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Walking Tapas Tour in Barcelona


Eat like a local – no cookie cutter stops!

Are you a serious foodie? Is food one of your top interests when traveling? Does eating for 4 hours sound like an incredible plan to you? [ NEW! Now shorter options available! ] Would you like to discover the Spanish and Catalan food culture through its tapas and wine, but don’t want to be taken to cheese places were you are forced to eat what the guide has ordered beforehand?

If you are like me, food is one of my priorities when traveling. I do my research to learn what are the traditional dishes I must try and where to find them. But all this research takes lots of time and effort. And what about feeling lost reading the restaurant menus and not knowing what to order? (or not understanding it at all if it’s only available in the local lingo).

Tapas started as a bite to go with your wine, but they have evolved into a whole way of eating, a culture of food in itself. More than a type of food in special, it’s about finger food or small portions to share with your friends and family. And since a variety of tapas is ordered at each stop, it’s the perfect way to taste many different specialties and enjoy the wealth of the local cooking.

A tapas and wine tour is a great way to get in touch with the local foods, but most tours in Barcelona aren’t private: you are put together with other people and have to adapt to whatever the group (or the guide) decides to order, and that might match your preferences… or not. That totally limits the fun!

Our Barcelona wine and tapas tours are different: We love food, and we know the top tapas bars in Barcelona – and that’s where we want to take you. We know what’s best at each place, what you absolutely need to taste, and what to order depending on your taste. Our guide makes suggestions but only orders what you say you want to try: a completely custom tour (most other tapas tours in Barcelona pre-order a set of dishes, the same every time – that’s not our way of doing things). Come with us on this lunchtime or evening tapas tour, for the best local food experience.


4 TO 6 BARS (Every time a different choice)   |   GREAT FOOD (Selected from your favorites)
ADVENTUROUS (Or as safe as you need it to be)   |   LOVE DESSERT? (Optional way to end)

Highlights of our wine and tapas tour in Barcelona

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Unlike most companies in Barcelona, each of our tours is different. We DO NOT pre-set orders for you, so you can be free to order exactly what you feel like tasting.
Our guides are both foodies and licensed tour guides. They know how to provide exciting conversation about whatever you want to talk about, be it food or history, politics or local life.
Discover the authentic bars where Barcelona locals go, and stay away from the tourist traps.
Learn how to order tapas the right way, like a local from Spain.
Expand your knowledge about Spanish wine and other local drinks.
Leave with a custom list of recommendations for other shops and best Barcelona restaurants to visit during your stay.
And much more, in a private food tour just for you and your party!


  • THIS PRIVATE TAPAS AND WINE TOUR RUNS: Monday through Saturday.
    – Monday: some tapas bars are closed.
    – August: many bars are closed for holidays. The tour can still be run, but the food options won’t be as exciting…
    NOT AVAILABLE: Sunday and local bank holidays.
  • TOUR LENGHT: 4 hours.
    – EVENING TOURS: 7PM (earlier most bars are still closed)
  • WHERE DO WE MEET? Your accommodation in Barcelona, or in the Gothic Quarter.
  • WHERE DO WE END? In the Born district near the Picasso Museum.
  • HOW DO WE MOVE AROUND? This tour is a 100% walking tour.
  • ARE ANY TASTINGS INCLUDED? No: This is not a cookie cutter tour. We want to provide the most unique tour for you – not a template that anyone can copy. Some people are adventurous eaters, while some other would rather stay in their safe comfort area; some love expensive wines, while other prefer beer. This tour should be a treat for you, so it doesn’t make sense that we make you eat a set tapas menu for a certain amount per person. It’s way more fun if you can chose every time what you want to eat and drink.
  • SHOULD I SKIP OTHER MEALS THAT DAY? If you are having a lunch-time tour, get a light breakfast (or skip it if you are used to skipping breakfast) and don’t plan a big dinner for the evening. If you are having a dinner-time tour, have a light lunch (no need to skip it) and don’t eat anything else until the tour starts. You won’t need dinner reservations that night
  • WHAT AREA OF BARCELONA WE’LL BE SEEING? This tapas walking tour takes places mostly in the Born District, and occasionally in the Gothic Quarter or La Mercè quarter. Lunchtime tours can include the fabulous tapas bars of the Boqueria Market (except Sunday and August). If you’d rather visit a different area, let us know. We might be able to customize a new itinerary for you!
  • HOW MUCH WALKING IS INVOLVED? This varies depending on the bars your guide selects for you. In general, not much. The distance between bars is short: one or two blocks. The longest walk between too bars could be around 600m (around 2000ft) – but that’s be only once in the entire tour.
  • IS THERE A SIZE LIMIT FOR MY GROUP? This is a 100% private tour, meaning you won’t be added to a group of strangers. This said, if your party is 6 or more it’d be difficult to find enough room at the bars for all of you at the same time. This is why we advise to book 2 guides (or as many as it is necessary depending on the size of your group). In such cases you might not be visiting the same bars at the same time (or not visit the same bars at all).


