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Barcelona sites from the book Origin by Dan Brown

The Barcelona of Dan Brown in Origin (with spoilers)

Dan Brown Origin locations: Barcelona sites, elements and landscapes Next Monday it’s the International Day of Books – St. Jordi, a huge celebration in Catalonia. So what better than discussing books today? And did you know Origin by Dan Brown takes place in Barcelona? Or should I say for the most part, as it also […]

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Things to do in Montserrat (Spain)

Visiting Montserrat? Check out the top things to do there!

What to do in Montserrat? Visiting Montserrat is everyone’s first choice for a day trip out of Barcelona. So if you have several days in town, make sure you don’t miss it. The name of the place means “the sawed mountain”, because the shape of its rocks and peaks look like the dents of a […]

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Montserrat hikes | ForeverBarcelona

Montserrat hiking trails for the whole family

Montserrat Hiking ideas One of the top daytrips around Barcelona is going to the Mountain and Monastery of Montserrat. Most tourists stay around the Monastery area, but visiting the basilica is not the only reason to go! The mountain itself is worth enough the trip. If you are into hiking, don’t miss our favorite ideas […]

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