Where to eat in Sant Antoni Barcelona

Best Restaurants In Sant Antoni District

Egg tapa from one of the great bars Where to eat in Sant Antoni Barcelona


Sant Antoni is the new food district in Barcelona. A triangle located between the Raval district to the west and the Poblesec neighborhood to the east, it is a small corner of the Eixample area organized around an imposing 1800’s market that will soon reopen to the public after many years of surviving under giant tends during the long renovation works. This old neighborhood has kept the original recipes intact and offers them to the visitors who come to the city following their taste buds.

There are a number of establishments in the area but not everyone has been created in the same way and picking the right choice can often be more difficult than it appears which is why we’ve come to the rescue to share the details of the best restaurants in the Sant Antoni district.

These are our favorite Sant Antoni restaurants:


Bar Calders

There is no place on Parlament Street which is more popular than Bar Calders for both locals and foreigners. It stands on the corner of the street in all its majesty with great tapas and a menu which is diverse in its offering where no option is a wrong option and everything is bound to be a delight to your taste buds.

The sheltered terrace on a small alleyway is its signature. It is often a difficult task to find a table as the place is never empty and it takes no advanced booking so a better idea is to get your name written on the list and wait in the neighboring bodega. Don’t miss their house vermouth!


Federal Café

Federal Café ranks very high among the trendiest places on Parlament Street and it has built a name in a very short span of time. It is because of the demand for the high-quality food with the most exquisite taste that multiple branches of this have been opened in other parts of the city (Gothic Quarters in Barcelona being one example) as well as in other parts of the country.

There are rumors about the opening of a branch in the capital Madrid as well as in Valencia, however, there is nothing which captures the original thing completely. They are famous for their brunch options.


Lolita Taperia

The name of this establishment gives away its fun side even before you’ve set foot inside. Lolita Taperia is a fun and flirtatious bar which has often been argued to be one of the best tapas bars in Barcelona. Due to its casual outlook, it is an excellent place for drinks after a tiring day visiting the city on foot or to have dinner with your fellow travelers or with some locals you’ve just met. 

The possibilities are really endless and the quality of food multiplies the joy you’re having in your dinner. The best reason behind the success of this place is the creative touch they add to all the traditional dishes. We love their baby green beans avocado salad with truffle oil.



Sésamo has often been defined as a gem in a locality which is brimming with restaurants and that is how the owners want it to stay – in a class of its own. The clean, rustic ambiance has often been described as warm and friendly by people who’ve visited it. The calmness of the restaurant, in a place which is otherwise full of life, welcomes everyone to have a few moments of serenity to them and go back refreshed to face the world head-on once again. 

Whereas Barcelona is a haven for meat lovers, Sésamo breaks the tradition and offers some great vegetarian recipes that even meat eaters will love. Also, there is no comparison when it comes to customer service; the restaurant has the friendliest staff in the vicinity.



Alkimia is the Arabic word which gave birth to the word alchemy in many European languages. Alchemy is the science of turning ordinary metals into gold and that is what Alkimia has tried to achieve with its food offerings. Creating fine dishes out of ordinary ingredients is an art not everyone can be a master of.

However, the connoisseurs at Alkimia have years of experience in turning the most mundane of ingredients into food items you’d love to eat. The choices of food are rich; customers are given the choice to choose from a 5, 8 or a 12-course meal. The evening you spend enjoying your dinner at Alkimia will probably be one of your most memorable evenings from the trip to Barcelona.

By the way: yes, it’s the same chef that used to have an Alkimia restaurant in Industria street – they just moved to a more centrally located place, in this district with way more food culture than the other one.

AND BONUS! This is the most authentic Sant Antoni Restaurant:


Bar Ramon

This place is a godsend for anyone who is on a budget, as they offer unique tapas for an extremely low price. The place is being run by a husband and wife duo so there are no run-of-the-mill recipes: in fact, everything is lovingly prepared by the couple. 

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As most of the people frequenting Bar Ramon are mostly locals, it makes the place all the more attractive for visitors who want to have an authentic experience with the locals instead of being pampered and fussed over just because you’re a foreigner, often with the expectation of a high tip. 

The place can fill up real soon so you have to see that you either make a reservation or go well-advance in time. They have huge platters of fried baby squid and other tapas not suitable for fat haters.

Are you planning to eat at any of our favorite Sant Antoni restaurants?

This guest post is written by Frank Lee. He works at Rebates Zone: you can follow him @franklee84.

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