Have you heard about Antoni Gaudi sights in Barcelona and can’t wait to see them? Are you aware there are lots of details and stories there you are likely to miss unless there’s someone there to point them out for you? Do you get bored listening to audioguides full of fillers that never go straight to the point? Do you hate joining a large group of other visitors on a site tour and not being able to make all the questions you have? Are you all for skipping (very long) lines?

The Gaudi sites are the must-see of Barcelona. You can’t say you’ve been here unless you have seen at least a few of his masterpieces. But lines are long, unless you buy tickets in advance and time everything perfectly to arrive at the site within that short entrance span they give you. Audioguides are slow: I personally get impatient and end up skipping lots of stops. And joining one of the group tours that are organized at the sites means first of all being there at the right time (since they only usually schedule a few a day), and then not being able to hear your guide well or make questions. Plus how many sites can you really see in one morning? On your own, probably not more than one, maybe two.

Our Forever Barcelona Private Gaudi Tour is our most popular tour, and here is why: Our guides are experts that will be happy to answer as many questions you have. With us you get to skip all the lines without having to worry about getting tickets in advance: we take care of all that. And you’ll be efficiently navigated around the city to take the most out of the tour, and get to see the 4 Gaudi masterpieces in just one morning (3 inside, 1 outside). At the end of the tour, you’ll be as passionate about Gaudi as our tour guides are!


(outside recommended)

Tour Casa Batllo

(inside recommended)



  • Skip lines everywhere. No need to pre-purchase tickets yourself.
  • Discover who Gaudi was competing against in the Block of Disagreement.
  • Hear the funny reason why Casa Mila is also called La Pedrera.
  • Learn about a secret water tank that most visitors of Park Guell will never know about.
  • Will the Sagrada Familia will be really completed by 2026?
  • And much more, in a private tour just for you and your party!


This tour is great for people wanting to see the top Gaudi sites but not needing to spend a whole day touring.

HINT: Add one or two extra hours to stop for lunch or see more sites.

If you are traveling with kids, the Gaudi sites are very kid friendly! And most kids are totally capable of following a 4-hour tour. If you are worried about their stamina, bring snacks for them and consider adding a driver (specially if you don’t want to split your family in several taxis if you are 4 or more, or during the summertime when an air-conditioned van is so worth it).

If you have walking issues or use a wheelchair, please check with us before booking: some sites involve stairs, and while they can be avoided that requires a longer detour and eventually an extra hour might be needed to cover the whole itinerary. Taxi drivers are forced by law to accept wheelchairs (but they aren’t always pleased to do it…). Adding a driver will add comfort to your sightseeing and make it easier, but it won’t make it remarkably more time-efficient. The Sagrada Familia towers are not accessible for wheelchairs.

If you’d rather spend a whole day touring and see ALL the Gaudi masterpieces, check out our Full Day Gaudi Tour.

If you are on a cruise, this is a great way to visit the Gaudi sites efficiently. Pier pick-up and drop-off is included for chauffeured tours. For walking / taxi tours you’ll be asked to join your tour guide at the first site in the itinerary (it should be easy to find a taxi at the pier).

If you don’t need to focus so much in Gaudi and prefer an overview of the city, check out our Barcelona sightseeing tour offer.

If you are an architecture fan, check out also our other Barcelona architecture walks.

If you are more than one day in town, our Barri Gotic Tour combines beautifully with our Gaudi tour. And we have other Gaudi tours that complement this half day Gaudi tour without overlapping.

Our tours only include the towers upon request. You need to know that:

It is not possible anymore to just climb the stairs: the way up is now only possible by elevator. However, the number of tickets available is restricted to just a few every hour, for an extra fee.

If there is availability, you are given a specific time to get in the line for the elevator (either the one in the Passion façade or the one in the Nativity façade, but not both), and after a 5 to 20 minute wait you finally get in the elevator that takes you to almost the top of the towers. From there you must walk down: it is not permitted to use the elevator to go down anymore. The whole process takes almost one hour, so unless you are OK shortening the rest of the tour itinerary, you should book one extra hour to be able to do the towers.

