In today’s post we are helping you choosing how to get to Park Guell efficiently, according to your sightseeing plans or location. Park Guell is one of the few attractions in Barcelona that is not within walking distance from the city center. However, it is relatively well connected with the city center with public transportation.

If you don’t want to miss the unique mosaic decorations of Park Guell, Antonio Gaudi masterpiece, and want to wonder around its columns room, take pictures of the dragon fountain and seat on the ceramic bench, here is how to get to Park Guell!

These are our insiders directions to Park Guell:


How to get to Park Guell by bus

The bus 24 departs Pl. Catalunya stopping along Passeig de Gràcia (close to Casa Batlló and Casa Milà/Pedrera). It takes about 30min to take you to the Park. The bus stop is right next one of the side entrances of Parc Guell, on Carretera del Carmel.

Ask the driver or another passenger where to get off, but you’ll know you’re almost there as soon as you start seeing views over the city. Wondering how to get from Sagrada Família to Parc Guell? Take the bus 92 instead.


Barcelona Tourist Bus

The Hop-on Hop-off Bus Blue line starts in Plaça Catalunya and drives along Casa Batlló and Casa Milà/Pedrera, then takes you to the Sagrada Família church before reaching Parc Guell. The stop is 5min walk uphill from Travessera de Dalt, up Olot street.

The itinerary is nice, the downside are the long lines at the stops, and the fact that after visiting Park Guell you still have another couple of hours riding around the city uptown before being dropped off back to the city center. Unless you are interested in visiting the FC Barcelona stadium, it might be a bit boring…


What about driving?

I strongly discourage people from renting a car to move around Barcelona: apart from the traffic, you’ll waste a lot of time trying to find a place to park, and you’ll always end up paying for it. Park Guell is no exception to this. However, we do drive to Park Guell on our chauffeured Gaudi tours, because our driver drops us at the door and we don’t need to worry about parking at all.


Taxi is a favorite option

If long walks uphill aren’t your thing, and jammed buses either, taxi is definitely a convenient way to get to Park Guell. You get dropped off at the door ONLY IF YOU ASK THEM TO TAKE YOU TO THE CARRETERA DEL CARMEL ENTRANCE. 

It’s been a few months already that the city council turned pedestrian all the streets around the Park Guell entrance on Olot street, what means the taxi stop there has been moved a couple of blocks downhill and that’s how close taxis are allow to get you to. Here you’ll find some tips about using cabs in Barcelona.


How to get to Park Guell by metro?

The green line (L3) is the one that gets you closest, however, the station isn’t superclose: be ready for a 20 to 30min walk. Most people stop in Vallcarca: it’s the shortest way, but you need to climb a quite steep street (if you are lucky, maybe the outdoor escalators on Baixada de la Gloria will be working and the climb won’t be that tough, though). Just take into account that you’ll be entering Park Guell from the top: awesome views but… now you need to walk down to the monumental area.

Another option is to get off the metro at Lesseps. The walk is about 10 minutes longer, but it’s flatter (it only gets hilly for the last 5min), and it takes you straight to the Park Guell main entrance. The L3 line has stops along La Rambla, in Plaça Catalunya, and next to Casa Batlló and Casa Milà/Pedrera. Here are some tips to master the Barcelona metro.

AND BONUS! Is there a shuttle to Park Guell?


Park Guell Shuttle

Yes, there’s a shuttle to Park Guell! However… there are two catches!

  1. It’s only for Park Guell ticket holders, what means you must have bought your ticket online already (which is actually THE way to go because they tend to sell out fast – what a disappointment to get all the way to the Park and not be able to visit it! (there’s a free-entrance area, but all the park landmarks are in the paying area…). 
  2. It departs from the Alfons X station on L4 (yellow), which really only connects with the Gothic Quarter and the Olympic Village. If you are getting to Park Guell from Passeig de Gràcia, La Rambla, the Sagrada Familia or the Hill of Montjuic you’ll either have to walk at least 10 minutes to the nearest L4 stop, or change lines. 

Will you be visiting Park Guell soon?


Need some inspiration?

Detail of Casa Batllo rooftop

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  1. We will be staying near the Pl. Catalunya and we will need to get to the bus parking area at Parc Guell to meet our group at 7:30 in the morning. Could you tell me where I can get the bus on the Pl.? Does the #24 bus stop near the tour bus parking area at Parc Guell? Would getting the bus at 6:30 AM get us to our desired destination by 7:30?

    1. Hi,

      You’ll find bus maps and schedules here:

      I think the stop in Plaça Catalunya is in front of Corte Inglés, but you’d rather check.

      As for the Park, yes: it’s right next to the bus parking area.
      Hope that helps!

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