Marta Laurent is the founder of ForeverBarcelona. She got her tour guide license in 2000 and soon specialized in private tours for couples, families and groups of friends.

In 2005 she created her first website, and that’s how ForeverBarcelona was born. Little by little, she started getting more and more tour requests and in 2012 she started creating a team of hand-picked tour guides that are proud to collaborate with one of the top tour guide companies in Barcelona. That was the year she got her first Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence, after getting our first review in November 2011. Since them, we’ve received it every year and we’ve won other awards as well. You can see the full list here.

Our guides are known to:

  • Be extremely knowledgeable
  • But also lots of fun to be with
  • Speak excellent English
  • Be professional, officially licensed and entitled to skip lines
  • Be very friendly
  • Give excellent tours
  • Make you enjoy every minute with them
  • Have a delightful personality

  • Be always on time
  • Have an infectious passion for the city and its history
  • Be wonderful story tellers
  • Be fantastic with kids and seniors
  • Give great recommendations for the rest of your stay
  • Bring the sites to live
  • Be flexible and happy to customize your tour
  • Be able to answer all your questions

Our company most precious values are:

  • Attention to detail. Every guest is different, so paying attention to detail is crucial to give each guest their perfect tour.
  • Excellence. Our goal is to provide an excellent service, from the first moment you contact us to the end of the tour. We strive to be the best. If you feel there is room for improvement, please let us know: we’ll take your opinion very seriously.
  • Knowledge. We are here to pass on our knowledge to you, in a way that is informative but also fun and family-friendly. We want you to enjoy yourself while naturally learning about our city.
  • Passion. We are passionate about our city and our job, and we want to share this enthusiasm and love with you. If by the end of your tour you are as passionate as we are about what you’ve visited, we’ll have reached our goal.
  • Honesty. We are aware that booking online can feel risky: you don’t know us yet and may not have personal references about us. This is why transparency and honesty is vital for us and we’ll do anything to create trust between us: that’s the best base for a perfect start.

Make this world a bit better

Marta, the sole proprietor of ForeverBarcelona, invests part of our benefits in NGOS and sustainable tourism projects she believes in.

So by taking one of our tours, you are also contributing to making this world a bit better.

€2000 investment to support a new project of a tree-house hotel in the Basque Country.

€2000 investment to support a new project of a tree-house hotel in the Basque Country.

A personal friend of the founder, Marta contributes economically every month to support the activities of this organization taking care of the poorest children in Mumbay, India.


Bionectar Logo€300 investment to help creating the first organic raw food restaurant in the town of Girona.

Vincente Ferrer LogoMarta has been sponsoring a child through this Foundation since she was a teen.

La Pregaria MNAC

The prayer, by Marià Fortuny

Economical contribution to the micro-sponsorship campaign organized by the MNAC (Museum of National Art of Catalonia) with the goal of purchasing this drawing for the museum collection.

Intermon Oxfam Logo

A monthly donation contributes to the cooperation and development tasks run by this institution in over 40 countries.

Open House Logo

Micro-sponsorship of several editions of this Architecture Festival celebrated every year in Autumn.

Creu Roja Logo

A small yearly quote helps the Catalan Red Cross in their projects to relieve poverty, help in emergencies, take care of the children and the elderly and more. She’s also an active blood donor and contributed to the breast milk bank during her baby’s first year.


Our blog adheres to the Manifiesto del Viajero Responsable, a Spanish manifesto to support responsible travel.

We are members of Aguicat, a local tour guide association, and adhere to their Code of Good Practice for Guiding in the city.

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