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Yes: Barcelona is a city for architecture lovers. But Art lovers have their space too, and a very exciting one by the way! If you like paintings and sculpture, in this tag you’ll find all our blog posts related to the Fine Arts, and that includes of course masters such as Picasso (who spent his youth in town), Miro (born in Barcelona), and Salvador Dali (from a town just 1.5 hours away, whose main museums can be easily visited in a day trip. Besides that, we also have a spectacular Museum of National Art of Catalonia that would be consider a gem in any other city where it didn’t have to compete against Gaudi and the other masters we mentioned. And a lot of smaller museums that will delight any art lovers.

Tandem, featuring Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas, leaders of Barcelona Modernisme trend

Modernism in Barcelona

A BRIEF GUIDE OF BARCELONA MODERNISM In the 1800’s a new art style blooms all over Europe. It’s called Art Nouveau in France, Liberty in Italy, Arts & Crafts in England, Jugendstil in Germany. In Spain, it’s Modernism – Modernisme in Catalan, Modernismo in Spanish. And why the Catalan translation is relevant? Because this art …

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All the Dali Museums in the World

Salvador Dali Museums In The World

DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SALVADOR DALI MUSEUMS ARE THERE?​ Salvador Dali was born in 1904 in Figueres, just about 2 hours drive from Barcelona, Spain. He had a fearful and obsessive spirit that was also extremely curious and creative. And would turn him into one of the most intriguing artists in Art History. Inspired …

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What Dali Paintings you need to see at the Dali Museum in Figueres?

Top Salvador Dali Paintings In Figueres

THE DALI WORKS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS WHEN VISITING THE THEATER MUSEUM The other day I read an article about the Dali Museum in a magazine aimed at Russian tourists coming to Barcelona. To my surprise, they said there weren’t any Salvador Dali famous paintings there, and it wasn’t too worth it. Whaaaat? After doing some research …

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Museum of National Art of Catalonia top works

Top Works Of The Museu Nacional D’art De Catalunya (Mnac)

5 MASTERPIECES OF THE MNAC MUSEUM YOU SHOULDN’T MISS The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is the largest museum in Barcelona, heart of the Barcelona art scene and a must for any art lover. It is divided in two floors, featuring collections that cover almost 1000 years of Catalan art: from the Romanesque paintings all the way to …

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Pablo Picasso facts and stories

Interesting Pablo Picasso Facts (Plus A Bonus)

COOL PICASSO INTERESTING FACTS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT One of the most important museums in Barcelona is the Picasso Museum. And you might be wandering why do we have a Picasso museum if the artist was born in Malaga and lived most of his life in France? Well, he actually spent his youth and training years …

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Cool interesting facts about salvador dali

Most Interesting Facts About Salvador Dali

GREAT SALVADOR DALI FUN FACTS Many facts about Salvador Dali will help you understanding better his works and their symbolism. Some are fun facts, some other are quite interesting, and a few can be even disturbing. They talk about live, love, fear and passions, and knowing about them will open your eyes to a whole new …

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Barcelona Museums for Art Lovers | ForeverBarcelona

Famous Art Museums In Barcelona

5+1 BARCELONA ART MUSEUMS YOU SHOULDN’T MISS​ Barcelona is art. Art is here represented in many ways: open-air sculptures, monuments, buildings, art galleries, museums… If you are an art lover and art is one of your passions, you need to visit our best Barcelona art museums. It’s a fascinating way to understand our culture through any of the …

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Miro Foundation Barcelona

Joan Miro Foundation: Works And Paintings You Must Check Out

TAKE THE MOST OUT OF YOUR VISIT TO THE MIRO MUSEUM IN BARCELONA​ The Joan Miro Foundation is one of the best museums in Barcelona, together with the Picasso Museum and the MNAC, and one advantage of the Miro Museum versus the Picasso Museum, is that it follows the whole evolution of Miro from his youth all the …

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Barcelona Art Galleries | ForeverBarcelona

5 Great Art Galleries In Barcelona You Shouldn’t Miss

OUR BARCELONA ART GALLERIES GUIDE​ The best art galleries in Barcelona are gathered around a few blocks on Consell de Cent street, but some other great ones are hidden in the alleys of the Old Town. Finding them can be a huge time investment unless you know exactly where you are going and what are you …

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Picasso Museum Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

Barcelona Picasso Museum Highlights

PABLO PICASSO PAINTINGS IN SPAIN: BARCELONA​ You might be disappointed if you visit the Picasso Museum of Barcelona on your own: I have heard a lot of people complaining saying that they didn’t find there the kind of paintings they were looking for. and that’s correct, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona is not a Museum of the typical …

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