During our vacation we had 5 tours and none of them compared to his. It was great. You are missing out if you don’t take a ForeverBarcelona tour while in the area.

Beverly W (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

We have taken walking tours all over Europe, and prefer a private tour so that we can move at our own pace. We booked three tours with ForeverBarcelona, and it was like taking a tour with an old friend who wanted to share her version of a favorite city. We thought we knew Barcelona — these lovely “instant friends” showed us how little we knew and made the trip a wonderful success.


We booked two tours (food and Gaudi) with ForeverBarcelona and had Miriam as our guide for both. These tours and especially Miriam were the highlight of our time in Barcelona (and we are experienced world travelers – all 7 continents).

LisaKnoxville (Knoxville, USA)

My husband and I usually hire private guides to maximize our time in a new city and see the sights from the eyes of a local. Miriam is definitely one of the best guides we have had, and we’ve had some really great guides.

Roger Nickel (USA)

We had ten different guides while visiting Europe and Marta was hands down our best!

Samuel Gould (United States)

We have used many private guides and Marta is among the best in all aspects. Excellent experience!


We do personal guided tours often, and Javier was so responsive, sensitive, and built great repertoire – we were impressed. He helped us better understand Barcelona in just four hours.


Aitor Delgado (Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain)

Being a tourguide myself, I know that if you want to really enjoy and discover a place, having a local born and fed acknowledged tourguide is key. I have been several times in Barcelona before, but the visit with Marta was completely different. From the beggining you feel her charm, kindness and passion for Barcelona and her job. And she transmits it incredibly well.


Jeff & Gwynne - Adelaide (Australia)

As Tour Operators and guiding service providers in Adelaide, South Australia, we know a good guide when we meet one, and trust us, you are lucky to have a guide like Marga. She is an outstanding guide that has the key element all guides need… a passion for their subject and job!

Tour about Adelaide

Colleen Conway (USA)

Marta gave a clear & interesting narrative about each of the locations visited and interesting details about the life of Gaudi. The pacing was perfect. Never once did I feel rushed nor did I feel that I was missing out on any of the fascinating details… In pleasing me, she pleased a harsh critic… (I’m a museum guide)


Leonie G (Cambridge, Massachussets, USA)

Marta astonished and delighted all of us on our Harvard University tour with her knowledge of art and architecture, food, landscape, and all things wonderful about Barcelona and surroundings.

Crossbite (Florida, USA)

Our son is an architect, and Marta was able to tailor the tours to his interests without excluding the rest of us.


We are husband and wife architects visiting Barcelona with their sons and the first thing on our to do list was a “top notch Gaudi tour”. ForeverBarcelona and Miriam did not disappoint!

Bill B (Regina, Canada)

It was fantastic seeing remains of Rome that are scattered all over parts of Barcelona. Marta is well versed in Spanish history generally and I learned a lot during a very pleasant walk through Barcelona.

Bill Bonner
Associate Professor

Gigi R (Washington DC, Columbia, USA)

I have a degree in Art History and am fairly knowledgeable about European history. Sandra’s near encyclopedic breadth and depth of knowledge meant that we could ask anything we wanted – any topic, any person, any era – and she could answer in great detail. Even better, her obvious passion for Barcelona meant the answers were worth hearing. Lively, rich, detailed, interesting, relevant. Her intellect was wonderfully balanced with humor, wit and professionalism.

Fiona W (Adelaide, Australia)

As my son has started Architecture he really wanted to see the Gaudi buildings. Javier’s in-depth knowledge was very instrumental in making us see the genius of the man!



Marta very efficiently kept to the scheduled time limits without ever making us feel rushed. We saw what we wanted to see, had our questions answered, took lots of photos, but never got off-track. That did happen with other guides, and when too much time was spent on 1 thing, the result was a cut elsewhere. Marta managed the time on our 4 and 5 hour tours beautifully.

Paul K (Adelaide, Australia)

Had a whole day tour with Sandra. Managed to visit pretty much all the main places I wanted to see in just the one day. I could simply concentrate on getting the most out of the places I visited, rather than having to worry about how to get there (some places can be a bit hard to find in the old part of town).

Irwin C (United States)

We got to see and experience Barcelona more in 4 hours than we could have done on our own in three or four days.

Lew S (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Sandra was extremely cognicent of our time and her ability got us to see everything we planed on time and nothing was rushed.

NaomiLS (Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

We toured with Marta for one day and saw so much more than we would have seen on our own.


