We love it when people have been to Barcelona before and decide to come back. You are already in love with our city and want to explore it more in depth!

Now you’ll feel more comfortable moving around on your own, but our guides can still help you maximize your time (both navigating the city and skipping lines), and you’ll get to see things you wouldn’t see unless someone points out at them. If the first time you came you didn’t take any tour (or took a group tour), with a private guide you’ll now be seeing with new eyes those sites you loved the first time. And if you already took a tour with us, we are ready to suggest other sites off the beaten path to enrich your Barcelona experience.

If this time you are traveling with different people, we can create an itinerary that gives them the basics but also adds touches of other new things for you.

What we need from you is a list of what you have already visited, where you want to go back and if there’s anything you’d rather skip this time. Also, let us know if there is any other site that you couldn’t make then but want to visit this time. Out of this information we can work out the perfect custom itinerary for you.

And if you have several days in town, it can be a wonderful opportunity to explore the surroundings and go out of town. Make sure to check out our ideas for day trips around Barcelona.

Or do you have a hobby? Food, architecture, history, gardens…? Wouldn’t it be fun to add a personal touch to your trip? Make sure to check our food tours and our specialty tours – who knows if we’ll be able to show you Barcelona in a way you didn’t expect!

In the “IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?” section of each tour description you’ll find comments, tips and alternatives that apply to that specific itinerary. Make sure to check them out before booking.


Besides your tour time, you’ll definitely want to walk around on your own and explore sites you haven’t seen yet, or even go a bit off the beaten path. Here you’ll find lots of great ideas. And did you know there some sites open at night? That can be a very unique way of seeing them from a totally different perspective..

But not everything has to be about sightseeing! Free from the pressure of covering all the must-sees, you can plan for some more fun and relaxing activities. One of my favorite is going sailing for a few hours. There are many options! Here are a few..

And there is much more to Barcelona than I can sum up here. Make sure to sign up to our newsletters to keep getting more recommendations every week..

Beverly W (Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

We sought out tours of Barcelona, a city we had both been to several times, but never together. We thought it would be fun to see someone else’s Barcelona, so booked three tours with ForeverBarcelona.

We thought we knew the city — our guides, these lovely “instant friends” showed us how little we knew and made the trip a wonderful success.


We want to help you making this trip to Barcelona even better than the other times you’ve been here before. Our blog has plenty of ideas to help you adding unique touches to your plans. Check them out:




We were on a cruise ship that was docked overnight in Barcelona, and were able to enjoy two fabulous days with Miriam. This was our third or fourth visit to Barcelona, and we were interested in seeing some “off the beaten path” as well as “must-see” sights too. For us, it was the perfect mix. In addition to seeing the sights, we added the Tapas and Flamenco Tour, which was great!

Richard P (San Diego, California, USA)

We have been to Barcelona several times, but always felt that we were missing something. Decided to ask ForeverBarcelona to guide us for an afternoon.

Marga took us where we wanted to go, and pointed out places we would have missed on our own. We were able to see the Gothic Quarter, Call, Boqueria and the Sagrada Familia, all in the same afternoon, without feeling rushed. Made our trip.

AdventureRus (Pittsburgh, USA)

Although we’ve been to Barcelona previously, we wanted to learn even more about the city, its culture and its architecture. Clearly, we made the best possible choice of private guides with ForeverBarcelona.

Philham711 (Great Neck, New York, USA)

Our tour guide Miriam has been our guide on several tours for the last three years. My appreciation for Barcelona grows with every visit.

Ruth C (New York City, NY, USA)

One of my daughters had been to Barcelona many times before and she learned many new things about the city from our tour.


We toured Barcelona with ForeverBarcelona – with Miriam this time – in July. It was the second time for us but the first tour for our son. And while some of what we saw was for the second time, we still learned a lot and enjoyed it. Of course Sagrada Familia is always new as it continues to evolve.


This was my third visit to Barcelona but much more meaningful than my two previous visits without a guide. I know this enriched experience was due to Javier’s guiding style and encyclopedic knowledge of Barcelona culture.

Atateka (USA)

I was returning to Spain with my teens and have asked Marta to show us around. While I could attempt to recreate the tour I enjoyed with Marta last year, I knew it would be money well spent to have my family be introduced to Barcelona through Marta.

We enjoyed the same tour as I had the year before, and even so I learned new things.

Jeffrey M

We had a terrific Gaudi Tour with Miriam a few weeks ago. I had been to these sights before, but never with a guide. What a difference!

MJinItaly (Cordenons, PN, Italy)

I had been to Barcelona before, but I felt that I had never really been there at all after our all-day experience. Miriam’s explanations and unhurried style were priceless in helping us appreciate the city. This was a memorable day that we shall not forget.

William P (Fort Wayne, USA)

We have previously visited Barcelona and our travel companions had done so 3 times. This was unquestionably the best visit due to our guide. She made the Picasso Museum come alive, and she shared so much detailed information about the Sagrada Familia, with all those little pieces of information that we had previously missed.

Our personal driver, Victor, in the black suit, white shirt tie and black Mercedes made us feel like movie stars. Could not have a better day.

Lakshmilaroia (Hong Kong, China)

In spite of having traveled to Barcelona several times – with Miriam we discovered a new city.

Roger S (Stillwater, Minnesota, USA)

We had been in Barcelona previously with a Tauck tour, but wanted to show our granddaughter the wonders of the genius Gaudi. Without a doubt, Miriam’s walking tour of the old city, Park Guell and Sagrada Familia was far superior to that we had while on the previous Tauck tour.

Previous tours left us with the idea that Gaudi was mad or deranged, but Miriam convinced us that he was a genius. The highlight of our trip through France and Spain.

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