Easter Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Easter in Barcelona: everything you need to know

Ideas for an authentic Barcelona Easter holiday Unfortunately, the Barcelona Easter Week isn’t one of the liveliest in Spain. While areas such as Andalusia are famous for their passionate and breath-taking traditions, in Barcelona you need to know where to go to get a feel of the local Easter celebrations. This is why today we […]

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Barcelona Dancing Egg | ForeverBarcelona

Corpus Domini is approaching, have you seen any dancing eggs?

L’Ou com Balla, a Barcelona tradition How this Corpus Christi tradition started remains a mystery: That day, many fountains of the Barcelona Gothic Quarter are decorated with flowers and cherries, then an egg that has been previously emptied of its yolk and white through a small hole that is then carefully resealed with wax, is […]

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Dia de Sant Jordi in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

April 23 Holiday: Celebrating St. George killed a dragon

The Roses and Books Day On April 23rd we celebrate “La Diada de Sant Jordi”. If you are in town, you will see that all of a sudden Barcelona is much more busy: there are people all around buying flowers and books. What’s going on? It’s the April 23 Holiday: St. George’s Day! for us, […]

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