Do we recommend the towers, though? Only for the adventure of climbing spiral stairs, but not for the views as you’ll get better views from many other city sites. After all, those towers were designed to be bell towers, not vantage points. Also, the way down is narrow and occasionally claustrophobic, and it is definitely not for people scared of heights.

Tour operators like us are only allowed to book tickets for the Passion Façade towers – should you be interested in the Nativity Façade towers you’ll have to go back to Sagrada Familia on your own some other day as those tickets are only available for individual visitors.




4 hours
Possibility of adding extra hours upon booking.


AVAILABLE: Every day.


MORNING TOURS: Anytime between 9AM and 11AM
April thru October: Anytime between 1PM and 4PM
November thru March: Anytime between 1PM and 3PM (to take the most out of the sunlight)


The dress code at the Sagrada Familia Church isn’t usually too strict, but they have occasionally banned access to people wearing short shorts (closer to their butts than to their knees), deep plunging necklines or open backs.


  • ENTRANCE FEES | Optional

    Park Guell: €10/person
    Sagrada Familia: €25/person

    PAID ON SITE skipping lines:
    Casa Batlló (€29/person) OR Casa Milà / Pedrera (€25/person)

  • LUNCH | Not planned

    Expect to pay €20-30/person, depending on your order.

    Learn more about lunch on tour here.


    TAXI OPTION: Taxi rides are not included. Expect at least 3 rides, of around €10 each.
    CHAUFFEURED OPTION: Mercedes car or minivan for upto 6 of you + guide & dedicated driver.

  • PRICING (2019 fees)

    TOTAL PER TOUR (not per person)
    TAXI OPTION:  €299

    Guide only: €93/hour
    Guide + driver: €150/hour


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    • We take Visa and Mastercard.
    • You’ll receive an automated email confirming your booking after completing your payment.

    Our team is small and we can only secure a guide for you after full payment has been received. Don’t wait until last-minute: we often book out.

* Site ticket costs are given as an orientation only, as they can change without notice. Discounts might apply for students and/or seniors.

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Alli P (Adelaide, Australia)

GAUDI TOUR A MUST! We spent 4 packed hours learning so much about Gaudi, his architecture and how his influence has impacted on Barcelona design. We loved it all!

ChristinaEliz (Columbus, Ohio, USA)

We booked the half day Gaudi tour and were given Miriam as our guide. She and the driver picked us up at our environment, and the agreed upon time in a clean, new Mercedes. Míriam is Catalan, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She gave us a wonderful tour and shared a lot of things about the sites and the culture that we never would have known. It saved a lot of time having a driver as well as a guide, save your time is short this is the way to go.

Mcburow3 (Gold Coast, Australia)

With very limited time and a desire to see the Gaudi sites in Barcelona we looked at with Lidia and a chauffeured car for 4 hours. This was a fantastic way to see the sites and obtain great information regarding each and also an overview of Barcelona. No waiting in line on wasting valuable time looking for taxis. Money well spent and a very pleasant morning with a lovely guide.

Lisa L (New York City, NY, USA)

We arrange for the Gaudi tour with a guide and driver. I would visit would not have been the same without Miriam’s love for Barcelona and passion for Gaudi. It made for a memorable day that we will never forget!

Linda Raftery (USA)

Martha made it come to life with details such as the 6 toes on the sculpture. She is very knowledgeable and a lot of fun to be with. Little things, like intentionally starting the tour at the top of Park Güell, make for a better visit (the part unfolds before you). We had a wonderful time and learned so much.