KFitz8, (Palo Alto, California, USA)

Sandra met us at our hotel and (per our request) right away acclimated us to the Metro, helped us buy tickets. My husband was going to a conference the next day, and she walked him through the Metro transfers he’d be encountering, making the next day so much less stressful.

Stu J (Williamsburg, Virginia, USA)

When we first met Bego I showed her a newspaper article about Barcelona’s puppeteers that I had brought with me. She even found time to make a side trip to the studio mentioned in the article.

Debbra I (Singapore, Singapore)

Miriam was brilliant in that she really did adjust the tours to suit us. For example, when she found out that we were in the pastry industry, she immediately showed and suggested to us little cafes and pastry places to try… and more importantly she also gave us information and indicated Catalan cakes and desserts that we absolutely had to try.



Unfortunately for us weather was very wet. However Miriam made the best of it for us.

Amy J (Short Hills, New Jersey, USA)

We had a day of pouring rain the day we toured the Gaudi sites, but Javier was able to make the day interesting and fun.

Pam and Warren Dean (Montgomery, Texas, USA)

It was a super rainy day but with Jose’s excellent driving and Marta’s knowledge and sparkly personality we still saw and learned so much. Marta adjusted and tweaked our half day tour easily and was so gracious in spite of being very wet!

Jaskev (Toronto, Canada)

When the day came and we were faced with a downpour, Marta quickly recommended some indoor things to see and promised that the rain wouldn’t last long. It was still raining when we left the market en route to the Sagrada Familia when Marta opened the window a crack, leaned out and politely “requested” that the rain stop. Well… it did just as we pulled up to the Church and it stayed clear the rest of the day. So not only is Marta the perfect guide, filled with information, humor, and a very kind nature, but she clearly has friends in high places!


Kathleen L (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Even at the end of the day when I was pick-pocketed (yes, it’s true what they say about Barcelona!), Marga went above and beyond, making sure we were taken care of, even walking with my young son to the bank so he could exchange some cash. Fortunately, all ended well for us, and because of Marga what could have been a major drama was only a minor inconvenience.

JudyDBrooksville (Brooksville, FI, USA)

We contacted Marta for a two day tour.

When I fell ill, Marta took our friends onward and went with me to the drugstore the next day for some medicine. Nice to have a local person to handle all this!

TravelerMaggie (Virginia, USA)

We had an episode of me “losing” my smartphone that I used taking pictures while touring Montjuic. Both Javier and the driver were so kind to help me in searching the grounds, talking to guards, letting me using their cells to lock and locate my phone. The story ended well that I just misplaced the phone in another compartment in my bag :P, but I would never forget the genuine concern and kind help extended by both.


Colleen47 (California, USA)

The La Merce festival started the same day as our tour. Bego explained its history and suggested great viewing sites for some of the activities later in the weekend. We followed her advice and were able to see the famous “Castellers” compete in one of the many squares. We also were able to see the “fire dancers parade”. These two events were amazing. Something we would never have seen if it hadn’t been for Bego’s suggestion.

TravelTravelTravel7 (Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA)

Miriam was able to share information regarding Easter weekend and other cultural traditions that I am sure we would not have discovered through other resources.



Working with ForeverBarcelona was a pleasure. Pilar (bookings manager) was timely and complete in her responses to my numerous questions. The online booking process was easy and intuitive. We were able to customize a 5 hour walking tour beginning at our hotel and finishing at a small tapas restaurant we had read about in Travel and Leisure without any problem.

Gocarib (Rochester, New York, USA)

If you are scary busy and just want to get to the punchline, by all means stop reading, and email Marta right now to ensure you are on her schedule.

Marta runs her business with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and warmth. Her immediate responsiveness to my questions and enthusiasm to develop a tour just for us, made me feel like a true VIP.

LB-likes2travel (New Jersey, USA)

I liked Marta Laurent Veciana of ForeverBarcelona from the first email. She answered promptly, enthusiastically, answered all of my questions completely, and followed-up when needed. Her efficiency made a very good first impression, and as we emailed back & forth a few times during our planning process, I had a positive feeling about our two tours. My first impression was accurate!

Markieh193 (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Professional, organized, knowledgeable and charming. Marta took care of everything, booked tickets in advance, arranged for transportation, helped endlessly with translations, and as a local of the area, comes with a great deal of knowledge about the region.

