Sightseeing Logistics

Restaurants near Parc Guell

Looking for restaurants near Park Guell?

We help you choosing the right Park Guell restaurant for you There are no restaurants inside Park Guell, just one quite expensive café with touristy reheated food and sandwiches inside the paying area (there used to be another one overlooking the Plaça de la Natura, but it closed in Spring of 2016). And most of […]

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Recommended Sagrada Familia restaurants | ForeverBarcelona

Any good restaurants near Sagrada Familia?

How to avoid tourist trap restaurants near la Sagrada Familia I usually tell my guests to avoid eating at the restaurants near Sagrada Familia: most of them are tourist traps. Unless you want to eat at McDonalds, KFC or Starbucks (not the kind of Spanish restaurant I’d be wishing to try…). But sometimes when you […]

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Chauffeured or Walking tours?

Should you book a walking or a chauffeured tour?

We help you choosing the best option for your private tour In my experience, often travelers need help deciding whether a walking or a chauffeured tour is the right choice for them. While some itineraries clearly prefer one option over the other, in other tours the difference is not that clear. For instance, the Old […]

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Hiring a tour guide | ForeverBarcelona

Tips for hiring private tours

How to hire a tour guide Hiring a private tour guide is an important decision that can be crucial for the success or fail of your trip. While an awesome tour guide can give you a memorable tour, a bad or even a mediocre guide will make you regret you didn’t make a different choice. […]

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Moving around: How to get to Park Guell?

Discover how to get to Park Guell from the most common tourist sites In today’s post we are helping you choosing how to get to Park Guell efficiently, according to your sightseeing plans or location. Park Guell is one of the few attractions in Barcelona that is not within walking distance from the city center. […]

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