Five Getaways For A Romantic Vacation

This post contains affiliate or sponsored links. We might be paid for posting them or if you click on them or buy through them. 
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This post contains affiliate or sponsored links. We might be paid for posting them or if you click on them or buy through them. 
If the affiliate link would increase your costs, we wouldn’t use it. Your trust is more important than any commission. More about our links policy here.

Travel is a great way to spend quality time with your sweetheart. But there are so many places to go to! How can you choose one and make sure it’s the perfect plan?

Of course, Barcelona has many charms and it can be a wonderful Romantic getaway. But there are other places worth checking too, once you’ve been in Barcelona. Today, author Amber Collins shares with us her 5 favorite places to get lost on a romantic weekend. Check it out!

Five Getaways For A Romantic Vacation


What can you do for a nice romantic gift no matter you have a reason or simply want to surprise your loved one with something unexpected? The boring old combination of jewelry, chocolates and a dinner at an overpriced restaurant? No. Be a little bit more original. A romantic trip to a nice destination would be a lot better choice. Especially if you choose one of the following options:

Charleston sreet

These are our recommended romantic getaways:​


Charleston, USA​

Some people mind find this option somehow strange, but Charleston sure deserves your attention. However, those who have been there have, without a doubt, fallen in love with this beautiful city. It has also been the choice of celebrity couples. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds had their wedding at the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston.

The city does have a laid-back vibe as well as an easy charm. It also has a really beguiling culinary scene – grits and shrimp are barely the start. That Lowcountry metropolis will make you fall in love with it and with your dear one.

Be sure to take a walk hand-in-hand down the Battery district, which is full with quaint shops and Victorian homes. You can stay in the Planters Inn, which offers unique Charleston charm and a guarantee for an unforgettable vacation and memories, and it is near the market. More things to do in Charleston here.


Mendocino, USA​

The North Coast of California is tourist’s favorite choice during the spring and summer, but during the colder months people prefer to spend their time in the city of Mendocino, which the locals prefer to call Mendo. It is an art-centric city that attracts with its romanticism. Go for a stroll down the beach hand-in-hand with your beloved one and spend the evening in one of Mendo’s many B&B’s, cuddled in front of the fireplace.

Mendocino coast

Visit at least a couple of Mendocino’s many art galleries. The Artists’ Co-op of Mendocino and the Mendocino Art Center are good choices. For the wine and seafood lovers there are special Wine and Crab days. A perfect place to spend the evenings while in Mendocino is to stay at the Blue Door Inn. Its white fresh décor and magnificent view of the Pacific are simply outstanding.


Seville, Spain​

The winter is chilly and tends to bring one’s mood down, but the weather is always nice in Seville. It is located in Spain’s Andalusia region and is definitely a true gem, oozing with romance. Its plazas are full of orange and bougainvillea trees, which bring a nice color touch to the city. The baroque cathedrals are also worth paying attention to.

Ideal for strolling are Seville’s narrow alleyways and beautiful squares. And if you are in a really romantic mood (which you most probably are in), take a ride on a horse-drawn carriage in Maria Luisa park. For the stay during your romantic vacation, consider the stunning Alfonso XIII hotel. The rooms are just amazing – marbled bathrooms, scalloped headboards and verandahs. More things to do in Seville here.


Windhoek, Namibia​

It is true that everybody’s favorite celebrities Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made Namibia famous to the wider public after their many visits to the country. However, those who had never heard of this African gem prior to that can only be grateful to the famous couple. 

Namibia desert

Namibia has beautiful red sand deserts, upscale lodges and epic vistas and many secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Unlike other African countries, Namibia has not experienced any civil unrest and is absolutely safe and open for all adventure seeking couples.

Both of you can go sand-surfing down Namib Desert’s dunes or on a safari to meet eye to eye with many exotic animal species. A must is the Etosha National Park. Your stay has to be in the Wolwedlans, a magnificent property with luxurious chalets complete with en-suite bathrooms and verandahs. The dinners, of course, consist of tasty African cuisine.


Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Hampshire, England​

The English countryside is a pick you can never go wrong with – it is sure to provide you with a most romantic getaway. Simply strolling with your spouse through the gardens will take you back to the long gone days of the romanticism period.

Indulge in one of the many Downtown Abbey tours that have started recently, but make sure you book early for they are often sold out. Everybody is sure to appreciate exploring the Highclere Castle, which is almost fairytale-like. An estate from the 19th century, it is used as the setting of many films and TV series and was also a home of the eighth Countess and Earl of Carnarvon. Many couples choose for they stay the majesty of the Tynley Hall, a mansion of towering oaks and sprawling gardens.

Valentine’s Day is long gone and no matter if you have already surprised your loved one with a romantic gesture or not – a romantic trip away from everything and everyone, for only both of you, will be something that you will always remember. By choosing either one of the above given travel destinations, you can be sure that you and your sweetheart will share a very special time together!

What’s your favorite hang-out for a romantic getaway?​

Amber Collins is a professional freelance writer and blogger, traveler and chocolate lover. Traveling all over the world and telling all about it is what drives her at most. She is constantly seeking for newer and more exciting experiences especially if they are shared with her man. Here are some of the most romantic destinations she is delighted to tell us about.

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