While most of our guests are couples or small groups of families and friends, we also love to show around solo travelers. It’s a great opportunity for them to meet a local that speaks the language and visit the city focusing in their own interests.

Please note that our tours are private tours, so you won’t be joining other people in your tour. We strongly believe private tours are the best way to explore a city, even if you are traveling solo. Learn more about why here.

Also, take into account that our fees are per tour, not per person. So you’ll still be paying the full tour price no matter if you are only one. In this post you’ll get some tips about how you can afford a private tour.

When considering city tours, walking tours are your best choice as they are more affordable, although if money is not an issue, chauffeured tours will add an extra level of comfort and luxury to your experience.

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This is what our solo guests say:

Lhusseini (New York, USA)

I spent two days with Marga and there is so much I learned about Barcelona in just walking the city, asking her questions and talking 1:1 with her! She showed me the city highlights but also took me thru Barcelona’s hidden gems I would have never discovered on my own!

Jill J

I felt like I had spent two days with a dear friend. I enjoy covering a lot of ground and Miriam mapped out our days so we were able to see it ALL. I loved every minute of my tours.

Tommy M (Batavia, Illinois, USA)

I had an all-day tour and we saw all the main sights. I wanted to have a delicious tapas meal, so Miriam made sure to do that as well. We also went to the Boqueria as I wanted to buy the top ingredients for a delicious sandwich later in the evening. Miriam helped me to pick out the best.
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