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Amy P (Dallas, Texas, USA)

We received great emails from ForeverBarcelona prior to our trip, so that we knew exactly what we wanted before we arrived.

I know how overwhelming organizing a trip abroad can be. You need to make so many decisions and trust they’ll be the right choices. There’s so much research to do: where to stay, where to eat, what sites should you visit, what else you can do beside sightseeing and eating (specially at night), what activities will be attractive for all the members of your family…

I hear you! I’ve been there and I get every day emails from other travelers like you asking for advice.

And guess what? We have all the information you need. We know the city like the palm of our hand, and we’ve been blogging for a few years already and we have lots of content available. That’s why we decided to organize all our knowledge in a 14 email series that will save you hours of research and to separate the wheat from the chaff. FOR FREE.

Straight to the point. No empty words. With our tips and ideas you are guaranteed to have the base to plan the best trip ever for you and your party.



A fantastic side experience is the blog Marta writes that I received regularly prior to our trip. Each post was filled with wonderful insights and “insider” tidbits that we were able to apply to our experience.

JTB62 (Boston, Massachusetts)

The emails you can sign up for on the website provided a wealth of information without swamping my inbox.

Aim1122 (Yorkville, Illinois)

We very much enjoyed the newsletters, blogs and emails from ForeverBarcelona with useful information.

* You can always unsubscribe by hitting the link provided at the bottom of each email we’ll be sending you
(note that if you do, you might stop receiving the remaining emails from our series that you haven’t received yet).

Here is what we cover in our emails:

  • Restaurants by location, type of food or special characteristics, meal times in Spain…
  • Local food: everything you need to know about tapas, other typical dishes and local wine, secrets of the Boqueria Market, recommended cooking classes and wine tasting.
  • Hotels: best areas to stay, recommended hotels by stars, location and special features and other points to take into account before booking.
  • Visiting the Gaudi sites: basics about Gaudi and his masterpieces, tips to plan your visit.
  • The Old Town: understanding its 4 main sections (Born, Gothic Quarter, Rambla and Raval), what to see there and  where to eat.
  • The rest of the city: tips and ideas about the Montjuic Hill, the Waterfront, the top Museums and some non-Gaudi architectural sites worth seeing.
  • Practical tips: weather information, transportation, what to do with your luggage, local schedules, city passes, money tips and trivia.
  • Evening plans: flamenco shows, the Magic Fountain, music concerts, unique dining ideas, spas open at night, night sightseeing, drinking and clubbing.
  • Day trips out of town: Montserrat, Tarragona, Penedes Wine Country, Sitges and other sites South and West of Barcelona.
  • Heading North: Girona, Costa Brava, the Dali Museums and other sites on your way to France.
  • Family travel: kid-friendly hotels and restaurants, local food children love, tips for your family sightseeing, activities for kids with animals, amusement parks and waterparks…
  • Leisure ideas: because a vacation shouldn’t be just about sightseeing. Art workshops, cooking classes, going sailing, helicopters and balloons, segway and other fun rides, spas…
  • Sport: FC Barcelona, 1992 Olympics, running, motor, water sports, hiking and more.
  • Barcelona throughout the year: what’s going on every month and what to take into account depending on the season of the year when you’ll be traveling.

BTW, besides our email series you’ll also be receiving our weekly newsletters* with more fresh content to help you plan an outstanding stay in Barcelona.

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