Certainly having your own private tourguide isn’t cheap, however there are many pros that compensate the cost. And let’s face reality: when you are back home remembering your vacation, will you be thinking about how much it cost or how much you enjoyed the experience?

If you’ve never been on a private tour, you might not be aware of them, but once you’ve tried, you understand the value and traveling won’t be the same anymore.

Here are the 5 top reasons to hire a private guide next time you travel:

Total flexibility. When you are touring with a big group, you have to go with a set itinerary that might or not match your interests 100%. Instead, with a private guide you can chose exactly what you want to see and do, and how much time do you want to stay in each place.

Exclusivity. How close do you need to be to your guide when you have 40 other tourists trying to hear her explanations? And how often do you get to make a question during such a tour? These issues disappear on private tours because your guide is completely devoted to you, adapts to your pace and rhythm and is pleased to answer every single question (and in depth, instead of trying to get rid of your question so she can keep moving the group on, as it often happens in a large group…)

 Time saving. With a private guide you get to see more than you would with a big group (because groups move slowly), and much much more than you would on your own because your guide knows her way around, and if she’s a certified/licensed guide, she’s likely to be able to skip lines  in museums and monuments. No more time wasted standing in line, yipee!Why hire a private guide

Connecting with a local. Let’s face it, when you are in a foreign country unless you are fluent in the language and are extremely sociable and not shy at all, you aren’t very likely to meet locals to chat and learn more about their lifestyle, politics, customs and those things that usually arouse a traveler curiosity. But when you are with a private tourguide, she speaks your language and is a local! Use your time with her not just to learn about the history and heritage, but also about the “real life”.

Recommendations. Sure you can find lots of restaurant and shops recommendations in the internet but… Isn’t the amount of reviews just overwhelming? After spending a few hours with a private guide, she will have figured out your style and will be able to make real custom recommendations for you of even the most unlikely venues and places you might ask for. Plus she’ll be able to mark their location in a map and show you how to get there from your hotel, and give you valuable tips such as the best time to go, how to skip lines, get tickets/reservations and so on.

Can you think of another great reason to hire a private guide? Share your insights with us by leaving a comment below!

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