Walking around the city discovering its wonders could be considered a relaxing and gratifying activity. But Barcelona has a lot more to offer! Our city has always been closely linked to sports, that’s why you can find so many sport activities here, whether you like practicing it or watching it. Locals love it, why not do the same as them and practice or learn about sports in Barcelona?

Popular vs Extreme sports in Barcelona

These are our favorite activities for sport in Barcelona:

Barça football team (i.e. soccer) has been a proud ambassador of Catalans for over 100 years. The Camp Nou stadium is the largest stadium in Europe (99.354 people), and home to the most important of all Barcelona sports teams ever. Although you won’t be able to participate in a game, you can visit its museum, the changing rooms, press rooms, VIP rooms and more. And if you have the opportunity… make sure to attend a match! It’s a worthy experience; a real show featuring some of the best football players in the world. And if you like shopping, their gift shop is one of the best places to buy Barcelona sportswear.


Climbing and zip lines

Have you ever heard about an Urban Forest (Bosc Urbà)? This brilliant idea is a new concept of an adventurous activity inside the city. Reusing a metal web supporting solar panels, this company has created a great sport facility with zip wires, bridges, webs… for families and people who would love to experience extreme sports in Barcelona.

Barcelona is a bike friendly city. It has 170.8 km of bike lanes. Only locals can use Bicing, a bike rental service with stands all over Barcelona. But if you would like to go cycling around the city, there are a lot of rent bikes companies in town, most of them around the Barceloneta district and the Port Vell. Check out our recommended Barcelona bike tours, too: it’s a fun way to explore the city!

Sports activities in Barcelona
If you are a passionate about sports and would like to know more about them, you shouldn’t miss the sports museum of Barcelona: Museu Olímpic. An interactive all-sports museum with advanced technology that challenges your senses as well as your consciousness. It covers all kinds of sports: from competition levels to leisure sporty activities, sport for people with disabilities and all things sport, it shows you how sport can promote values, educate, innovate and bring change while entertaining you.

Being located by the Mediterranean sea, it’s not strange that in Barcelona watersports are extremely popular: not for nothing we have 3 miles of beach and 3 marinas! Plus the Barcelona water temperature rarely drops below 10ºC (50F). The Centre Municipal de Vela is a local reference for Barcelona watersports: they organize kayak, paddle-surf, scuba diving and windsurf activities for beginners, as well as sail boat rides along the coast.

AND BONUS! What about F1 racing?

You love Ferrari and Lamborghini and you love feeling the speed… Wouldn’t it be exciting to drive one of them in a F1 track without a speed limit? Less than half an hour from Barcelona you’ll find the Montmeló track, where takes the Spanish Gran Prix of Formule 1, a real circuit to live extreme emotions! They let you drive one of their Formule 1 cars by appointment. Yes, sort of expensive, but it’ll be an experience you’ll remember all your life! Or… you can just visit the F1 circuit!
Barcelona Water Sports Activities

Which of these sports in Barcelona would you like to practice?


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