Lance C (Augusta, Australia)

We had book guides for Rome, Venice and Seville before we left home and had thought we would do Barcelona on our own. Once we had a right we quickly realized that we had most bases covered but we were struggling on how to get our heads around the whole Gaudi thing. A quick search on the Internet brought us to ForeverBarcelona and we made a booking for a 4 hour Gaudi tour. We had Sandra who was very efficient, friendly and a wealth of knowledge on Gaudi, the individual sites open. We visited for sites, (3 of which are quite far apart) and great to talk with about contemporary life in Spain today. Just being able to jump in a taxi and go from site to site, dodging entry queues and knowing how to move around the exhibits efficiently made our morning on the light. Altogether great value.


We are husband-and-wife architects visiting Barcelona with their sons and the first thing on our to do list was a “top notch Gaudi tour”. Foreverbarcelona and Miriam did not disappoint! Miriam had such a great wealth of information that I am sure we could have turned this into a much longer tour but we certainly had a great overview of the work of this incredible architect. And of course, skipping the long lines always makes you feel like a rock star!


We chose to do a Gaudi tour with ForeverBarcelona, and boy are we glad we did! We were a party of 9 (5 adults and 4 children from 13-10 years old). Our guide, Miriam was fantastic. You could tell from the moment you meet her that she has a passion for all things Gaudi, Barcelona and the Catalan culture. She had wonderful stories about the architecture, the time period and the art behind the genius of Gaudi. We started in front of Casa Batllo, where she pointed out all of the hidden gems located on the façade. We then walked to La Pedrera, where she guided us through the building, explaining details and history in a very well executed manner. She kept the children engaged the whole time. Amazing! Next was Park Guell, while a short visit, still quite informative and a beautiful place to visit. Finally we went to the Sagrada Familia, and let me tell you how great it is to have your own private guide. No lines, no waiting and the knowledge of the true Gaudi expert really made us appreciate the entire charge. She was informative, funny and patient.

Howard919 (Parkland, Florida, USA)

From the moment we met she brought us into the world of Gaudi and I knew I had made the right choice to hire LIdia from ForeverBarcelona to be taken around the Gaudi sites. we learned a lot about Gaudi, who is was what he believed and it helped us to understand the Sagrada (amazing church/site), the Casa Mila and Park Guell. We choose a 4 hour tour of the Gaudi sites and it gave us a great introduction to Barcelona, the areas and what to see. Well worth the money and would highly recommend this tour as without it, you see the sights, but you do not understand what you are seeing.

Cynthia M

We arrived on Barcelona from a cruise and toured the Gaudi sites on December 5 with Marta. She was waiting at the designated location when we arrived. Marta is extremely knowledgeable of the sites and made our day in Barcelona. There were 4 of us and Marta. Rather than arrange for a car and driver we split up into 2 taxis. This worked wonderfully.

Jeffrey M

Terrific Gaudi Tour. I had been to these sights before, but never with a guide. What a difference! Miriam was very well informed, personable and did a great job. Highly recommended.

Rokenmom (USA)

We are now devoted Gaudi fans!


By the end of the tour she had me professing my love for a man gone since 1926!

Jmleidner (New York City, NY, USA)

My family and I had a wonderful private Gaudi tour with Montse. She was so friendly and very knowledgeable. We had a 5 hour morning tour with her and a private driver. It was not only very interesting to see the famous Gaudi sights but also saved us a lot of time because we were able to skip lines and drive to each destination. Our 3 teenagers enjoyed it as well and that says something!


Perfect Gaudi tour.

BigTXtraveler (Austin, Texas, USA)

Javier was able to bring Antoni Gaudi and his marvelous creations to life.


We would have missed so much of the quirks and details of Park Guell without Javier there to point out design features, unusual perspectives and of course the fascinating life and background to Gaudi. This tour was a real treat.

Joy Nelson (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Begoña took us on the Gaudi Tour and she was very informative, easy to converse with, and answered all of our questions: we had a great time with her and learned a lot. 5 years ago I did this same tour with Marta, a day trip with Marta and a tapas tour with Miriam: all 3 guides are excellent.

