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One of my favorite things I recommend my guests to do at night in Barcelona is going to the Magic Fountain Show. If you haven’t heard of, it’s like the Bellagio in Vegas, the European way. I admit there was a time I thought it was too “touristy”. But after taking some relatives there my opinion changed: the view of the waters dancing to the music is hipnotic. It is fascinating.

magic fountain barcelona restaurants

There are some cons, though. One is that it only runs certain days of the week – so you need to plan in advance to include it in your plans for Barcelona. The other is that the show hours depend on the sunset – the less sunlight, the better. And that means that the show is usually very near to dinnertime, forcing you to either eat nearby, or dine very late somewhere else. I mean, you can have dinner somewhere else at 6PM, but that’s a super early dinner for the Spanish standards. But in any case, I’ve got you covered too, with my other post for early birds dinner.

But let’s say you want to eat near the fountain so you can head there on foot after dinner (or see the fountain early and walk to the restaurant afterwards). Today I’ve selected for you my favorite places to eat near Magic Fountain. I hope you enjoy my choices!

These are the best restaurants near the Magic Fountain in Barcelona:


Bar La Cañota - 7 minutes walk

Owned by an associate of the Adria brothers, the chefs that put Spain in the elite cooking world, this is a great place for traditional tapas. And don’t think that because I mentioned the words “chef” and “elite” this will be a fussy place: it’s actually informal and fun. Just check their website to see it. It’s even good for kids (there are burgers for the picky ones!). 

My pick: patatas bravas, any kind of croquettes, one of their tartars and their fried seafood box. Yum! Foodies will love to know that every month they invite a “Guest chef” that presents a special gourmet tapa. Opens at 7.30 and you’ll need a bit over an hour to eat, so it works best in the Summer when the show is late. It’s one of our options in our afternoon Montjuic Tours when our guests want to include the Fountains.


Rías de Galícia - 7 minutes walk

Right next door to Cañota and owned by the same company, this is a more serious option. Considered one of the best seafood restaurants in town, their food deserves time, so it works great for after early shows. 

Yes for the grilled cockles and the charcoal razor clams. Adventurous people do not miss the barnacles. And OMG their prawns! Gourmet sushi and raw meat lovers check out their Espai Kru: a separate area in the same venue where nothing is cooked. A high end adventure, harder to match with the Fountain schedule but worth a try.


Easy meal at the mall - 8 to 12 minutes walk

The former Las Arenas bullring is now a cool shopping mall near the Magic Fountain. You’ll have convenient fast food in the basement – great for a quick bite. Tapas and rices in the street level, if you have a bit more time. And Spanish, Italian and Japanese in the level 4, a great viewing platform over the city. 

The good point is that you can show up without reservation and there’ll always be an option for you. And all these restaurants are family-friendly.

good restaurants near the magic fountain barcelona spain


Suarna - 9 minutes walk

The perfect restaurant for families with kids is just around the corner from the bull ring mall. They have an eclectic menu including from tapas to some Mexican food, from sandwiches to rices, plus salads, pasta, meats and fish… Nothing extraordinary, but easy and nice. 

There’s a kids zone, a variety of kid menus and under request they lend you a table loaded with games to entertain your kid at the table. It’s open until really late at night, but before 8PM the food options will be reduced to sandwiches and not much more since the kitchen is closed.


Bodega Monumental - 12 minutes walk

If you are ready to walk a bit further, in the nearby Sants district you’ll find this restaurant serving  grandma style tapas mostly to a local audience. And because locals eat late, the later you go, the more animated it’ll be… but the slower they’ll serve you. 

The owners opened their original restaurant in 1937 near another bull ring, la Monumental, in 1937. This second venue is from 2011 but keeps the oldfashioned feel that is true to their origins. They are open noon to midnight, although some dishes might not be available if you go too early. Check with them first. And make sure to ask what are their daily specials! (platos del dia).

AND BONUS! Our favorite tapas near Magic Fountain:


Taps - 5 minutes walk

It’s not the closest restaurant to the Magic Fountain (there’s a mediocre pizza place only 1 minute away), but it might be the second closer. Their specialty are tapas – they are spectacular! 

The selection isn’t big, but it does include some veggie options, and they also have burgers and salads. And don’t miss their home-made desserts. Tiramisu anyone? Or go for a more local crema catalana (crème brulee).

where to eat near the magic fountain
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Have you decided where to eat near the Magic Fountain Show?


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