1Step23 (Solon, Ohio, USA)

After researching seveeral tour companies in Barcelona and asking PIlar, the bookings manager, a million questions via email (and she always responded courteously and in a timely fashion), my traveling companions and I decided that ForeverBarcelona was the perfect match for us. Our confirmation accurately outlined the services we would receive, the cost of the six-hour chauffeured tour, and the contact information of our guide, Miriam.

Kathy C (Alexandria, Virginia, USA)

Marta was a gem to work with on the booking – very responsive, very helpful in answering questions, excellent English skills.


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LB-likes2travel (New Jersey, USA)

I liked Marta Laurent Veciana of Foreverbarcelona tours from the first email. She answered promptly, enthusiastically, answered all of my questions completely, and followed up when needed. Her efficiency may a very good first impression, and as we emailed back and forth a few times during our planning process, I had a positive feeling about our 2 tours.

We did a half day tour on Monday, June 11, and a half day tour Old Town/medieval Barcelona tour, with the optional hour to visit Picasso Museum and Museum of the history of the city. My first impression of Marta was accurate. She was the perfect choice for guiding us around Barcelona!

Marta is bright, educated, well versed on both general Barcelona info and Catalan history, and very well prepared with information on the specific sites to be visited. She communicated very well, was clear and easy to understand, provided us with the detailed information we expected on a private tour, and was able to answer virtually every relevant question we asked, and had a lovely sense of humor. She guided from our hotel to each of the selected sites and provided animated information on conversation about the areas we walked through along the way.

Marta also very efficiently kept to scheduled time limits without ever making us feel rushed. We so what we wanted to see, had our questions answered, took lots of photos, but never got off track. That did happen with other guides, and when too much time was spent on one thing, the result was a cut elsewhere. Marta managed the time on our 4 and 5h tour tours beautifully. She was also warm and welcoming to a group of 5, I was absolutely the BEST guide (of 5) during our two-week stay in Spain.

One additional benefit we had not anticipated when considering private tours was that by touring with the licensed guide, we were able to bypass the long queues for tickets, especially important for the Sagrada Familia.

If you are seeking a quality private tour with an articulate, intelligent and enthusiastic licensed guide, you cannot do better than Marta and Foreverbarcelona tours. Our today’s with Marta with the best!

Atateka (USA)

I was fortunate to have my back as my private guide in March. During that trip I decided to bring my family to Spain the following summer. I knew without doubt, that I would contact Marta to show us her city. We enjoyed the same door as I had the year before, and even so I learn new things.

Marta brought me and my 2 teens, 15 and 17, 2 Park Guell, the Sagrada Familia, through the Born and more. They learned about Spain’s history, the Catalan identity, architecture, culture. This informed their sense of the city during the rest of the trip, they truly knew what they were looking at and the stories behind the many sites.

Marta paced the tour perfectly, with time to take a break for some delicious sweets and a cold drink. We were never rushed, but didn’t dally either. This sense of timing is a gift, and shows her intuition with her guests. I firmly believe that quality guide is the best way to get to know a city, and Marta is certainly the person to contact while in Barcelona. Worth every euro and more.

DocHarrisHHI (Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA)

I use Marta at one of hair other guides about a year ago and planned a trip back to Barcelona for a week in September of this year. There was no doubt that I would contact them and I was delighted that Martha was available for the four mornings that we wanted to tour. We took the Gaudi, Montserrat, Gothic Quarter and Montjuïc tours with adaptations for museums that we wanted to see.

Martha is energetic, upbeat and perfectly multilingual for those of us that only speak English. She loves her the city and Catalonia and her ease of switching from history to art to architecture to food is sometimes mind-boggling. Doing the morning tours we then have the balance of the days to the deeper into the sites we wanted with a good baseline of knowledge to make it rewarding.

The bottom line is that if you are going all that way and really want to see and understand as much as possible in a short time, Marta and Foreverbarcelona is an excellent way to do so. When you are with a registered guide, you skip all of the queue lines to maximize touring time. When returning to Barcelona, which we will, Marta will be our guide again.

One other point that is important… Marta is a businesswoman so communications, payment processing and follow-up are outstanding. She makes it easy to set up and easy to enjoy.

Thanks again Marth and we will see you again.

Colleen47 (California, USA)

Bego promptly met us at our hotel along Passeig de Gràcia.As we walked to the Gothic Quarter, she pointed out historic buildings in a little history about each one. In 4 hours we were able to see all of the Gothic Quarter, la Boqueria, Roman ruins. She was very knowledgeable. It was a delight to hear the history of Barcelona and Catalonia. She answered all our questions without hesitation. She gave us good recommendations for restaurants along the tour which we went back to later on the weekend.