Bubegg (Birmingham, Michigan, USA)

My husband and I were privileged to spend 5 hours just before Christmas with Marta on her Gaudi tour with the extra hour booked by us (thanks to suggestions by other reviewers) for a fantastic and fun lunch at one of her favorite spots (now hours too – we returned and thanks to Martha we knew what and how to order). I cannot overstate how special this tour was.

Marta brings such a depth and wealth of insight, knowledge, professionalism, and genuine enthusiasm – we learned so much and enjoyed every single minute. Truly a highlight not just of this trip, but of every great travel experience we have ever had.


Great tour with Míriam. Incredible sites. Miriam was very friendly, knowledgeable and fun. A wonderful experience.

OrcusFire (League City, Texas, USA)

Miriam was an absolute pleasure to work with and took the Gaudi tour to a new level by keeping it simple for our kids and grandparents.

Kimberly Ropers Kingston

Within the Gaudi tour and it is fabulous. Marta is a credentialed tourguide which is important as it allowed us to bypass long lines. Marta is engaging and her enthusiasm and love for her city is contagious.

Barbara Cooper

Your love of Gaudi was such an added piece to the experience. Every time I look at my photos of the Sagrada Familia I burst into tears. Nothing has ever moved me in quite that way.

Highstandardschic (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)

Made Gaudi even more amazing.

Ann C (Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA)

This tour inspired me to do more research on Gaudi.

letsgo087 (Houston, Texas, USA)

Amazing Gaudi Experience.

Andrew Rosenfeld

I learned more about Gaudi from Miriam than on previous trips to Barcelona.

Audrey M (New York City, USA)

My husband and I did the Gaudi tour with Marta. We decided to splurge and also had a car and driver. Marta was wonderful. We started our tour La Pedrera and Marta guided us through the apartment pointing out all the wonderful design details and giving us the history of the building. We then went on to Park Guell which as beautiful and then to Sagrada Familia which just took my breath away. Marta is very knowledgeable and explained so much about each of the sites. It was truly a wonderful experience and I hope that we can return one day to see the completion of the Sagrada Familia.

Colleen Conway (USA)

I want to give Marta a 5+ for her outstanding Gaudi tour. During the four hours I spent with Marta, she gave a clear & interesting narrative about each of the locations visited and interesting details about the life of the architect. The pacing was perfect. Never once did I feel rushed nor did I feel that I was missing out on any of the fascinating details… In pleasing me, she pleased a harsh critic (I’m a museum guide).

Jim Crist, Nanoose Bay, BC, Canada

Marta displayed real insight into Gaudi’s design process. At each location she carefully explained the background to the project and the design features. All in all a top notch experience.

Nick W (Zurich, Switzerland)

My wife and I (Swiss, 55/54 yrs) had high expectations on getting a close-up and complete look at Gaudi’s most famous works. In a nutshell, we experienced a wonderful day and a most inspiring tour with Miriam. Miriam’s paramount knowledge on Gaudi and her sensitivity to our needs made us feel very at easy right from the start of the tour. In addition, we greatly enjoyed the fact that we had not to worry about long queues and direction finding. the tour’s content as well as its timing was well planned ahead. Thus, touring with Miriam and her discreet driver (sorry, we’ve forgotten his name but not his skills to drive us safely & efficiently through thick Friday afternoon traffic) felt more like being shown around by an old & knowledgeable friend.

StephaniefromOakland (Oakland, California, USA)

The private Gaudi tour was the highlight of our visit to Barcelona! Our guide, Lidia,Brad the Gaudi sites to life for our family of 4, including 2 teenagers. Our children you nothing about Gaudi or the history of art and architecture of the time, and the adults knew only a little. Lidia was able to give us enough context without making it feel like we were listening to a lecture. She was very personable and flexible. My kids both named La Pedrera as the favorite siding Barcelona. They felt comfortable chatting with Lidia (my daughter chatted with her in Spanish). She made a file we were touring site with a friend.

