Private Montserrat Tour From Barcelona

  • Non-Guided Option From €525

    5-hr day trip. Driver Only - No Tour Guide

  • Basic Tour
    Basic Tour €715

    5-hr day trip. Driver + Tour Guide

  • Tour with Black Madonna Chapel Access €915

    6-hr day trip. Driver + Tour Guide

  • Extended Tour €1115

    8-hr day trip. Driver + Tour Guide

These fees are total for your party (not per person) and don't include per-person entrance fees to the visited sites

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Our best-seller day trip out of town!

Do you have a half day to go out of town? Do you like mountain views? What about music and old monasteries?

Montserrat is the best-selling half day trip out of town, because it can be covered in merely 5 or 6 hours and be back in town for a late lunch on your own and still have the afternoon to rest, go shopping or continue exploring Barcelona.

A historical monastery perched on top of a spectacular rocky mountain, where still nowadays lives a community of benedictine monks and a renowned boys choir – one of the oldest in Europe.

Visiting Montserrat from Barcelona on your own is doable: you can take the train, but it takes long and you’ll need a whole day. And many tour operators sell step-in tours that will take you there, give you some basic information and then give you free time until it’s time to go back (we know: that’s how a few of our guides started their career in Barcelona years ago… to eventually decide they preferred offering more personable services).

With our Montserrat Day Trip from Barcelona, you won’t just be taken to Montserrat in a comfortable Mercedes car or minivan, but your guide will stay with you rather than give you free time and give you the opportunity to choose what you’ll be doing once there: a custom tour!


HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS TOUR of montserrat from barcelona:


(Drive, optionally hike)

Montserrat Mountain



Interior of the Basilica of Montserrat


(Except Saturdays)

Montserrat Boys Choir


(2 Extra Hours)

Roasted Artichoke for lunch


HALF DAY: 5 or 6 hours
FULL DAY: 8 hours

MORNING STARTS: 8.30AM for the 6 and 8-hour tours, 9.30AM for the 5-hour tour.

AFTERNOON TOURS: We don’t recommend afternoon tours because the monastery is in the shade and the temperature drops. In any case, 3.30PM will allow you to be there for the evening Choir (except Fridays and Saturdays).

AVAILABLE: Every day.
ESCOLANIA CHOIR: Not singing on Friday evening, Saturdays or during school holidays.

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  • So far there’s no dress code required for the Montserrat Monastery, however we recommend dressing modestly to enter the Basilica.
  • In the winter, Montserrat tends to be colder than Barcelona. Wear comfortable walking shoes if you are planning to hike.



Mercedes car or minivan for upto 6 of you + guide & dedicated driver.


Our team is small and we can only secure a guide for you after full payment has been received.
Don’t wait until last-minute: we often book out.

ENTRANCE FEES | Not included*

All the entrance fees for this tour are optional and will be paid on site:

  • Cablecar: €7,75/person (ONE WAY)
  • St. Joan Funicular: €9.10/person (ONE WAY)
  • Audiovisual show: €5.50/person
  • Art Museum: €8/person

PRICING (2020 fees)

TOTAL PER TOUR (not per person)
5 hours:  €715
6 hours:  €915
8 hours:  €1115

LUNCH | Extra

HALF DAY TOURS: There’s not time for a lunch break during 5 and 6 hour tours, but you’ll be back to Barcelona on time for a late lunch on your own. It is however possible to get a quick snack before the Choir sings.
FULL DAY TOURS: Expect to pay around €25/person depending on your order.


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* Site ticket costs are given as an orientation only, as they can change without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.
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There is a train that departs from Plaça Espanya, however we don't recommend it for private tours because it takes almost twice as long as using a driver and a full day would be needed (so you'd be eventually paying as much as a 5-hour chauffeured tour). Plus not being able to drive to some local restaurant, lunch would be reduced to the meh food of the cafeteria.

In the other hand, you'd have to stick to very strict timings as missing a train would mean having to pay for extra hours... And we don't want that to happen to you! Specially if you asked to take the train due to a limited budget.

If you really want to take the train in Barcelona, we encourage you to go on your own and spend as much time in Montserrat as you wish. In such case, we recommend to get this Montserrat Pass.


This tour is our best-selling half day tour out of town (our full day best-seller is Girona and the Dali Museum), because it can be done in just 5 or 6 hours and its a short 45 minutes to 1 hour ride from Barcelona. Anyone wanting to see the top sites in and around Barcelona should consider this day trip, specially if you love mountain views or are into music. Or if you are a Christian, of course.

If you are traveling with kids, this tour is totally kid-friendly. And if you’d like a longer tour, they’ll also love to stay for lunch at a Montserrat farmhouse restaurant or to have lunch by the beach in Sitges. These full day options can be booked here.

If you have walking issues or use a wheelchair, while the driver is only used for the rides between Montserrat and Barcelona, but not in Montserrat itself, the Monastery area and the basilica are wheelchair accessible and whenever there are steps they can be avoided. The Audiovisual and Exhibit, the Art Museum, the cog wheel train stations, the cafeteria, and the gift shops are accessible too. The funiculars, the cablecar and the various hike options are NOT wheelchair accessible.

If you are on a cruiseship and you have already seen Barcelona, this half day tour is appropriate as a shore excursion as long as your ship doesn’t sail until 4PM or later (considering they’ll require you to be back on board no later than 1 hour before departure). Pier pick-up and drop-off are included.

If you are a Catholic, you don’t want to miss the place where the Montserrat Madonna, Patron Saint of Catalonia is worshiped. Saint Ignatius of Loyola also stopped here during his trip to Holy Land.