The La Mercè Festival started the same day as our tour. She explained its history and suggested great viewing sites for some of the activities later in the weekend. We followed her advice and where able to see the famous “Castellers” compete in one of the many squares. We also were able to see the “fire dancers parade”. This to events where amazing. Something we would never have seen if it hadn’t been for Bego’s suggestion.

Scheduling with ForeverBarcelona Tours was very easy to do online prior to our departure from the states. They were very complete in directions. We would highly recommend Foreverbarcelona Tours and that Bego be your tourguide.

Diana B (Huntington, New York, USA)

We arranged for a halfday walking tour with Marta to get better acquainted with Barcelona. She picked us up promptly at the set meeting time in our hotel lobby and after briefly going over the itinerary of the tour we were off to see the city.

Mark is in depth knowledge of the city and quirky facts about the architecture and history of Barcelona made the tour a wonderful way to see the city. Had restaurant suggestions and ideas to do were spot on. We went to many of the places she suggested and had a great time.

We have done numerous private walking tours in our travels and found Marta’s to be one of the best! Our only regret was that we didn’t arrange for a longer tour on a tour to the vineyards with Marta. If we ever go back that will be tops on our list! Thank you Marta for a WONDERFUL day!

Brian B (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

I’ve had the pleasure of having two guided tours with Marta in the last 2 years. My wife and I went to Barcelona during the weird period when airspace was closed over much of Europe from the Icelandic volcano. Happily we had to spend more time in beautiful Barcelona then we had originally planned.

On this first trip we had arrange one fullday walking tour with Marta to see Modernisme architecture, letter transportation, and to savor some vegetarian tapas. She also gave us tips and suggestions for our extended time in Barcelona when we were on our own.

Martha is exceptionally knowledgeable about her home city, as well as history, architecture, and every subject we discussed. Her wealth of knowledge and passion about Barcelona made the tour more than just a guided tour. She is very passionate about Barcelona, as well she should be, because Barcelona is a wonderful, beautiful city and her enthusiasm is contagious. She was excited talking about people, places and things as we were seeing them for the very first time. Martha is extraordinarily personable. He will feel like you’ve known her a long time just shortly after meeting her.

In the weeks and days leading up to our tour she communicated clearly about the tour through email and allowed us to customize many aspects that were important to us as well as recommending complimentary buildings and places to see. It was perfectly tailored to our needs and desires and it will be hard to imagine anyone else so accommodating.

Ann C (Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA)

I traveled to Spain with my husband and 2 children ages 21 years and 23 years. Barcelona was the end of our travels in Spain and I chose to do the chauffeured altitude with Marta. I was hesitant to pay the extra cost of the chauffeured guide but I’m so happy that I did. The time that was saved by doing so only gave us more time to actually tour. Well worth an extra expense!! Marta is an official tourguide and we were able to skip the long lines outside each site – this also allowed more time to explore.

Marta is an excellent Tourguide in that she strives to provide you with the experience that you want. She is knowledgeable, friendly, passionate about her tour! Her personal work experience in the Sagrada Familia church was invaluable as she was able to impart information regarding all the aspects of the symbolism within its architecture. The structure was definitely the highlight of this tour and breathtaking. Anyone planning a trip to Barcelona must experience this tour!

The Gaudi tour an opportunity to see the apartment complexes (Casa Milà and Casa Batlló), Park Guell and the Sagrada Familia church all that witness to the mastery and ingenuity of Gaudi who was so ahead of his time. This tour inspired me to do more research on this master architect and his creations.

I would recommend this tour and Marta to anyone traveling to Spain! A truly unforgettable experience!

Andrea S (IN, USA)

My husband, myself and 2 great friends traveled to Spain in June. It was the 1st time to Spain for all of us. We spent the 1st 4 days of our trip exploring Costa Brava, then traveled to Barcelona for the 2nd half of our trip.

We had contacted Marta at ForeverBarcelona before our trip about a private tour of Barelona. She was so wonderful to deal with, and always e-mailed back within a day. Based on what our group wanted to see and do, she recommended 2 half day tours of Barcelona… the 1st day a 4 hour chauffeured trip of Barcelona (to get the lay of the land/city) and the 2nd day a 4 hour walking tour. She assigned Miriam to our group of 4 adolts.

Both mornings, Miriam met us at our apartment, ready to go. I CANNOT say enough wonderful things about Miriam! Her English was wonderful and she is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable and passionate about Barcelona! She was fun, had a great sense of humor, and was very flexible to change a few parts of the morning around to meet our needs.