Fiona W (Adelaide, Australia)

We were traveling as a family of 4 with limited time in Barcelona, as my son has the Architecture, he really wanted to see the Gaudi buildings. We decided to do the Gaudi walking tour and were incredibly lucky to score Javier (who had previously worked at the Sagrada Familia). We started in the way Park which was fascinating and evidence Gaudi’s eccentricities but it was when we got to the Sagrada Familia that we were blown away! Javier’s in-depth knowledge was very instrumental in making us see the genius of the man! We continued by visiting la Pedrera and Casa Batlló… All in all a wonderful morning.

Handman (NJ, USA)

Great personal tour of everything Gaudi in Barcelona. Sandra was wonderful and full of energy and information. We were able to feel our time with all the great sites and we use taxis to get from one place to another. She was fantastic about directing the drivers to the exact place to drop us off (away from the crowds). A terrific way to really learn and enhance our visit

Theresa P

Marta was a superb guide — She was able to give us the local flare of Barcelona, along with its rich history, including all the highlights of Gaudi. We loved every minute seeing Gaudi’s unique and whimsical works.

Emcgogo (Glen Ellyn, Illinois, USA)

Maria Jesus gave us the most incredible walking tour of Gaudí’s masterpieces: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell and la Pedrera. We are now huge Gaudi fans.

Mebla (San Diego, California, USA)

We took a tour of Gaudi’s architecture with Marta. We had a wonderful experience, learned a lot, and we saw the most iconic Gaudi buildings. The hours went by flying. We will recommend this tour 100%. You will absolutely love it, even if you really do not know much of Gaudi’s! I took the tour with my 2 children (18 and 20) they absolutely loved it!

Jennifer W

My husband and I booked a 4 hour private Gaudi tour with chauffeur. Montse and driver met us right up at the cruise port. We couldn’t be happier with our tour! It was simply outstanding and one of the highlights of our trip for sure. We were very impressed with the service and tour. Worth every penny!

HawaiiWang (Hawaii, USA)

Had an amazing day filled with all things Gaudi. I knew very little of Gaudi and in a very short time Marta was able to share so much information and insight. I learned so much about Gaudi the man and his work. He was a man before his time. We were able to cut huge lines and get ahead of crowds to maximize our time and see so much. I highly recommend the private Gaudi Tour. You will leave wanting more Gaudi.

HawaiiWang (Hawaii, USA)

Had an amazing day filled with all things Gaudi. I knew very little of Gaudi and in a very short time Marta was able to share so much information and insight. I learned so much about Gaudi the man and his work. He was a man before his time. We were able to cut huge lines and get ahead of crowds to maximize our time and see so much. I highly recommend the private Gaudi Tour. You will leave wanting more Gaudi.

Jennifer L

Fabulous tour of Gaudi’s best!

Miriam was the perfect tour guide through the best of the Gaudi works of art. She told us just the right amount of information on each site as we visited. It was obvious she loved what she described.

KSK664 (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

FIVE STARS for Gaudi tour with Marta

We were 2 families comprised of 4 adults and 3 teenage boys. We book the Gaudi tour with Martha and it was fabulous. We ended our day at Sagrada Familia in the late afternoon and we were awe struck.

Ajovani (Avon, Connecticut, USA)

What a wonderful way to visit Barcelona! Marga took me on a 4 hour tour of the Gaudi sites. She was exceptionally knowledgeable and sweet. Traveling alone, this tour was the highlight of my visit to Barcelona. I recommend Foreverbarcelona and Marga to anyone wanting to get a very special experience!

Debbie M (New York City, NY, USA)

I visited Barcelona with my 16 and 12 year old sons. We took the halfday Gaudi tour option. Marga our guide was perfect – very engaging and you how to entertain my troop! She knew her stuff but also captured my boys interests with snippets of Spanish history and life. My kids were very impressed and have since talk to friends about what they learned… Which is a good measure of how much went in!

