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Passeig de Gracia is the heart of the Eixample District, and during your Barcelona trip you are likely to spend a lot of time there. Either when visiting the Gaudi buildings (Casa Batllo and Casa Mila / La Pedrera), or when you are doing some shopping, or just because you are actually staying there – some of our favorite hotels are near Passeig de Gracia (Paseo de Gracia in Spanish)

Actually, the Clapham were staying in a Passeig de Gracia hotel, and during their tour they asked me to recommend them a few places to eat nearby. Since that’s a question I get often asked, I thought it’d be a good idea to share with you some of my favorite Passeig de Gracia restaurant recommendations. Here they are!

These are our favorite restaurants in Passeig de Gracia or nearby:

High End

This street concentrates one of the highest rates of high end restaurants in town. Top chefs have been invited by luxury hotels to run their restaurants. The Condes de Barcelona features two restaurants by Basque chef Javier Berasategui, an old friend of the hotel owners. At the Mandarin, Raul Balam, son of the prestigious lady chef Carme Ruscalleda manages the 2-Michelin star Moments. And if you can’t travel to Girona to dine in the 2nd best restaurant in the world, we get you covered the finest of all the restaurants in Passeig de Gracia si the Roca Moo (1 Michelin star), run by the Roca Brothers, who also manage the Roca Bar (casual) also in the Omm Hotel.


If you are near Passeig de Gracia at breakfast time, you must head Rambla Catalunya, just one block away:  From 1929, the Mauri cake store has been delighting the locals with their cakes, pastries, quiches and mini-sandwiches. Sweet or savoury, every bite is delicious. And if you are into chocolate, not too far down you’ll find Cacao Sampaka, a chocolate store and café focused on transmitting the cocoa culture. Their hot chocolate is divine, and they also have great chocolate croissants. BTW, both places are also interesting options for light lunches.

Restaurants in Passeig de Gracia - BreakfastLight lunch

Passeig de Gracia offers so many places to visit that you may not have much time for lunch. In this case, I recommend you to have a delicious sandwich at Fast Vinic in Diputació Street. These sandwiches are different than the rest: produced only with local and organic  products, they are often inspired in traditional Catalan recipes. Another option is Le Pain Quotidien in front of La Pedrera (it’s not the French chain, though!). Their bread is only made with organic flour, salt and water, and it’s handmade everyday.


For those of you who are meat lovers, you must head to 9 Reinas restaurant, in Valencia Street half a block from Passeig de Gracia. This Argentinean restaurant specializes in the best meats from around the world and they strive to make their customers feel at home. The most difficult thing is the choice between all the varieties of meat that you will find in the menu! But don’t worry, you can repeat whenever you want!


Need some informal but fun dinner? Here you have two excellent options: MonVinic in Diputació Street is said to be one of the 5 best wine bars in the world. Together with their wonderful (and more affordable than you’d think) wines, they offer elaborated tapas made of seasonal produce and game, with a French touch. Our second option is Tragaluz, in Passatge de la Concepció: Traditional Catalan recipes served in modern presentations, in a lively atmosphere and a space distributed in several floors under a huge skylight.

AND BONUS! Are there any good tapas restaurants in Passeig de Gracia?

Restaurants near Passeig de Gracia: Món VinicTapas

Unfortunately, not all tapas restaurants in Passeig de Gracia are good. Some of them are chains and the food is average. Don’t fall in such traps! Instead, head to Tapas24, in Diputació Street, a tapas bar owned by the chef Carles Abellán, who has given a new look to the classical tapas. And the newest thing in town is El Nacional: In the middle of Passeig de Gracia, this new option is a very special restaurant because it offers 4 different spaces specialized of course in different food, and also 4 different bars depending on what they serve. You might want to go to the El Nacional more than once!

So what about you? Head to the comments below and tells us: have you heard of any other Passeig de Gracia restaurants you’d like to recommend?




  1. We are booked for two of your tours on Saturday and Sunday. but was hoping to make dinner plans before arriving.
    Can you recommend a restaurant for Friday and Saturday. And several bats where we could pinxtos hop that would be worth going to. Looking for more gastronomic experiences but does not need to be expensive. No plans for our husbands to wear jackets.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Norma!

      I hope you’ll enjoy your tours this weekend!
      It’s hard to recommend restaurants without knowing you in person… Have you seen the following posts? I’m sure you’ll find some great ideas there:

      As for pintxos, I love Euskal Etxea near the Picasso Museum (no need to make reservations).
      In any case, your guides can give you plenty of other ideas for restaurants, and since they’ll be with you in person, they’ll be able to make much more personal recommendations.

      Have a great stay!

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