We are all for foodies in our group, and medium-high fabulous recommendations for food/restaurants for us! Even stopping along the way several times to try a “must have morsel” from Barcelona! She knows where all the great backstreet good the shops are!!!!

The experiences we had with her,  without a doubt, made our trip to Spain! I would highly recommend this company to anyone traveling to Barcelona or surrounding area. One of the greatest tips of my life!

Nicholas H

To say that my whole family thoroughly enjoyed our 2 4h tours with Javier (Old Town one day, Gaudí tour the next day) would be the most enormous understatement. The best way to sum up just how good both tours were is to say that my 2 children are still raving about them and telling their friends too! Javier was a wonderful, polite, easy-going manner, and is a very engaging person to spend several hours with. He (effortlessly) made all just as interesting for the children as for the parents. He was full of interesting insights,  and our learning lots of interesting information about the history of the city and its buildings was interspersed  with everything from amusing anecdotes to insights into modern-day  Catalonian politics. On day one Javier spent the first 20 minutes giving us a very interesting and helpful explanation into how the ‘city map’ had developed and spread out of its origins, and after that we are fully immersed in the sights of the truly wonderful CD that is Barcelona. Have you already kindly and unselfishly gave up some of his own free time in order to ensure we did not miss out after medically caused delays affecting one of our family members. He knows exactly when to stand to get the best photos for some unforgettable memories. Last but not least, his enthusiasm for the Sagrada Familia was infectious, keeping the suspense level just perfect right up to that “WOW” moment when you go inside. I can still picture the look of happiness and excitement on his face when he so our reaction as we walked in. He is passionate about the Sagrada Familia, about the city as a whole, and also by delivering excellent customer service. this kind of private tours is admittedly pretty expensive, but I have to say that it was worth every single penny/cent and I would happily do it all again tomorrow. To be honest, we could quite easily imagine spending several hours with Javier in the Sagrada Familia alone, learning about and fully appreciating this most wonderful of buildings. My whole family has fallen in love with Barcelona, and have you played a big part in that. THANK YOU JAVIER, AND THANK YOU FOREVERBARCELONA TOURS! (We’ll be back…)

Lhusseini (New York, New York, USA)

ForeverBar0celona is a first-class operation and Marga, the guide I was lucky to have for both of my tours was absolutely lovely! Not only knowledgeable on everything related to Gaudi (which I loved, especially at the Sagrada Familia) but when asked her to take me to some of her favorite places in Barcelona, she guided me through her own neighborhood, El Raval, which was fantastic! So much so, I wound up going back the next day in my own to wander around, take photographs and mingle with the locals until the sun came up! Marga was exactly what I look for in a guide: she loves to put each location/locale into context, whether it is historical, religious or cultural she provides you with information as if she’s telling the story for the first time. She is passionate about cityand it shows. I spent 2 days with her and there is so much I learned about Barcelona in just walking the city, asking him questions and talking one-to-one with her! She showed me the city’s highlights but also took me through Barcelona’s hidden gems I would never have discovered in my own! She is smart, easy-going, flexible and lovely to spend time with! I can’t wait to go back! See you soon Marga! Highly recommended!!

Leigh L (Virginia Water, United Kingdom)

I was referred by a friend to Foreverbarcelona (Marta in particular) and this was an excellent recommendation! We were in Barcelona for 3 days I wanted to see as much as we could with our 7-year-old.

Marta met us at the hotel on the first morning and we did a walking tour of the Gothic Quarter and Gaudi Apartments (which our daughter loved!). We visited the food market which was an interesting experience and had a great tour of the cathedral. We also had a lovely tapas lunch along the way.

On the 2nd day, we arranged for a halfday to Montserrat with a driver – up for the cable car up once you get close as it saves time and provide a fantastic view. Get there early and go directly to see the Black Madonna as the queue can get quite long. That is a lovely farmers market with cheese, nuts and meats you can pick up on the way out as well as a good story for picnic supplies.

On day 3 with it at driving tour of the city and covered a lot of area and sites. The Park Guell and Sagrada Familia were particular highlights and being with a guide saved a lot of time again.

We learned so much about the city and our daughter was entertained by the stories about the history. Marta was an excellent guide, made great restaurant recommendations and helped us plan our other time productively. Our driver was also very pleasant and helpful.

The website was easy to use and catered for customers that speak many different languages.