We don’t need new tourguides at the moment, and when we occasionally need extra help, we only use licensed guides that we know personally and trust they have a similar style to ours.

If you are a licensed Catalonia guide, we recommend you gather as much experience as possible and introduce yourself to Marta briefly if you cross her in the city (just don’t break in her tour rudely, of course). Who knows if she might think about you in the future! All our guides have been handpicked by her, or recommended directly by one of the members of the team.

In the meantime, you might want to work on the following skills, in order to become a “natural” ForeverBarcelona guide.

We never hire guides that:

  • Don’t speak Catalan fluently, or haven’t been living in Barcelona / Catalonia for at least 5 years.
  • Aren’t a certified official tourguide of Catalonia (check the Generalitat site to learn more)
  • Are not entitled to issue invoices in Spain.
  • Are not familiar enough with the required tourist sites.
  • Are looking for a side job or a way to get some extra cash.
  • Lack of experience guiding in the Catalonia area.
  • Don’t like taking initiatives and prefer others to tell them what they need to do.
  • Need to give free time to their clients so they can have a break during the tour.
  • Systematically take their clients to gift shops where they know they’ll be given a commission.
  • Only recommend restaurants that give them commission.
  • Just work to get a good tip and complain when they don’t.
  • Consider other tourguides their rivals and competition.
  • Often complain and criticize other people’s work.
  • Have walking issues.
  • Get easily lost in the streets of Barcelona or can’t navigate the city subway.
  • Feel nervous about getting public reviews about their tours and don’t like receiving feedback nor recommendations on how to improve.



  • Be in possession of the Official Tourguide License issued by the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Be able to issue invoices in Spain, and are up-to-date with your Spanish Social Security and tax payments.
  • Own a smartphone with internet connection.
  • Use Googlecalendar or a smartphone app that you can sync with a Googlecalendar as their daily agenda.
  • Between May and October usually have 3 days/week or more available when asked one week in advance.


  • Speak fluent English, Spanish and Catalan.
  • Have at least 3 years experience giving tours in Barcelona and its surroundings.
  • Are passionate about giving private tours (you think large group tours are not exciting enough)
  • Are proud of the Catalan and Barcelona heritage, and feel honored to be an Ambassador of our land for our visitors.
  • Being a tourguide is a long-term profession, not a side job or a summer job. You understand the importance of delivering your tours with a high level of professionalism.
  • Are constantly learning new things about Barcelona, its history and sites, and anything else that can help you enlightening your tours.
  • Get easily oriented in Barcelona and are familiar with the alleys of the Old Town, and the streets and subway lines linking the various city sites.
  • The following sites don’t have secrets for them:
  • Modernist sites: Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló, block of Disagreement, Casa de les Punxes.
  • Gothic Quarter: Cathedral, Roman temple, Pl. del Rei, Pl. St. Jaume, Pl. St. Felip Neri, Sta. Maria del Pi.
  • Jewish section and medieval synagogue.
  • Rambla: Boqueria market, Pl. Reial.
  • Born district: Sta. Maria del Mar, Fossar de les Moreres.
  • Museums: Picasso and Miró.
  • Montjuïc: 1929 world fair, 1992 olympics, various vantage points.
  • Waterfront: Columbus, Port Vell, Barceloneta, Vila Olímpica.
  • You can easily improvise a 4h gourmet tour in the Old Town.
  • Montserrat: Roads taking to the Monastery, Monastery of Montserrat, some easy hikes in the area.
  • Girona: History of Girona, Lleona, St. Feliu, Cathedral, Jewish Section, Museum of History of the Jewish, Arab Baths, medieval walls.
  • Dali: Dalí’s biography, Dali Museum in Figueres.
  • BONUS POINTS if are knowledgeable enough to give tours of Tarragona’s Roman sites, Penedes Wine Country, Sitges, Besalú, Tossa de Mar, Cadaqués and the other Dali sites.


  • Are dynamic, fun, knowledgeable, resourceful, reliable and patient.
  • Love being with people: are great with kids, understanding and caring with seniors and people with walking issues, easily adjust to the level of their clients and feel equally comfortable with an Art doctor, a businessman or a housewife (and make them feel comfortable and satisfied, too!).
  • Are a problem-solver: when a problem arises you are quick to offer solutions and help your clients feeling well as soon as possible.
  • Make their goal to make people happy, and you often over-deliver to achieve it.
  • Are a positive person. Your sole presence generates good vibes around you.
  • Sharing and collaborating (with clients, partners, colleagues…) comes naturally for them.
  • Are in good shape and can spend a whole day (upto 8h) walking around without getting tired and keeping a smile on their face.
  • Commissions from restaurants/shops and tips are not a special motivation for them.
  • Are honest and ethical.
  • Are punctual and organized, and find it easy to time an itinerary to a schedule.
  • Are natural leaders with a special charm for small groups.
  • Love getting feedback about their job, and enjoy reading customers reviews.


  • Fluent French and/or Italian (sorry, we don’t work with other languages).
  • Expertise in other Barcelona and Catalonia sites and themes.
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