500Mike500 (Daytona Beach, Florida, USA)

Just to Gaudi tour with Marta. There where 4 of us including an architect from NYC. We where all delighted with Marta, her knowledge about Gaudi’s life and his projects. She is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about her job.


My mother and I took the Gaudi tour and were so impressed. The tour itself was fantastic and informative covering all the major Gaudi works. The pacing was perfect. Really took us back to Barcelona 100 years ago. I still picture the Ladies in their lovely frocks on their balconies watching and showing off for the ‘plebs’!

Moragajoanne (Moraga, CA, USA)

Wonderful four hours immersed in Gaudi: We feel like we really had an understanding of Gaudi and what he was all about.

Rita & Ben Olk (Minnesota, USA)

Before our visit to Spain we had little or no idea of his genius and influence in Barcelona.

Carol-On-The-Go (Chatam, New Jersey, USA)

The best way to experience the Barcelona of Antoni Gaudi complete with a historical, artistic and personal narrative.

LCTTJT (Maywood, New Jersey, USA)

We had the fortune of having Marta guide us through the Gaudi sites on our last day in Barcelona. Marta was lovely to deal with from our first inquiry throughout our tour. She was a wealth of information on Gaudi right down to the fine details. We learned so much about Gaudi architecture, which was our goal.

Lyrics4me (Dallas, Texas, USA)

Having a half day Gaudi tour with Marta was the highlight of our trip. I had been to Barcelona before but Marta brought a wealth of knowledge that as a tourist we would have missed. Thank you Marta for making the day so special.

Maureen R. (Vegas, Nevada, USA)

We took a half-day Gaudi chauffeured tour with Javier and it was fantastic! Javier was so knowledgeable and he did a great job personalizing the tour for us based on our interests and questions. We learned so much more than we could have ever learned by reading a book or brochure. He brought Gaudi’s brilliance to life for pointing out details and insights we may never have noticed on our own or realized without his guidance. I think this tour may have been the highlight of our trip to Barcelona and I firmly believe it was completely due to Javier and his fantastic tour.

Leonie G (Cambridge, Massachussets, USA)

Marta astonished and delighted all of us on our Harvard University tour with her knowledge of art and architecture, food, landscape and all things wonderful about Barcelona and its surroundings. I can never forget her explanations of the windows, the columns, the statues of the Sagrada Familia. She made the most beautiful place in the world come to light with her insights and her humor.


We wanted to do “everything” Gaudi, and Begoña kept us captivated at every location. A special treat was a side trip to the Palau Nacional to see some furniture by Gaudi.

David6052013 (Moraira, Spain)

4 of us arranged a private tour to see the Gaudi sites in Barcelona which Marta arranged for us. She is very well informed and made the sites come to life with her interesting commentary. It was wonderful to see so much in such a short time and have everything explained by someone who clearly loves their subject.

Globulen (DC)

This was such a great experience for us! We booked a 4 hour private tour of Gaudi’s highlights. Marga, our guide, was just fantastic. Lots of interesting information, facts, and answers to all questions asked. The 4 hours by, and we were delighted with the tour. The Familia, Park Guell and la Pedrera (Casa Milà) were covered in detail. We took a taxi in between sites, no problem at all. She was charming, knowledgeable, informative and entertaining. I would do this to again if I return to Barcelona. That’s how would it was. You can visit and read a book guide, you can take this tour and really understand the context of what you are looking at, and the real reason why you are there to see it.

John Hennessey (USA)

She plan the 4 hours with skill and concern for us. We felt we got to know Gaudi’s history and importance in the best way. We were fortunate in her professional thoroughness and ability to inspire.

Riavaslor (New York, USA)

Gaudi is Barcelona. For a full understanding of the relationship you need someone who can explain it not just quoting facts and figures but with passion and is relatable to the audience.