  • Vegetarian (ovo-lacto) are welcome. It’s not difficult to improvise some veggie tapas in Barcelona, but it’s best you let us know in advance.
  • Vegan are harder to cater. We definitely need to know in advance to plan accordingly.
  • Gluten-free can be accommodated if you can tolerate crossed-contamination and traces.
  • Celiac is VERY hard to accommodate as in most restaurants they aren’t trained to keep your food safe. We might have to limit the tapas stops to one single bar in the area we know to be safe.
  • Kosher food is hard to find in Barcelona: I’m afraid we can’t provide a tapas & wine tour that thoroughly respects kosher rules. We can, though, organize a no-pork no-seafood tapas tour if that’s OK with you. And we know a place were we can get Kosher wine from Spain, too.
  • Halal food is easier to find, but unfortunately it’s mostly Middle-Eastern cuisine. I’m afraid we can’t provide either a strictly halal tapas tour. We can, though, organize a no-pork no-seafood tapas tour if that’s OK with you.
  • Other food allergies and diets, please check with us before booking so we can assess your options and risks.


Family on our evening tapas tour of Barcelona

“What a wonderful evening! This is our third trip to Barcelona and our only regret is that we didn’t do this tour on our first trip.”

GinnyB685 (Calgary, Canada)

“Tapas Tour Terrific!!!!!
Marta and her tapas tour is absolute perfection!! She customizes the tour to your gastronomical likes and dislikes!! She takes you to local spots and the food and atmosphere are tops in Barcelona !!”

Couple on our tapas evening walking tour of Barcelona


This tour is designed for adults interested in local food and, able to walk about 2 miles (3km), divided in 4 to 6 stops.

Be prepared to finish the tour late at night: starting earlier isn’t a good option as most tapas bars aren’t open yet and your options wouldn’t be as exciting.

If a late night tour isn’t an option for you, consider a lunchtime tour from noon to 4PM, or our Sagrada Familia & Tapas tour, that finishes earlier.

If you have walking issues, we recommend to add a driver (the itinerary will have to be customized in order to make sense).

If you are on a wheelchair, most bars in Barcelona are accessible but some other might have one or two steps at the entrance or not have an adapted toilet. No driver will be needed.

If you are in Barcelona more than one day, you might want to consider a day trip to the wine country.


This is a 100% private wine and tapas tour, exclusive for you and your party. There is a base rate total per tour (no matter how many people you are). Drinks, wine and tapas are not included.

BASE RATE (paid once per tour):


  • 2 to 3 stops
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Tastings not included


  • 3 to 4 stops
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Tastings not included


  • 4 to 6 stops
  • Licensed Tour Guide
  • Tastings not included


Expect to pay as little as a couple of euros for a “pintxo” to €15 for a platter or the best Spanish ham. You’ll have control on how much you want to order.

* Food costs are given as an orientation only.

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