Flags in Spain

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Flags in Spain

What Does The Barcelona Flag Look Like


Unless you are very familiar with all the flags of Spain, when you come to Barcelona you are likely to get confused when you see all the difference lacks we have here. Plus many of them are yellow and red flags… How can you tell which is which?

Today we are helping you telling out which is the Catalan flag, or a Barcelona flag, or any other of the flags of Spain that you will see when you come to Barcelona.

Learn to identify all these flags from Spain:​​


Catalan Flag​​

Also called La Senyera or Les Quatre Barres, it consists of 4 red bars on a golden background. According to the tradition, it was King Louis the Bald who marked with his fingers 4 red lines in the golden shield of Count Wilfred the Hairy of Barcelona. Of course, historians don’t think there is enough evidence to support this story, but isn’t it a cool legend?


Spain Flag​

Flag of Spain

Despite sharing the colors with the Catalan flag, there is no evidence that supports that they are related. All we know  is that in 1768  King Charles III  decided  to yellow and red the official colors of the Spanish flag because these colors where better seen at sea (bear in mind that Spain was then a big empire overseas)


Barcelona Flag

This is a combination of the Catalan flag with the cross of St. George (red cross on a white background). The Barcelona flag has been documented  from the end of the 1300s, and you’ll see it usually in the City Hall and during municipal events.


Estelada, the Catalonia Independence flag​

If you see the Catalan flag with the blue triangle and a white star, be aware that this is the Catalan flag of the people who don’t want to be part of Spain anymore. Unfortunately,  ever since Catalonia became part of Spain in the late 1400s, things haven’t worked well enough  and there has been always people who have claimed for independence. 

Estelada Flags (Catalonia is not Spain)

The Estelada flag was created in the early 1900s after the Cuban War of Independence where Catalan people participated (as Cuba had been part of the Spanish Empire and they where many Catalan immigrants and traders there).  The designed was later updated and used after World War I to support the Catalan independent movement.


Another version of the Estelada​​

You will also occasionally see all red and yellow Estelada flags, the colors of the Catalan flag. They still carry an independence message, but they are linked to the communist movement that adopted it in the late 60’s and early 70’s. It is however, not as popular as the flag with the blue background on the white star.

Catalonia Independence Flag

AND BONUS! A blue and red flag you often see in Barcelona, too!​


FC Barcelona Flag​​

Ok, if you are into soccer you’ll know this one. Otherwise you’ll be wondering what is this flag you see all over. Barcelona people are soccer people, and our team is one of the best in the world, that’s why you see it colors everywhere. 

The origin of its red and blue colors isn’t certain, but its probably somehow related to the team founder Joan Gamper: it might be either the colors of the Swiss team where he had played, or the Swiss region where his sister lived.

Where you familiar with all these flags from Spain?


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