Modernism is the style that was developed in Barcelona from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s, following the lead of the French Art Nouveau but adding a Mediterranean touch to it. It was the breading ground from where the architect Antoni Gaudi and later on a younger Pablo Picasso erupted with their genius. But what else was going on in the city besides these two masters? In this tag you’ll find our blog posts discussing their colleges and competitors, reveal beautiful hidden gems and will also take you out of town to visit Sitges, where the whole story started. Come on a trip back in time with us!

Tandem, featuring Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas, leaders of Barcelona Modernisme trend

Modernism in Barcelona

A BRIEF GUIDE OF BARCELONA MODERNISM In the 1800’s a new art style blooms all over Europe. It’s called Art Nouveau in France, Liberty in Italy, Arts & Crafts in England, Jugendstil in Germany. In Spain, it’s Modernism – Modernisme in Catalan, Modernismo in Spanish. And why the Catalan translation is relevant? Because this art …

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Top works of Domenec i Muntaner in Barcelona

Modernist Architecture Beyond Gaudi: Domenech I Montaner Works

TOP DOMENECH I MONTANER SITES IN BARCELONA Everyone coming to Barcelona wants to see the Gaudi sites. But if it hadn’t been for him, then the masterpieces of Domenech i Montaner would have been now famous all over the world. This now not so famous architect was born in 1850, two years before Antoni Gaudi, and …

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Puig i Cadafalch top sites in Barcelona Spain

Josep Puig I Cadafalch – Gaudí’s Competitor

TOP PUIG I CADAFALCH WORKS IN BARCELONA Besides Gaudi, Josep Puig i Cadafalch was one of the leaders of the Modernism (Catalan Art Nouveau) architecture movement, but as Domènech i Muntaner, his work was eclipsed by the ingeniousness of Gaudi. The youngest of the three rival architects possessed a really wide cultural background: he was not …

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Gaudi early works: Cripta Guell

Little Known Gaudi Works

REALLY? GAUDI HIDDEN GEMS? Everyone knows the Gaudi masterpieces. Sagrada Familia church, Park Guell, Casa Mila (Pedrera) and Casa Batlló… But is that everything he did in town? Not at all! There are a few earlier works that he did before becoming famous, that aren’t as crowded as his top sites and they show you his …

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Casa Batllo history and facts

Casa Batllo Facts And Curiosities

INTERESTING FACTS ABOUT CASA BATLLO Antoni Gaudi built three apartment buildings in Barcelona: Casa Calvet, Casa Batllo and Casa Mila (Pedrera). Casa Calvet was built during his youth, it’s not open to the public except for the restaurant in the street level, and it doesn’t look that much like a Gaudi site from the outside yet …

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Visit Park Guell | ForeverBarcelona

What To See In Park Guell

PARK GUELL MUST-SEE HIGHLIGHTS​ The famous Park Guell is one of the masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi, an unfinished project where he used his famous “trencadís” broken tile  technique  for the first time and with amazing results. Getting to the Gaudi Park takes time because it is not located in the city center, so knowing what to see in …

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Gaudi & Modernist restaurants in Barcelona | ForeverBarcelona

5 Modernist Restaurants You Need To Check Out (Including Some By Gaudi)

DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A GAUDI RESTAURANT IN BARCELONA? (ACTUALLY TWO)​ Barcelona keeps a few modernist restaurants from the early 1900’s. The city was experiencing a golden period in those times, and the Art Nouveau architecture, locally called “Modernisme”, flourished. During daytime, you are likely to explore the Gaudi sites and other modernist buildings in …

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Visit tips Sagrada Familia

What’s The Sagrada Familia Interior Like?

OUR SAGRADA FAMILIA GUIDE ​ If there is one MUST-SEE place in town, that’s definitely the Sagrada Familia church. Started in 1882 by the architect Francesc de Paula i Villar, Gaudi took over the project a year later and transformed it into his masterpiece, his passion and obsession. It won’t be finished until 2026-30 (approx.), …

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Gaudi Masterpiece List

What Gaudi’s Masterpieces Do You Absolutely Need To See?

TOP GAUDI SITES THAT YOU SHOULDN’T MISS​ Antoni Gaudí is the architect who changed the landscape of Barcelona forever, and his works have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. And despite the many other sites you can visit in Barcelona, one could say that having a Gaudi’s masterpieces tour is the main reason to come to this …

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