Where can we safely store our luggage?, asked me the Landmann. They were arriving from Madrid on the AVE train early in the morning but their check-in time wasn’t until noon and they wanted to make the best use of their time and start touring as they arrived, instead of wasting their time waiting to have their room ready.

Bacelona luggage lockers

This is actually a question I get often asked, so I went back to my older emails to retrieve the information I had sent to some other clients and forward it to them. In the end, they decided to take a chauffeured tour and be picked-up with their luggage at the train station, as the luggage can be stored in the trunk, the trunk remains locked and the driver stays in the minivan at all times even when we are out walking around: that makes our chauffered tours as good as any Barcelona luggage locker service!

But I also realized that the information about luggage storage in Barcelona was quite disorganized in the internet and it was hard to find a place that puts all the information together in one single post. So here you go!

Here is our recommended list of Barcelona luggage storage:

A super convenient service with 3 different locations in Barcelona: one near La Rambla, one in Plaça Espanya and the other close to the Sants train station. They have two types of lockers: for cabin luggage and for larger suitcases. 

What we like about them is their service offer: they can wrap your luggage in plastic fold to get it ready for a flight, and they can drop it at the airport or any other place of your choice in Barcelona city, so you don’t need to worry about going back to the locker store to pick it up – time and peace of mind won to allow for more last-minute sightseeing and shopping! Book it here.


El Prat – Barcelona Airport luggage storage

If you are in a several hour long stop-over between flights, you are lucky: you won’t be having to carry your luggage around if you want to leave the airport and do some sightseeing. The airport provides a lockers service located in the main hall of Terminal 1, with daily fees ranging between €4-6. Plus they also offer a special deal for bulky packages that need storing for several days.

luggage storage in barcelona airport


Barcelona Sants luggage storage

This could be a convenient option if you are arriving by train and departing soon again by train and only have a few hours in Barcelona, or if you are staying within walking distance from the train station or in the AC Sants Barcelona hotel. 

But if you are checking out from a hotel/apartment and have some time for sightseeing before your train departure, I’d rather suggest using a more central Barcelona luggage locker in order not to waste time traveling back and forth from the station. 

The lockers are located in the side of the station closer to the suburban trains (the opposite side from the AVE fast speed access and the subway station). The Barcelona train station lockers are open from 5.30AM to 11PM, and their prices per day range between €3 and €5/piece.

Probably the most convenient and centrally located Barcelona locker service. They have a nice website where you can even book online in advance, and they cater all sizes and shapes. Their fees range €3-10, and they even allow you to open the locker as many times as you need without incurring in extra charges. Plus they offer internet access and boarding pass printing – BTW, they are very close to the airport bus Aerobus stop in Plaça Catalunya, and the trains departing from Plaça Catalunya also take you to Sants Estació (switch there to take the airport train instead).
where to keep luggage in Barcelona


Luggage Transfer Companies

Did you know there are companies specializing in picking up your luggage (at the airport, cruise pier or hotel) and dropping it off where ever you want, anytime you want? That might be a super convenient solution if you don’t want to worry about anything once you get in town! There’s one of them at the port working exclusively for cruisers that have some hours to explore the city between leaving the cruise and getting to the airport. 

Another one that will pick up your luggage at the hotel and drop it at the airport or pier at at the time you choose. And one more specializing in airport services.

By the way, there used to be a luggage storage in Barcelona Port called Hastavuelo, but at the time of writing this post it seems to have closed permanently.

AND BONUS! Where to leave your luggage… for free!


Your hotel / apartment landlord

Well, that might seem a pretty obvious resource, but you’d be surprised how many of my guests don’t even consider it… Many hotels have secure rooms where you can drop off your luggage before check-in time or after you’ve checked-out. And some apartment landlords or rental companies will also be able to take care of your luggage, too. That’s specially convenient when you are staying close to the tourist sites that you want to visit that day, plus most of the time it’s free of charge.

Are there luggage lockers in barcelona? yes!

Do you know other options for luggage storage in Barcelona?


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