If you aren’t a Christian, you will still enjoy this day tour if you like mountains, music and history.

If you are traveling in the winter, please note that the weather up in the mountain is likely to be wet, cold and foggy. November through February we recommend warmer destinations such as Tarragona or Sitges, or indoor destinations like a winery or the Dali Museum instead.

If you’d like a longer day and visiting a second site, check out our other Tours to Montserrat.

If you only have one day to visit Montserrat AND Barcelona, here is our Barcelona & Montserrat tour.



SPLatManOz (Melbourne, Australia)
SPLatManOz (Melbourne, Australia)
Read More
We enjoyed a fantastic private tour of Montserrat with Miriam as our guide. From being picked up from our hotel in a chauffeur driven Mercedes, to drop off 5 hours later, we were very well looked after. Montserrat is an amazing place that intertwines the histories of Catalonia and the Catholic church in an stunning mountain setting. A must-see when in Barcelona. The whole ForeverBarcelona experience was a delight. Starting with the online communications, the email newsletter with useful Barcelona tips, and culminating in a wonderful friendly guide Miriam, who gave so much more than the minimum, it was all wonderful. We parted with hugs, and felt sad to see her walk off down the street and out of our lives after just 5 hours.
Read More
We booked 6 months in advance for three tours in July. Our guide was Marga and we were thrilled! She understood us right away and our tours reflected that. We were a group of three – me, my husband and our ten year old son. Our second day with Marga was a tour to Montserrat. Gorgeous. We started with a short 45 minute trail walk to a breathtaking viewpoint. Then sandwiches and drinks before heading into the Monastery. She explained so much – the boarding school, the religious history, the art, the monks, we left feeling very fulfilled.
Alice D (New York, USA)
Alice D (New York, USA)
Read More
We took two tours. One was a city walking tour with Miriam and the second was a tour of Montserrat with Marta. Both were wonderful tour guides. They were incredibly knowledgeable and took us to places we would have missed had we just walked the city ourselves. Their knowledge of English was another plus.
JanalySydney (Sydney, Australia)
JanalySydney (Sydney, Australia)
Read More
Had a full day tour of Montserrat with Miriam as our guide. It was a fantastic day trip from Barcelona with a great break for lunch on the way home. Miriam was a passionate and informed Catalan guide who had all the information and insights without being overwhelming. Montserrat is definitely worth visiting if time permits.
Leigh L (Virginia Water, United Kingdom)
Leigh L (Virginia Water, United Kingdom)
Read More
On the second day, we arranged for a half day tour to Montserrat with a driver-opt for the cable car up once you get close as it saves time nd provides a fantastic view. Get there early and go directly to see the Black Madonna as the queue can get quite long. There is a lovely farmers market with cheese, nuts and meats that you can pick up on the way out as well as a good store for picnic supplies.
Lesroccario (Albany, New York, USA)
Lesroccario (Albany, New York, USA)
Read More
We had always wanted to try a private tour and this was where we did it. We had a day and a half with Miriam. She was fabulous. We went by ultra comfortable car to Montserrat the second day – not to be missed. The usual sights are great, but the art museum is a hidden gem and while we didn’t have much time to see it, Miriam’s knowledge of the collection’s most important works gave us the best review. It really is magnificent if you are an art lover, don’t miss! I loved it more than the black madonna.
Sally Muehlenkamp (Kentucky, USA)
Sally Muehlenkamp (Kentucky, USA)
Read More
I highly recommend this tour. Our guide was Lidia and she knew exactly what time to arrive and where we should go. Thank you Lidia, cannot wait to come back!
Myrabel (Toronto, Canada)
Myrabel (Toronto, Canada)
Read More
Thanks to Marta for showing us Montserrat. We had a lovely time in the mountain, and felt privileged to have touched the Black Madonna, and to have watched and heard the beautiful boys choir.
Renee Albersheim
Renee Albersheim
Read More
Our first tour out of two was to Montserrat. We felt very spoiled because we had our own delightful and very dapper driver and we got to do whatever we wanted. We saw everything we wanted to see and were never rushed. The tour ended with a fabulous lunch at a local restaurant on the other side of the mountains. Great day!
Jkroloff (New York City, NY, USA)
Jkroloff (New York City, NY, USA)
Read More
Our family booked a 4 day tour that encompassed the City of Barcelona, Montserrat and Figueres and Girona. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. Our tour guide Montserrat was excellent. Her love of her country and her respect for its history and culture was evident in her plans for us and her narrated guidance. The restaurants were not typical tourist places, but real Catalonia adventures in the best sense. Our driver Diego was so nice and really knew his locations, where to drop us off and where and when to pick us up. Our group, a single mom and two teenagers were given an opportunity to really enjoy our trip as a family thans to Montserrat and Diego.
Bob C (Washington, New York, USA)
Bob C (Washington, New York, USA)
Read More
Our tour guide Marta had a wealth of knowledge that made it fun and interesting for the whole family. On the second day, we made the magical trip to Montserrat – an unbelievably beautiful and spiritual place up in the mountains. Must see.
Read More
The first day we were picked up at the cruise terminal right when the ship docked and traveled to Montserrat. Our luggage was secure as we spent time in this very special place. Our visit to the museum there, which houses world-class art, was enhanced by Montse’s in-depth knowledge of very single piece of art! We have never met a guide with so much knowledge.
Read More
Full day Barcelona and full day Montserrat, 8 people in our party. Great guides, excellent knowledge. Kids 9-13 all had a great time.



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