Javier’s knowledge of La Sagrada Familia was second to none, so we came away with a real sense of the history of the place.

AstuteTraveler33040 (Key West, Florida, USA)

We had the distinct pleasure of spending a private half day with Marta Laurent Veciana of Foreverbarcelona touring the creations of Antoni Gaudi. Her knowledge of this architect and his amazing creations was outstanding and her love of his work very clear. Not only did she provide us with extremely interesting information about Gaudi, what inspired him, his life and works, she also pointed us in the direction of other wonderful things to see in Barcelona. Our morning with her is indeed a highlight of our days in Barcelona.

Smiller303 (Wayside, New Jersey, USA)

We were in Barcelona on a cruise. Since our time was somewhat limited, it was great that Martha was prompt in meeting us at plus Sagrada Familia to begin the tour. Gaudí’s work with have spoken for itself, but Marta did an awesome job of bringing it to life. She showed us the sites from varying perspectives, which made the experience all the more interesting. We had a great day with Martha and would definitely stick out on our next trip.

Pedro C (Houston, USA)

We took a private tours to visit the most remarkable of Gaudi. The tour allows you to skip the lines and visit everything in a half day. Our guide Pepus was excellent and knowledgeable. He gave us a great explanation of everything, without overwhelming us. We looked for different private tour options and this was by far the best and most affordable.

Lyndita (Northridge, CA, USA)

Our private, personalized, 4 hour Gaudi tour was wonderful! Our family of five chose the chauffeured tour by air conditioned van because I have an injured knee and because it is extremely hot in July. The price was reasonable for the grandeur and comfort of the tour. This wasn’t just a textbook information tour: Marta had numerous fun anecdotes about Gaudi, his patrons and Barcelona.

StopPagingMe (New York, NY, USA)

Pepus was incredibly knowledgeable about Sagrada Familia and it last past and current history. He made us really understand Gaudi and how he was viewed as well. we same the museum/cathedral from inside and out. And he had a great perspective as he grew up only a few blocks away and attended Sunday school in the basement. Superknowledgeable guide. Able to keep attention of a family of 5 with 3 kids.

Timothy H (Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

Our family group of 7 enjoyed our tour of the Park Guell and Sagrada Familia with Marta. Marta is very knowledgeable and made our tour of Sagrada Familia very special. I so happy I decided to tour with her!

E1681GFwilliamf (Charlotte, North Carolina, USA)

Our Gaudi tour was given by Marta, and included in-depth tours of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and Park Güell. We also walked the Manzana de la Discordia on the Passeig de Gràcia, which contains architectural works of 4 important architects from the modernist movement, including Gaudi’s Casa Batllo. Marta the conduct of the tour with a perfect balance of facts and fun. My wife and I learned a ton about Gaudi and his genius. Gaudi’s masterpiece, the still unfinished Basilica de Sagrada Familia was the highlight of the tour. It was simply stunning.

Jan H (Suffern, New York, USA)

My sister and I booked Foreverbarcelona’s 4-hour Barcelona Private Gaudi Tour. Skipping lines and all that is great, but lots of stores can do that for you. Marga, our Foreverbarcelona guide, gave us an exceptional Barcelona experience that I think would be easily duplicated. Her knowledge and experience of Gaudi and Barcelona – both past and present – was very impressive, and she was a delightful person to spend the afternoon with. This was truly the highlight of our stay in Barcelona.

3kidsDarnestown (Darnestown, Maryland, USA)

Perfect way to see Gaudi sites! Marta was an amazing guide. She was very knowledgeable and spoke in a way that kept my 3 teens engaged. She picked us up from our hotel with a private chauffeur, and we spent the next 4 hours traveling Barcelona to see various Gaudi buildings… The best part was skipping lines. We love her so much that we asked to do another tour with her another day, but she was already booked. Be sure to book her early!


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