Superfriendly and great with kids and teens

Bego introduces herself

Hi! My name is Begoña, but my friends call me Bego. I was Born in Sant Pol de Mar, a cute seaside village equally distant from Barcelona and Girona. I studied tourism and then I spent some time traveling around the world to improve my language skills:

I worked as an au-pair in the US and also worked in Disneyland Paris: I totally love kids! I was also a tourleader guiding groups around Europe, until in the early 2000 I decided to stay in Barcelona to be a local official tourguide. And I love it!

What we love about her

She’s a wonderful tour guide, incredibly knowledgeable: she loves her job and her city and her enthusiasm is contagious! She’s also friendly and it’s an absolute delight to spent time with her. She’s very professional, happy, and easy-going, and she always has a solution for unexpected events, never losing her smile. She’ll keep the tour at a pace you’ll enjoy.

She loves seeing the surprise in her guests’ clients faces when she introduces them to a new site, or painting, or food. You’ll find her explanations very informative, and she’ll answer all your questions. And she’s great at giving restaurant recommendations, too.

With her you’ll have a great experience and by the end of your tour you’ll feel you’ve made a friend and will only wish you had more time to spend with her!


She speaks English, French and Italian.






  • Licensed guide
  • Tourism degree
  • Founder and former president of the AGUICAT tour guide association





Read her interview:

What customers say

This is why everyone raves about Bego:

JonahVarc (Melbourne, Australia)

From the moment she arrived at our apartment, we knew we would enjoy her company and the experience, as Bego is the perfect guide – professional, informed, passionate and a very warm and genuine person. The fact that she referred to Gaudi as ‘Mister Gaudi’ throughout our time with her is a proof of her love and respect for her subject. Our only regret is that we didn’t book a second tour.

Amy Persons (USA)

Bego is a superior guide who is knowledgeable, friendly and fun!

Christobel S (Laguna Beach, California, USA)

She did a fantastic job of walking us around to see the major sights and get a sense of how the city is laid out. She provided historical context for what we were looking at and experiencing, and customized the route based on what we said we were interested in.

Beverly W (Rodhe Island, USA)

Like taking a tour with an old friend.

Ghilfman (Topanga, California, USA)

Begoña was the perfect pick for our 1/2 day tour. She was encyclopedic with historical info on all things pertaining to this fascinating city. She was very personable and seemed to enjoy sharing herself and the city with us.

Cgroby (Maryland, USA)

She made the experience fun for our whole party (which included 2 kids).


We had an amazing time with our tour guide Begoña. She is very knowledgeable and articulate. She loves her job and it shows.


She really knew her stuff.

DavidgF2161YY (Birmingham, Alabama, USA)

Begoña made our tour of the old town area very enjoyable. She was very knowledgeable about the history of Barcelona going all the way back to Roman times. Funny and enthusiastic. Begoña was a joy to be around. Great job.

Breachcomber (Florida, USA)

Her restaurant suggestions were great.

Marilyn H (Pacific Palisades, CA)

Bego is a fabulous tour guide and we loved our time with her. She is so knowledgeable and pleasant and really gave us a terrific tour of Barcelona. We gave her 5 stars and would have given her 10 stars if it was offered. Great tour!!

Laura Singapore (Singapore)

Wonderfully enthusiastic.

Andrew B (Tampa, USA)

Begonia was a wealth of knowledge about the sites (4 cats, various Gaudi buildings and the Old City) which included a few hidden gems that are probably not on most tours, and Catalan society in general.

xxxweluv3travelxxx (Loomis, California, USA)

She connected with everyone in the group.

Renee Albersheim

We had such a good time with Begoña that we want to come back to Barcelona again!

ScottinNO (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)

We enjoy having a local and learned guide who can tell us about history and current events, but not be overwhelmed by details and sometimes be able to enjoy being in a city. Bego and this tour were perfection. She was professional, knowledgeable, personable and a general delight to be with during the 3 hours we got to share with her.

Kellee K (New Jersey, USA)

She really loves what she is doing.

Hockeymomof2byz (Omaha, Nebraska, USA)

Bego is a knowledgeable guide who gives you a real appreciation for the Basilica and the work it too to get where it is today.

Jamiebetravel (Kentucky, USA)

No waiting in lines or getting lost with Bego.

Joy Nelson (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Begoña took us on the Gaudi tour and she was very informative, easy to converse with, and answered all of our questions: we had a great time with her and learned a lot!

Colleen47 (California, USA)

Answered all our questions without hesitation.


Begoña was our guide and she was wonderful”” She was fun, funny and so knowledgeable about Gaudi and about Spain in general.


Our guide Begoña was the perfect combination of friendly and knowledgeable.
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