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What to see in Park GuellThe famous Park Guell is one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, an unfinished project where he used his famous “trencadís” broken tile  technique  for the first time and with amazing results.

Getting to the Gaudi Park takes time because it is not located in the city center, so knowing what to see in Park Guell before you get there is the best way  to use your time efficiently once you get there. In today’s post you will learn what are the most important items in the Park, so you can plan your visit wisely.

What to see in Park Guell, 5 must-sees:

Ondulating ceramic bench

Plaça de la Natura is the name of the central plaza of the Gaudi Park, and it is surrounded by a gorgeous ceramic bench with an ondulating shape that will remind you of a long colorful serpent. From this plaza you can see wonderful views over the city, and if the weather is good the bench is a great the place to sit down and relax. Plus the shape of the bench is ergonomic!

Column room (Sala Hipòstila)

Gaudi Park

Underneath the Plaza of the bench, Gaudi planned a column room where the farmers were supposed to come and organize the farmer market every week (after all, the Gaudi Park was designed to be a residential area in the early 1900s, but it never worked out in the end). Play seek and hide amongst the columns, and let’s see if you can find a broken ceramic doll that makes part of one of the mosaics in the ceiling. The ceramic medallions representing the sun in the four seasons of the year are gorgeous, too.

Dragon fountain

The stairway leading from the main entrance of the Park to the column room is ornate with three fountains, and the one at the top of the stairs is maybe one of the most famous items in the Gaudi Park (and even in Barcelona!). The Antoni Gaudi never really told us whether it was a dragon, a salamander or something else, but I go with the theory that it is the dragon of St. George.

Gaudi Park GuellElephant Cave

What Gaudi designed to be the parking for the horse carriages of the guests that would be visiting his client, the Count Eusebi Güell, from outside looks like the legs of a giant elephant. This is why the locals call it “the elephant cave”. Can you see it?

Pavilions of the main entrance

One of them was the concierge house, while the other was the waiting room and the offices  for the sale of the plots. It looks like when Gaudi was designing them, in the opera house of Barcelona they were playing the opera Hansen and Gretel. This is why they will definitely remind you of a gingerbread house. The Concierge house is a museum and the Waiting Room is the Park Guell gift shop.

AND BONUS! Did Gaudi really lived here?

6Gaudi House Museum

From the 2 houses that were built in Park Guell as part of the  original residential project, one is white and one is pink. The pink one is where Gaudi lived during the last 20 years of his life and now it is a Museum  that displays the furniture designed by the master. It doesn’t take long to visit, but it is quite interesting.

I hope you enjoyed our tips on what do see in Park Guell!

Now it’s your turn: what is your favorite area in the Gaudi Park?

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