Private Tours Tips

Introducing our guide Miriam

AN INTERVIEW TO OUR GUIDE MIRIAM Today I’m excited to present a new series in our blog. If you’ve been following us for a while you already know that besides writing this weekly blog, we are a private tour company in Barcelona. We actually started this blog as a service for our guests, so they […]

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How to pay for a private tour

How to afford a private tour

Can you afford a private tour? Private tours aren't cheap. Like a private jet isn't cheap, or having your own yacht isn't cheap, or going to a private school isn't cheap. But when you are on vacation you are ready to indulge a little bit. And a private tour is definitely cheaper than any of [...]

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Chauffeured or Walking tours?

Should you book a walking or a chauffeured tour?

We help you choosing the best option for your private tour In my experience, often travelers need help deciding whether a walking or a chauffeured tour is the right choice for them. While some itineraries clearly prefer one option over the other, in other tours the difference is not that clear. For instance, the Old […]

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Hiring a tour guide | ForeverBarcelona

Tips for hiring private tours

How to hire a tour guide Hiring a private tour guide is an important decision that can be crucial for the success or fail of your trip. While an awesome tour guide can give you a memorable tour, a bad or even a mediocre guide will make you regret you didn’t make a different choice. […]

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How can a private guide enlighten your trip?

The advantages of hiring a personal tourguide Certainly having your own private tourguide isn’t cheap, however there are many pros that compensate the cost. And let’s face reality: when you are back home remembering your vacation, will you be thinking about how much it cost or how much you enjoyed the experience? If you’ve never […]

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