What to buy in Barcelona as souvenirs: Spanish wineSpanish food items make great gifts for foodies. If you don’t want to get anyone the kind of souvenirs that are going to end up gathering dust on a shelf at your friends’ house, we’ve prepared for you a list of Spanish foods that guarantee a successful gift.

Here are our top suggestions as Spanish gifts for foodies:

Wines and liquors

Red wine from La Rioja or Ribera del Duero, white wine or cava from Penedès,  Aromes de Montserrat (nuts digestive), Melodys (Catalan cream liquor), Ratafia (nuts liquor). Make sure to check how many bottles per person are you allowed to pass through customs in your country. 


Spanish Food Items: Carquinyolis

If your friends have a sweet tooth, you won’t have much trouble deciding what to buy in Barcelona as souvenir for them. Go straight for Turrón (Christmas nougat). You might also want to consider buying some carquinyolis (Catalan dry almond cookies served with desert or coffee), chocolates (find those that copy the design of the Passeig de Gràcia tiles), even thick hot chocolate powder. 


Meat products should make any list of Spanish food items, specially Spanish ham. Make sure to choose Jamón de jabugo (the highest quality of Spanish cured ham) rather than the lower quality serrano. You might want to try other pork sausages such as salchichón, langoniza, fuet… If vacuum packed, you have less possibilities of getting in trouble at customs (but remember that in some countries or states importing meat might not be allowed at all – check always first).

Olive oil and olives

Spain Gifts for Foodies: olive oil set

If you have friends that like to cook Spanish food recipes, then nothing will make them happier than getting them some pure virgin oil (even better if it comes in an elegant glass bottle or a classy can). Other olive-related things to buy in Barcelona are canned seasoned olives and olivada (olive paste) will definitely be welcome and be the star of the next appetizers they need to prepare.


Spices also make unique gifts for foodies. The most famous ones are saffron, and pimentón de la Vera (Spanish paprika – either smoked or hot spicy). A pot of Mediterranean seasoning including herbs such as thyme and rosemary can also be a very original treat.

You can find most of these Spanish specialty foods in the Boqueria Market, but if you enjoy shopping for food, don’t miss our food tours!

AND BONUS! One more idea for what to buy in Barcelona as souvenir for your cooking-loving friends!

6    Spanish rice

Isn’t paella THE most famous Spanish dish? Making it a home can be tricky unless you have the right ingredients, and the Spanish type of rice used for it is hard to find abroad: it’s called “arroz bomba”, and it’s pretty easy to find in large supermarkets and specialty stores. You can also buy paella packages that come in beautiful presentations containing the main dry ingredients needed: just add the fresh veggies and fish or meat, and you are ready to go!

What about you? Head to the comments and tell us: are there any other Spanish food items that you’d buy as a souvenir?



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