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Vintage travel indications signs to get to Ibiza

How to get from Barcelona to Ibiza


The Whitlock had booked a couple of private tours with us, when they emailed me asking for some advice. They were planning how to travel from Barcelona to Ibiza, where they had found some great Ibiza all inclusive hotels, but they were finding some very conflicting information online… 

Some websites said you could get there by train and bus, and that sounded like a great option because Mr. Whitlock prefers to avoid airplanes whenever it’s possible. However they weren’t able to find any airlines or train schedules online. Could I help? 

I need to say I was dumbfounded: Ibiza is… an island! Of course there is no train or road taking you there from Barcelona! So after confirming to them that the only way was flying or sailing, I decided to use my own blog to put some order on the net.

Barcelona to Ibiza by train or car: Debunking the myth

Map of Ibiza (Spain)

Ibiza is the third largest island of the Balearic Archipelago. And by definition, it's surrounded by water: the salted water of the Mediterranean Sea. And I'm afraid this isn't London-Paris: there's no Spanish version of the Channel Tunnel, nor plans to build it.

But I was certainly intrigued (and equally mad)… How could Google be ranking in the top positions a site that recommended getting from Barcelona (Spain) to Ibiza (Spain) by car, train or bus? And the answer is simple: some travel websites just write with SEO in mind, with little experience in the field and some disregard for user experience (I’m looking at you, rome2rio!).

If you are new to what SEO means, it’s all the little tricks that make Google algorithms like you. So these guys realized there were online searches for Barcelona to Ibiza train rides and wrote about how to go from Barcelona to… the Ibiza metro station in Madrid! Not the island, but a random subway station named like the island! No wonder my clients were confused!

From Barcelona to Ibiza by sea


What you need to know about Barcelona to Ibiza ferries

Taking the ferry is often a cheap option, but it's not the fastest because there's no fast ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza. It can be cheap, though, if you book it enough in advance and you aren't looking for much comfort:

The cheapest options are usually the seats with no privacy. A good reason to go by ferry is if you have a vehicle that you want to take to Ibiza. Otherwise you’ll end up having to rent a car in the island, and the additional cost is higher than the price of taking your car with you on the ferry.

How far is it? 156 nautical miles – which is equivalent to 289 km or 179.5 miles.

How long does it take? It’s an overnight sail that takes 8 to 9 hours. I’m afraid there’s no fast ferry connecting Barcelona and Ibiza.

Where do they depart from? Port de Barcelona, from the Ferries terminal. It’s walking distance from Columbus monument at the end of La Rambla (but if you are carrying luggage you’d rather take a taxi).

Where do they arrive to? Puerto de Ibiza, Botafoc pier. The Ibiza port is also located right next to the town center.

How often do they sail? There are ferries pretty much every day, departing Barcelona in the evening and arriving in the morning.

Is it possible to bring a vehicle on board? Yes, the ferries accept electric scooters, bicycles, motorbikes, cars, vans and RVs (for an additional fee). Check out with the company how often do you need to arrive to board with your vehicle and for the instructions on how to safely secure it for the sail.

Are there luggage restrictions? Yes, just like for airplanes, the ferry companies set up a weight limit for the amount of luggage you can take on board if you aren’t traveling with a vehicle but occupying a seat.

Are there cabins? Yes. Trasmed has private cabins for 2 to 4 people. Balearia has private standard cabins with 4 seats as well as private VIP cabins with king size bed for 2 people.


Other ways to get from Barcelona to Ibiza by sea

While ferries are the most common option to travel Barcelona to Ibiza by sea, there are other options as well. They take several days and are more of a mini-vacation than a transportation means. But are worth knowing about.
  • Sail boat. If you have all the time in the world and no hurry to get to Ibiza, there are companies such as Vientoaparente that organize week-long vacations on a sailing boat departing from Barcelona and returning, but spending most days exploring Ibiza and the smaller islands around it. 
  • Private yacht. Similarly, there are companies such as Intersailclub or Boatcharterbcn that organize private yacht charters from Barcelona to Ibiza. Enjoy a luxurious vacation of 5 or 6 days at sea, stopping over paradisiac bays and rocky beaches with crystal-clear waters. 
  • Cruises. There are also several cruise lines that stop in both Barcelona and Ibiza but only for a few hours, then they continue on towards other destinations. Costa Cruceros, Royal Caribean, Celebrity and Cunard to it, although they stop over in Valencia in between.
  • Rowing race. Well, that’s probably not going to be an option for most but… who knows? Once a year Nomad organizes a rowing race from Barcelona to Ibiza and another one back a few days later. They take care of everything: from providing the equipment to ensuring safety. You only have to row! And if you’ve never done it before, they provide training as well.
  • What about party boats? While that’d be the dream of many young adults… I’m afraid I couldn’t find any company organizing party boats between Barcelona and Ibiza… There are companies organizing party boat outings that last a few hours, departing from both cities, though.


Should you go from Valencia, Spain?

Another confusing recommendation that is made by other websites, even very important ones (that goes for you, Wikihow!) is to sail from Valencia. But is it worth it? Well... if you are already in Valencia, sure!

But if you are in Barcelona should you head to Valencia to sail from there towards Ibiza? Sorry, but no, sorry. Yes, the sail is faster, just 2.5 hours. But if you have to drive or take the train from Barcelona, the time you’ll save from the sail ends up wasted getting to Valencia. 

Same goes for the price: you might find a super cheap deal from Valencia, but if you have to pay for the train ride or for gas (that is more expensive in Spain than it is in the US!). So make your calculations carefully, but if you are already in Barcelona, the best way to get from Barcelona to Ibiza is definitely not via Valencia.

From Barcelona to Ibiza by air


Barcelona to Ibiza flights

Flying is the fastest way to get from Barcelona to Ibiza. And it can be cheap too, if you get your tickets enough in advance and secure a good deal. But be careful to read the fine print about luggage restrictions and seat assignments.

How long does it take? The Barcelona-Ibiza flight is about 1 hour long.

What airports can I use? The Barcelona Airport is officially called Josep Tarradellas – Barcelona El Prat, and its IATA code is BCN. It’s located 13 km / 8 miles outside of the city and can be reached by subway, shuttle bus, suburban bus, taxi and train.

The Ibiza Airport, officially called Aeroport Internacional d’Eivissa, with IATA code IBZ, is located 6 km / 3.7 miles outside of the city. There’s one bus line connecting it with the city, a taxi stop and several rental car companies.

How often are there flights? There are several flights every day.

What companies fly between Barcelona and Ibiza? There are two companies that operate flights: the low cost airlines Ryanair and Vueling. Plus Vueling shares their flights with Iberia and Qatar Airways.


Less common options to fly from Barcelona to Ibiza

Regular airlines aren't the only option to get to Ibiza. There are some more luxurious options that you'll want to consider if you are planning a trip that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Or if you are treating someone special.
  • Private jet charters. If money is not an issue, you can get to Ibiza in style by renting a private jet. The final price will depend on the aircraft model. The Barcelona airport has a dedicated terminal for private jets, separate from the terminals used by passengers from regular airlines.
  • Helicopter. Helicopters are a bit slower than a regular airplane – it’s a 75 minutes flight. But they offer a sense of adventure that doesn’t compare to other means of transportation! Companies like Machhelicopters, for instance, offer business and leisure transfer services that include transportation to and from take-off /landing points in luxury vehicles, too. Once in Ibiza, many companies offer inter-island helicopter transfers as well.

I hope to have help you deciding how to get from Barcelona to Ibiza!


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