And don’t miss the second part: the Angel’s Game, and the third part: the Prisoner of Heaven. You’ll also find part one, part two and part three on Itunes.


Best Barcelona fiction booksCity of Marvels, by Eduardo Mendoza

A classic  amongst the novels about Barcelona, and another story  of social and economical ascent. Unlike the Cathedral of the Sea, where main character has a big heart, here we’ll be following a greedy  and  mean person, and his interactions with 3 women announced by a fortuneteller: one to make him rich, one to give him glory and one to make him happy. Available on Amazon (amazingly enough, Itunes only seems to have it available in Spanish).


Historical fiction about the Spanish Civil War The Time of the Doves, by Mercè Rodoreda

A book that is read in all high schools in their literature  class (but it’s not for kids!). Written by a lady author during her exile, it explains  the  hard life  of a working class woman in the Barcelona from the 2nd Republic time, the Spanish Civil War and the post-war time. Quite different to George Orwell’s Homage to Catalonia! Only available on Amazon.


Mistery books set in Barcelona The best thing that can happen to a croissant, by Pablo Tusset

And to finish with this list of Barcelona fiction books, here is a suggestion for light reading and a few not politically correct laughs. This is a novel set in Barcelona in modern days, and it will take you through the intrigues of the local high society and the  high-end neighborhoods of the city through the adventures of the black ship son of a wealthy family, trying to find out why his brother and president of the family owned company disappeared. Available on Amazon (on Itunes only in Spanish).

AND BONUS! Want to understand what all that Catalonia Independence thing is about?


If you are interested in knowing what’s all this fuss about Catalans wanting to be independent, you’ll want to dig out into some historical facts about Barcelona and understand what happened in 1714. An addictive book of historical fiction set in Barcelona during the War of Succession. Available on Itunes and Amazon.

What other novels about Barcelona do you recommend?

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