Barcelona Wine Tours - At the vineyard

Catalonia is a land of wine. The Roman already started producing it over 2000 years ago, then in the Middle Ages the production grew to satisfy the demand of the Christian church for mass, and during the Industrial Revolution farmers learned from France to create finer wines and to produce for a more refined market. Nowadays it keeps constituting a leading industry in our land. Our Barcelona Wine Tours are designed to show you the local wine culture and let you try the local wines.

While most people think about Rioja wines when they think about Spanish wine, the Barcelona wine country can totally rival Rioja. Here you can find wonderful whites, reds, rosés and sparkling, at a much better price than France or Italy.

Most of our Barcelona Wine Tours will take you to the Penedes county. Not far from Barcelona, this area is the cradle of cava, the local sparkling wines. Although most cellars specialize in cava there, they also produce very interesting whites, and some new reds are stating to emerge with fantastic results. This area can be easily be visited in one morning, or you can stay for lunch at some local restaurant for a wonderful full day trip. It is also quite easy to combine it with other interesting destinations if you don’t want to spend a full day at the cellars.Barcelona Wine Tours: At the cellars

If you have time for a longer day and you are a big wine amateur, our Barcelona Private Wine Tours can also take you to the Priorat county, a total must for red wine lovers. Their slate soil confers a unique mineral taste to their wines. Productions are very limited due to the harsh climate and soil conditions that don’t allow for large crops. That’s why rather than going for mass-production, the local cellars focus in high quality and uniqueness.

Enjoy our Barcelona Wine Tours!

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