The following points are in addition to our privacy policy and apply to customers having booked tours with us:

  • We might also collect information relevant for your tours from our email exchanges.
  • We might send you an email after your tour is over asking for feedback about your tour and a review (a third party might be used to process such email).
  • After the tour is over, we might send you quarterly emails to stay in touch, as well as occasional relevant news about our company that might be of interest to you. You can unsubscribe any time from such emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email.
  • Our clients list is different from our weekly newsletters list: if you are subscribed to both and you unsubscribe from one, you’ll still be receiving emails from the other list.
  • Testimonials: Your emails might be used as testimonials in our website upon receiving your consent by email, using the name or nickname provided by you. Testimonials about us on Tripadvisor and other travel sites and forums might be used providing the user nickname or signature of the person who published such public testimonial. We won’t reveal the identity of the reviewer unless we receive written permission for that or their identity coincides with the nickname or signature used to publish the review.