No need to starve: we tell you the best restaurants for early birds in Barcelona

Finding a place for an early dinner or lunch in town can be an ordeal: discovering that you have to wait until 2pm for lunch or 9pm for dinner when you are used to eat around noon and… by 9pm you are getting ready for bed (!)… can be frustrating. But it is a reality: everything happens later in Spain and if you can’t wait until locals start showing up in their favorite restaurants, you need some early dinner ideas.Barcelona restaurants for early birds: Botafumeiro

In today’s post I’ll share with you a few great ideas to feed you when your stomach asks for it. There are Barcelona restaurants open early, and you don’t need to fall into a tourist trap.

Here are my favorite restaurants for an early dinner or lunch:

Botafumeiro. Considered one of the best Barcelona restaurants for fish and seafood, you won’t find fancy foams and deconstructions here: just plain super-fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality (don’t miss their impressive water tank with crabs and lobster at the entrance!). It opens at 1pm and keeps serving meals non-stop until… 1am!

Ciudad Condal. Tapas are a great option for an early dinner or lunch. In this popular restaurant they are already serving lunch by noon (although they open much earlier to serve breakfast in the morning) and after that they keep serving meals until late at night as well. But make sure to come early here: later than 1pm for lunch or 7pm for dinner you risk to have to wait more than half an hour to get a table.

Set Portes. Yes, there are also paella restaurants for early birds in Barcelona! A classic for paella in town, their kitchen opens at 1pm and stays open non-stop until 1am. You’ll find here a traditional old-fashioned atmosphere that will transport you one hundred years back in time (as it’s one of the oldest restaurants in town, opened in 1836).Early dinner in Barcelona: Set Portes

Tenorio. A large restaurant in Passeig de Gracia, serving Mediterranean and creative food all day long. They specialize in grilled meats and vegetables, but they also have a nice fish offer.

La Llavor dels Origens. The restaurants of this small local chain of Catalan food open at 12.30 (noon) and stay open until past midnight. Their prices are affordable and their menus feature the recipes Catalan people have grown up eating at home.

So what about you? Where would you go for an early dinner in Barcelona?


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