Marta’s loving husband, in charge of ticket reservations


My name is Oriol and I’m Marta’s husband.

I studied Labor Relations in the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, then moved back to the Penedès county where I was born. However, my true passion were children, so I decided to become a primary school teacher.

That year I met a wonderful, brilliant and lovely woman: Marta. After a few months dating, we started living together, and would occasionally help her completing tasks for ForeverBarcelona.

In 2015 our daughter Edna was born, so I decided to quit my teaching job to spend more time with Marta and Edna, so I started cooperating with ForeverBarcelona more seriously, taking care of making reservations for Park Guell and Sagrada Familia, updating some social media and processing analytics data, among other things.

Now that Edna is older I continue to collaborate with ForeverBarcelona as a side job, but I’m back to teaching.

Marta says...

I have been blessed with Oriol as a husband and father of my daughter, and I’m also proud that he wants to help with my business. He is organized and good at repetitive chores that other would find tedious but he completes with joy and commitment. I can entrust him delicate tasks such as buying tickets for our guests and making sure the guides have access to them. Being both of us at home, sometimes it’s easier to handle him tasks than going online and ask someone else in the Admin team to do it, so he has brought speed and organization to our company, too.

Oriol is my life companion, my support and my love.

with us since 2014


He is learning English and French, but he’s not fluent yet.


  • Labor Relations license
  • Primary teacher degree
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